Burpple Beyond adventures

Burpple Beyond adventures

A list of all the Burpple Beyond deals that I’ve tried
Mei Ting
Mei Ting

Popped by for dinner at this newly opened Tamoya Udon outlet with my partner and we had a very filling meal! This outlet is a bit more special in terms of Burpple Beyond deal redemption – you can easily do it via their QR code ordering and checkout page, and you don’t need to show to any staff for verification. You just need to redeem the deal > copy the generated voucher code > input in the voucher code field on the check out page > discount is applied! Very fuss-free and easy 👍🏼

What we ordered:
• Sanuki Beef Onsen Egg Udon
• Carbonara Udon (outlet exclusive!)
• Snow Crab Creamy Croquette x2 (not pictured)
• Yuzu soda
• Coke Zero

Do take note that the Sanuki Beef Udon is pretty flavourful, however it is on the saltier side! The Carbonara Udon was a very delectable fusion of Western and Japanese. Not too jelat even after finishing everything 👍🏼 This deal is applicable to 1 main, 1 tempura side and 1 drink. My partner and I combined our orders into 1 transaction (2 mains, 2 tempura sides and 2 drinks) and redeeming 1 BB deal is sufficient to get the 20% discount. Pretty worth it!

Total bill: $38.08


Visited the place during dinner time! The place is small and there were no seats, so the staff seated us at the tables inside Kajiken instead (1 shop down, beside Onkei Tonkatsu). Seems like the three eateries are affiliated~

There was no yakitori available on that day so the staff allowed us to replace it with their usual other sides, and we opted for the mentai hotate and mentai tamago (not pictured because we already ate them 🤣). Both were quite nice!

BB set comes with a don of your choice, salad, free-flow hot/cold green tea and miso soup. The chirashi don has a sizeable portion of mixed sashimi however there’s also non-sashimi items inside (cooked prawn and japanese scallop). Interesting additions but my personal preference would be for the mixed sashimi to have more sashimi varieties and less octopus 🐙

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Popped by Gyunami for lunch with my friend, and the standard of their Signature wagyu roast beef don is still as good as when I had it 2 years back!

Portion size may look small but underneath the slices of tender wagyu roast beef, there’s a lot of rice. The highlight is definitely the thin slices of wagyu roast beef. It’s super tender, perfectly medium rare and goes very well with everything! Gotta appreciate the artful arrangement of the meat slices on top of the rice too 💯 The set comes with complimentary miso soup – taste was okay, nothing too extraordinary.

There’s not much lunch crowd on weekdays so you don’t have to queue 😊

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Been a while since I’ve been here so my boyfriend and I decided to make a trip down for dinner! Burpple Beyond’s 1-for-1 deal is super worth it, quality food at an affordable price 😊

What’s on the table:
• BBQ baby pork ribs
• Seared prawn mentaiko pasta

Total bill: $31.20 (includes the service charge applicable on the complimentary item due to the café’s in-house policy)

The pork ribs were marinated & smoked really well! They were literally silky soft and fall-off-the-bone tender. The portion is very generous too! There’s like 7 baby ribs 💯 I quite like the sweet potato fries as well – perfect thickness, well-seasoned and with a light crisp crust.

The mentaiko pasta was very flavourful, it was a very nice medley of cod roe and prawn butter! Very generous portion of both pasta and chunky prawn bits. We both licked our plates clean (even the sauce!) 🤣

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Was in the area today and decided to have brunch here! Here’s what we ordered:

• The Assembly Brunch (smoked salmon)
• Umami Prawn
• Osmanthus sencha
• Iced lemon tea

Not included in Burpple deal: Sweet & spicy pork bites (We added this on separately to share!)

Total bill: $47.10 (incl. GST & Service charge)

It’s not my first time here, I like their food and have been to both of their outlets a couple of times! My first time ordering their brunch option though – be warned that it is a VERY generous portion. My boyfriend couldn’t finish it 🥲 Have ordered the umami prawn a couple of times and it has always been consistently good! Hint of umami, butter and seafood. Portion was a little big today though. As for the sweet & spicy pork bites, I’m glad to announce that the reviews did not disappoint! It was crisp and juicy, and not very fatty. It paired very well with the kicap manis dip! (In fact, the kurobuta sausage from the brunch paired very well with the dip too)

Last but not least, the ice cooler osmanthus sencha was so good! (Can’t say the same about the iced lemon tea though) The drink was light and floral, and sweetened perfectly with honey. I really enjoyed this drink 👍🏼

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Was looking for brunch places on Burpple and saw this place! Decided to give it a try and we were pleasantly surprised by the café fare 😊

Here’s what is on the table:
• Dirty Norwegian
• Salmon Benedict
(Not in photo)
• Caffe Latte (hot) & Soup of the day (mushroom soup) – $7.90 set
• Iced Chocolate ($6.50)

Total bill: $33.30

Nett prices here at this café! They have ShopeePay as one of their payment modes and so I used ShopeePay to pay for the meal (and Google Pay to top up my ShopeePay – earning Huatpals during this CNY period!) We added on the set for one of the brunch mains, and the mushroom soup was really delightful! Piping hot and seasoned just right 👌🏼 The Dirty Norwegian is very interesting – think the cereal from cereal prawn, with salted egg yolk sauce and on eggs benny with smoked salmon, sandwiched in the belly of a croissant. My bf was quite pleased with this fusion, he finished everything on his plate 😋 Salmon benedict is like the usual café fare, it’s good but nothing very extraordinary. Great runny yolk for the eggs benny, without too much of overpowering vinegar taste! Only gripe is that the salad at the side is a bit too drenched in the vinaigrette haha it was quite a wet salad 😅

This café didn’t have matcha latte, which is my usual go-to order at cafés so I went for the Iced Chocolate, which was surprisingly good??? I’m sorry for remarking that it might be chocolate milk (lol), because it’s most definitely NOT chocolate milk. It’s a little like Koi’s Cacao Barry milk tea! Not so sweet and nice dark chocolate notes. I’ll definitely order this again!

