Best Places To Eat In USJ
Local Delights, Burpple Guides Best Places To Eat In USJ A place where families reside to bring up their kids, and small businesses thrive in their low-rent offices, USJ's list of long-standing favourites has fed the locals for years. Venture into this unassuming neighbourhood to discover the time-honoured secrets of Subang Jaya, whether it's first-class roti canai, slippery smooth Hainanese chicken or charcoal-grilled toasts!
New Restaurants, Cafés And Bars in KL: April 2017
Burpple Guides, Newly Opened New Restaurants, Cafés And Bars in KL: April 2017 Take your friends out for wanton noodles in a snazzy bar, tuck into comforting chargrilled chicken rice in a mall and beat the heat with ice cream-topped Belgian waffles. We've tried and tested all the new places so that this April, you'll know where to have a guaranteed good time. Pack your appetite for the all-new eats in this list!
10 Places For Brunch In KL
Burpple Guides, Breakfast & Brunch 10 Places For Brunch In KL Every so often, we wake up at a time of the day when it's a little too late for breakfast, but also too early for lunch. A sustaining meal in between comes in to save the day — that's the beauty of brunch. With this list, you can now sleep in, awake to a roaring appetite and set off in search of KL's best places to brunch!
Best Supper Spots In SS15
Supper, Burpple Guides, Late Night Best Supper Spots In SS15 In the day, SS15 is the traffic-laden student hub, but after dark, the area transforms into this treasure trove of late night eats. Whether you're looking to study in a cafe over late night coffee, sup on Middle-Eastern cuisine with the gang or tuck into warm nasi lemak at night, there's a supper spot for you in SS15!

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Signature S'Mocha with marshmallows on the top. The coffee tasted average. However, considering the price, they are generous with the coffee. Overall, it's worth trying something new.
Price: RM 11

Big Breakfast

I underestimated the appearance of this particular dish as it looks simple. However, it's surprisingly quite tasty and I have nothing to complain after. Don't judge the food by its cover :) This breakfast dish allow you to add on any coffee/chocolate with only the additional price of RM 5.
Price: RM 9:90


Ga Prow Moo is a must try at thailicious! I would say this is the best basil leaf mince meat that I've tried so far in KL. Their boat noodles are really flavourful as well. Thumbs up!!

We were too hungry so we quickly settled with the nearest eating place for early dinner earlier on.

Turns out not bad, food was quite homely! (RM62.30 w/ 3 rice & 2 drinks) #igdaily #malaysia #kualalumpur #bakkutteh #food #foodmsia #foodie #foodreview #foodmemo #qiangxuantravelogue #qiangxxuan #travelog #travelogue #dinner #latergram #burpple

Taking a break...

after walking for almost 3hrs... #qiangxuantravelogue #qiangxxuan #oldtownwhitecoffee #centralmarket #kualalumpur #malaysia #igdaily #coffeebreak #burpple #travelog #travelogue

Maggi Goreng

Bumbung's Maggi goreng is like no other. Without the chicken (a possible addition) the instant noodles are only fried with a few cubes of tofu, a few bean sprouts... BUT, that first hit of curry umami-ness (from the soup base) combined with the severe wok hei. SHIOK. 🤤 Also, protect your perfectly fried sunny side up egg yolk from evil friends (armed with forks) at all cost.



A clear broth with various cut from beef. I do wish the soup is hotter so the herbs can be more flavorful in the soup.

We Come For The Cheese Cake

The 6th ave cheese cake is no introduction needed! Baked on the outside, soft and worth every calories each bites! The Tatsuta age chicken is another thing I need to say, we didn't go for the set lunch because we wanted to try the salad!! The salad is a must order!! Never expect a salad can be taste so legit!! Another favorite place after tonkatsu anzu!! Yummmmmm~ 🤤