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Expensive kopitiam-standard food. Okay the fish was quite a lot, but ordinary. The fries sucked. I guess stick to their chicken.

their usual affordable gyudon but with cheese! makes it more moreish😋

I normally love Korean ginseng chicken but I didn't recognise this haha. Aiya Soup Spoon's soups are all a bit off. Anyway this was quite oily.

($2.20) It's my first time to order butter waffles so I don't really order this as its not usual order. But then I didn't wanted to eat too heaty filling ah. I didn't expected that butter melted so fast and dripping it off from the waffles to the paper bag. hence it was really quite oily and sticky from butter residue :")

($2.70) hmmm I felt that their kit kat was quite creamy, milky and thick texture but a bit of kit kat crunch inside. I wanted to try their unique flavour such as biscott (which I have done earlier) and kit kat.

Breakfast set, Egg Ben, come with a cup of Americano. $13.50

affordable and actually filling. topped up $2 for sauteed veggies & miso soup. there was free barley tea too! but beef was aight.

($2.40) i remembered that they got this bread being promoted by a couple of foodies preciously during 2021? But then I didn't able to get this bc no outlet near me that time. But the yam was quite smooth and then also chicken floss is not much inside the filling.

($2.50) I decided to try chocolate waffles frm juz bread (under bakery cuisine). Chocolate filling is not that gooey kind more than like hardened chocolate type. I mean the filling just not much as I think she just apply twice on the waffles lol.

($2.70) I just felt that the pricing for waffles increased so much compared to the year due to the GST increased 1% :") The taste for biscoff was so good, creamy and milky with melted caramel texture tbh but the biscoff sauce was really melted it off towards the bottom of the paper :"(. I saw my friend recommended for this as she was ordering same waffles at there but most of them ordered this flavour. The waffles texture really got crispy and crunchy with strong pandan batter.