Visited the place during dinner time! The place is small and there were no seats, so the staff seated us at the tables inside Kajiken instead (1 shop down, beside Onkei Tonkatsu). Seems like the three eateries are affiliated~

There was no yakitori available on that day so the staff allowed us to replace it with their usual other sides, and we opted for the mentai hotate and mentai tamago (not pictured because we already ate them 🤣). Both were quite nice!

BB set comes with a don of your choice, salad, free-flow hot/cold green tea and miso soup. The chirashi don has a sizeable portion of mixed sashimi however there’s also non-sashimi items inside (cooked prawn and japanese scallop). Interesting additions but my personal preference would be for the mixed sashimi to have more sashimi varieties and less octopus 🐙

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