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Pork Jowl Rice Bowl ($11.90)

Slow-cooked Pork Jowl served with Australian Pearl Rice, Sous-Vide Egg and Shitake mushrooms. Finishing off with Mushroom sauce and Scallions.

Limited Time Only!!

Super shiok UFO Snowy Squid Toppokki, $35, from!😋👍🏻 This is a big and hearty portion that's good for sharing!

👌🏻 Think a huge piece of fried squid served on a bed of spicy toppokki stew!🤤 Yes, beware. It's really spicy!🔥👍🏻 Served along with a yummy kimchi fried rice, steam egg, cheese, fried dumplings and cheesy corns! Love, love this so very much. 🤤 #chickenupbuangkok #chickenupsg #beerita

[New Item] Taiwan's Peanut Ice Cream Roll ($3.50).

Our favourite dessert from Taiwan is here in Singapore, and it's surprisingly good.
You have a choice of yam or coconut ice cream with shaved peanuts wrapped in popiah skin. It's indeed reminiscent of a popiah especially with the aromatic coriander lift, but this popiah came in the form of a cold sweet dessert. I especially like the thin chewy popiah skin and how fragrant the peanuts are - they're hand shaven from a huge peanut candy block directly imported from Taiwan.
This is taken during a tasting.

Ban Mian (Soup)

Found in NTUC Foodfare of Hougang Capeview, this Face Ban Mian has received positive review in their other branches around the island.

What's unique about this bowl of Ban Mian (S$4.50) is that it comes with sliced pork belly. Plus, the soup tasted quite rich to me, which sort of scored. On the other hand, I find that the serving of the noodle does not seem to satisfy my lunchtime hunger. And it bothered me a little as to why they only serve their food with disposable bowls, instead of the melamine bowls.

Maybe I will go for their dry version next time, since it is 50 cents cheaper.

For Spicy Tom Yum Noodles

This stand-alone stall within Rivervale Plaza is hard to find, but well worth the hunt. Located across the cashier section of NTUC, Boat Noodle Express dishes out hearty portions of Thai noodles. The menu is simple — choose to either have pork or beef, and in tom yum broth, soup or dry (from $4.80). From there, select your noodles (glass noodle, bee hoon, kway teow and tang hoon) before indicating to the staff if you would like to have additional chilli flakes. Spice lovers will have a field day with the crowd favourite Pork Tom Yam Noodles ($5.50) — the spicy version doesn't hold back and packs a punch! While the other sides like Thai Fish Cakes ($3.50 for two pieces) didn't impress as much, a generous portion of Pork Lard ($2.80) is worth splurging on. Wash it all down with a cup of refreshing Signature Thai Ice Milk Tea ($2.50).
Avg Price: $10 per person
Photo by Burpple Tastemaker Xing Wei Chua

OMG 😱Arnold's Chicken 🍗🍗This was one of my paktor days affordable comfort food 😅My last visit with my then boyfriend, now hubby was donkey years ago!

I still remember the long q into the tiny eatery at City Plaza 😙Now they even have an outlet at Hougang Green 😄Time flies 🏹
This is a 2 Person Combo Meal ($24.60) that comes with 5 pcs chicken, potato fries, coleslaw, 2 buns & 2 drinks
When we bite into the crispy skin but super tenderly soft meat, all those memories flash through our mind, reminding us of those old good days
Tonite's meal was filled with fond memories that we shared & I'm glad that we have each other in our journey together 😘Let this loving taste continues 😋


Cheese Omelette And Bacon ($6.50)

They finally have foooood! 💕 tried their Cheese Omelette and Bacon for $6.50! The omelette is just right. Didn't get to taste the cheese much but it's still nice. Bacon is always good 😁 you got to try their ice cream ($3.9 a scoop)!

chicken up

chicken cutlet with rice ($9.03)
cripsy chicken cutlet; flavourful rice; tasteful sides

chicken wings set (soya) with bulgogi fries ($9.03)
cripsy chicken wings; flavourful fries (heavily sauced)

chicken wings set (yangnyum) with bulgogi fries ($9.03)
sweet and tangy cripsy chicken wings; flavourful fries (heavily sauced)

*prices exclusive of 7% gst
*prices are at student price

Pork Tom Yum Noodle Dry

Hidden within Rivervale Plaza (not to be confused with Rivervale Mall) within Sengkang is Boat Noodle Express, a rather recently opened eatery that serves Thai noodles.

Got myself the Pork Tom Yum Dry Noodles and one can opt for the type of noodles (went with Kway Teow) and even for it to be spicy or non-spicy. While the pork balls were quite miniature in reality as compared to the illustration, the Tom Yum here especially for the spicy version comes quite fiery with a tinge of tanginess which was more prominent at the start. I added the chili flakes available on the side initially after a few mouthfuls, but the spiciness was almost up to my limit in no time. Actually a pretty decent eat in this part of Sengkang, and it's pretty decently priced at $7.50 if you don't mind shelling a bit more to have something apart from the myriad of local fare available at the mall.

Hanging Beef Bowl

Probably the most affordable beef bowl in town currently; $10 nett and in Sengkang just beside Ranggung LRT Station.

To summarize, the experience I had with the Hanging Beef Bowl was pretty similar to the burger I had previously here — it seemed to carry potential but needed fine-tuning. Thought the meat to rice ratio was decent, and that I liked the crispy fried bits atop the rice that gave it a good crunch. The beef was decent considering the price tag; a little chewy though comes with a hint of smokiness from the grilling. Sous-vide egg wasn't really flowy; more molten and bearing solidification and that the rice was a tad clumpy at parts. I did enjoy the brown sauce that was drenched onto the other components — it keeps things from going too dry here but I am not sure if some folks might prefer a more Japanese-style sauce instead? It's not bad for $10, especially given that I would say this is quite good if you are living around the area and don't want to travel far for a beef bowl, but I would say it does need to be refined for others to head down to the area to try it.

Teppan Sliced Beef Set

Something nice from Fu Fa Food Court is this Teppan Sliced Beef Set (S$6.00) by Righteous Teppan. The tenderness of the meat aside, that flavourful gravy that they use goes so well with the beansprouts and rice. Just a wonderful lunch at an affordable price given that this is teppanyaki.

And just top up S$0.50 to exchange white rice for brown rice. Yums!

Grilled Pork Chops

Spending my New Year's Eve lunch away from the crowds at this hideout in Hougang that I had been visiting since my Poly days; nowhere near school but had always been worth the effort to travel to.

Had always loved their grilled dishes which I find are very well-executed; the Grilled Chicken Thigh was a dish that I had never fail to order every single time here. The Grilled Pork Chops is also very well done; glazed and grilled, the meat comes glistening and tender with a smoky flavour — the meat itself carrying no traces of unchewable, fatty bits here. Mash was chunky with traces of real potatoes used here; not those uninspiring instant mixes that is used here with buttered greens at the side for a balanced feel.