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For Masterchef-Made Desserts

First season runner-up of Masterchef Asia Marcus Low has taken his dessert dexterity into Damansara Utama — make a dash for the newly opened Mad Hatter. Those with a sweet tooth will fall head over heels for this wonderland with dreamy white walls and delicate desserts. The maestro pays tribute to his local roots with the use of homegrown ingredients, such as in the Bubur Cha Cha (RM23). The plated dessert is a winner, made up of coconut ice cream, sweet potato and yam cake and pumpkin brulee that evoke the familiarity of childhood-favourite flavours. For a simpler treat, get Tastemaker Alyssia's personal favourite, Pistachio (RM17). It comes with elements of passionfruit and green tea for a fun, fruity-nutty combination. The man himself is often spotted behind the counter so don't hesitate to ask him for chef-recommendations!
Avg price per person: RM20
Photo by Burpple Tastemaker Alyssia Yu

For KL's First Tsukemen Specialist

Tokyo's Mitsuyado Seimen is now open in Malaysia's own Starling Mall so if you're a fan of Japanese food, the house of tsukemen should be next on your wishlist. The interior embodies the restaurant's attention to detail, sporting intricate art pieces inspired by Japan's nature — think bamboo forests and Zen gardens. Calming but not too quiet, the venue comes to mind for intimate gatherings and even dinner dates. Dip and slurp up noodles made daily — these boast firm, chewy textures with an aromatic wheat flavour. Recommended is the delicious house special Cheese Tsukemen (from RM29.90), which comes with a yuzu dipping soup. The creaminess of melted cheddar cheese melds well with the sweet, refreshing yuzu broth. If you're a stickler for tradition, have the Original Yuzu (from RM25.90) on its own. Pro tip: You can opt to have your noodles hot or cold — the authentic experience calls for cold noodles that provide a stark contrast against hot dipping soup.
Avg price per person: RM35

Cheese Tsukemen (RM29.90)

It was fun meeting a Mr.Nakamura who founded this Tokyo-based tsukemen joint, purely because he slurped up noodles with such joy that it's infectious. Started on my own Cheese Tsukemen, which I recommend whether or not you're a fan of cheese. Since the cheese is served on the side, start with dipping the noodles in that delicious Yuzu broth (which is basically the Original Yuzu Tsukemen) and if you decide it's too plain for your liking, lay on the cheese! The rich cheddar plays off against the yuzu's slightly sweet and citrusy flavours to achieve this surprising tasty balance. Though I did find that towards the end, the cheese ended up in clumps tainting the broth. On noodles, the cold ones were springy and firm while the cool temperature helped ease slurping. Some might want to have them hot, which thankfully, doesn't compromise on texture.

Flourless chocolate soufflé.

This took a while to arrive but it was worth the wait. So light, fluffy and yet a deeply rich chocolate finish, perfect with the raspberry sorbet. Kelvin, thanks for making our dinner such a memorable one. The birthday boy was so happy. You and your team were nothing short of wonderful. Thank you.

A5 Wagyu grilled to medium doneness.

This was so buttery and melt in your mouth good. Uovo imports all sorts of Japanese Wagyu and so if you have a group of Wagyu loving friends, they are happy to pre-order and prepare a special Omakase upon request.

Organic free range chicken!

I don't know what magic happens in the kitchen but even their teppan chicken tastes amazing! The skin is crispy and crunchy like pork crackling and the chicken underneath, moist and succulent.

Stir fried seasonal vegetables, kale.

Kelvin surprised us with two plates of stir fried kale. This was done really well and was so good that even the kids didn't mind eating their greens. Thanks Kelvin!

King mushroom with truffle oil pizza.

You should see the look on the birthday boy's face when this was served. This is ordered from Farm To Plate, Uovo's sister restaurant, just a few doors away. I love how Uovo tries to cater to families with younger kids by allowing diners to order some pizzas from their sister restaurant. Says a lot about how much they care about their diners.

The Amatriciana is a hit with the clan.

Bacon, shallots, garlic and tomatoes all simmered to perfection, it makes the heartiest pasta companion. We opted for a non spicy option to cater for our younger diners.

Anchovy ebiko pasta.

This was simple, flavourful and good. Uovo has a small but decent selection of pastas for those who need their carbs and also kids. Flavours are simple and similar to their philosophy with the mains, they tend to let their ingredients shine.

Japanese salad, this bowl of organic greens which Kelvin told us are from Camerons, was really fresh and crisp.

Tossed with a light Wafu dressing, kids and adults alike enjoyed it. In fact, between the six of us, we finished three plates of these during the course of our meal.