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PLEASEEEEE the filling is damnnnnn thick and earthy and nutty i loveeeee🫶🏼🫶🏼🫶🏼🫶🏼🫶🏼

i liked this a lot!! the filling was thick & creamy, with strawberry pieces inside🍓🍓 my fav ice cream flavour is strawberry cheesecake so naturally i liked this too🧀

Original Black Sesame (Traditional) ($1.70)

black sesame really strong taste but not too sweet tbh and i think they sell self made peanut and sesame in jars for applying on the bread and pastries.

Green Tea Red Bean (Traditional) ($1.40)

hmmm they put effort on their pancake skin for taste but not too sweet for red bean and want to try their charcoal version and other flavour such as coconut, peanut and biscoff.

Waker chicken is a popular Korean fried chicken stall.

This Sengkang outlet is within walking distance from sengkang mrt station. And is located in a coffee shop along Compassvale drive.

The Soya sauce chicken was rather ok, but it was my least favourite of the 3 I tasted here so far.

Chicken here is always tender and fresh. Skin is always cooked to a chrisps.

The fried Chicken here without doubt is one of the better fried chicken in Singapore. The crispy skin is so damn good. ASMR goodness.

Price wise, $13-$15 seems like alot for coffee shop setting, but 1/2 a chicken at any fast food joints are equivalent to 5 pieces; is also around this price range.

And the chicken here at waker is definitely better than most fast food joints.


A mixture of linguine, prawns, clams and squid cooked in aglio olio style. This is much lighter in flavour as compared to their tomato-based pasta. It was a little salty towards the end and I prefer it to have more garlic fragrance and some spicy kick 》$7.50

The linguine was cooked firm to the bite with crunchy prawns, clams and squid tossed in spicy tomato sauce. It has a strong tomato base that was not as spicy as I thought. It may be a good option for kids or those who have a lower tolerance for spicy food 》$7.50

Expected more from this place but the portion and presentation of food just looks sad.

For $8.80, there is just a few pieces of chicken cutlet on top of a bed of rice served in a paper bowl. Chicken cutlet was average, dry and didn’t go well with the mentaiko sauce imo. Rice was dry and slightly mushy too. Just a very average don in a coffee shop - but quite pricey. Will not come back again.

Unpopular opinion but i really like Saizeriya even though its microwaved food. 😂 I think it really depends on the items you choose. My top 3 options are the mentaiko pasta, chicken wings and nacho bacon pizza.

The mentaiko pasta is creamy, savoury and not too jelat. The noodles are al dente and goes really well with the sauce. This is the food item that i always crave for and order when i visit Saizeriya.

Although the soy sauce flavour is not as strong as honey butter, I preferred this over honey butter for its savoury > sweet taste. The soy sauce chicken comes with a sweet and salty flavour that complements well with the crispy fried chicken.

Half (7 Pcs) 》$14


Moist and flavorful chicken that is extremely crispy on the outside, succulent and juicy on the inside. The fried chicken at Waker is freshly prepared and served piping hot without being too oily.

They serve a total of 4 different flavours (original crispy, sweet-spicy, soy sauce and honey butter). According to the staff, their all-time crowd favourite is their honey butter flavour which was basically the original crispy chicken sprinkled with honey butter powder that smells quite similar to milk powder.

The honey butter flavour leans more on the sweet side with hints of milky flavour. It was pretty addictive and goes well with the crispy skin but I find it a little too sweet for my liking after 2 pcs of it and thankfully we ordered the soy sauce flavour that helps to balance the flavours.

Half (7 Pcs) 》$15


Picture vs reality.
Taste wise ok. Still prefer pizzamaru pizza.