Quite pleasantly surprised to have discovered that the café has an outlet in the North East! Checked out the café style/operations for the first time since it transitioned from being a BBT shop and the café interior is very bright and welcoming. There’s this IG-worthy bright neon sign at the back of the shop, very suitable background for pictures!

Used the BB deal for the Pure Honey series and bought the honey roasted milk tea and honey earl grey milk tea (not pictured). Robust tea flavours complemented with a smooth milky taste, and sweetened with honey! Got to say the taste of the honey is very mild, but the drinks are fragrant and nice in their own right. Very worth it with the BB deal!

Would definitely be back to try their ice cream. (One of their ice crean flavours include White Chrysanthemum with Cacao nibs!)

Total bill: $5.20

Have heard a lot of good reviews for this place and finally gave it a try! What’s on the table:

• Mushroom Soup
• Wagyu Beef Sausage
• Crabmeat pasta (in white wine sauce)
• Crème Brulêe (not pictured)
• Iced white (not pictured)

Total bill: $63.67 🤯

Consistency for the Mushroom Soup is a little watery but it definitely did taste very earthy and it came accompanied with two crispy toasted slices of buttered baguette. The caramelised onions atop the beef patty were really good and complemented the medium rare beef patty well! The salad on the side was a bit too raw and bitter though. My boyfriend did not fancy the homemade sausage all that much but if you’re into peppery/herb-spiced sausages this would be up your alley. Crabmeat pasta was yummy but honestly not as amazing as I thought that it would be. Did not top up for their housemade tagliatelle (+$3) as the prices are pretty steep even with the BB deal… service charge is still included for the main that was not charged under the 1-for-1 BB deal.

The crème brulêe ($10) was really good though, not too small and comes with fresh cut strawberries and blueberries! 10/10 would order it again. Do be prepared to rack up quite a bill even with BB deal applied if you’re going to order side(s) in addition to your mains. Would come back again but probably only stick with ordering the mains applicable under the BB deal and that’s it. 🥲

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Made a trip down to try out OMC’s brunch offerings and wasn’t disappointed! On the table:

• All-In Brekkie (scrambled eggs)
• All-In Brekkie (onsen eggs)
• Iced white
• Iced matcha latte

Total bill: $31.50

Personally preferred the onsen eggs pairing for the All-In Brekkie – the oozey yolk and soft whites served as a really nice eggy dip for the bacon and chorizo! Eat it all together in one bite with the buttered sourdough and sautéed mushrooms and it’s really just *chefs kiss* 😋 Iced matcha latte isn’t as sweet and carries some bitter notes from the matcha. A very hearty brunch at an affordable price tag with the Burpple deal.

Only gripe is that our request to have indoor seating once available was rejected 🥲 Outside seatings were by the alley and the ground isn’t level. On hot sunny days the area can get quite warm too! 🥵


Visited Sarnies on a weekday for lunch! What’s on the table:

• Salmon Cauliflower
• Chicken Parmigiana
• Iced matcha latte
• Iced flat white

Total bill: $32.50

Have not tried hummus before, and wasn’t really a fan of the hummus. But the salmon steak was cooked perfectly! Meat is tender and the skin was nicely seasoned and crisp. As for the Chicken Parmigiana, the chicken was a little tough but for the price it’s very value-for-money considering the size of the chicken fillet served. Both the Matcha latte and the Flat white was very smooth and milky! Would definitely come back again if to try the weekend brunch items. One Burpple deal applies for the entire bill, it’s worth it!

Staff was very nice to offer menu recommendations and also provided us with indoor seating as requested once there were seats available :-)


What we ordered:
• Black Pepper Beef Pasta
• Truffle Cheese Pasta
• Iced matcha latte
• Iced Hojicha latte

Total price: $25 ($12.50/pax)

Truffle cheese pasta had a light truffle aroma and the mushrooms were well seasoned! Black pepper beef pasta tasted a little sour-ish? Not sure if it’s supposed to be the intended flavour profile, but the tagliatelle pasta itself was nice and soft. Iced hojicha latte was fragrant and lightly sweet, the iced matcha latte on the other hand was not sweet at all (literally just matcha powder and milk). Recommend to get the lattes with ice cream as it costs the same whether you opt for the ice cream or not ($6+$1 for iced version and $7 for iced version AND ice cream). Worth a try but probably would not visit again for the mains! 😅

Burpple Beyond’s 1-for-1 deal extends to açai bowls of all sizes so you can choose the bowl size that you like!

Staff gave us recommendations to get Supermodel and Iron Man açai bowls since we were sharing the açai and both bowls have different fruit combinations, which offered more variety. The açai is great and refreshing! Comes with free cold brew coffee/tea, we opted for pu er and earl grey tea and both had a strong tea taste – perfect for tea lovers.


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