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Whilst this retained the natural flavours, I think we are all partial to the sake shoyu ones. Still, this was finger licking good.

You could really taste all their garlic. This fried rice is so fragrant. Without the Prawns, it would make quite a nice Garlic Fried Rice.

So tender that it falls off the bone and so juicy! We ordered the sake shoyu and loved it. Wished we had ordered more. The kids absolutely loved them too so much so that we booked to come back soon. These needs to be pre-ordered as it takes an hour to prepare. Can’t wait to come back to try their salt and pepper ones.

Sometimes the simplest is the best! You have a choice of thin or thick crust here and we chose thin. This was a hit with all the bacon lovers! Such generous toppings. I paired it off with a glass of Sauvignon Blanc. Yummy!

We ordered one of these to share but it failed to impress. The thicker noodles stuck together quickly and I preferred the original kampua noodles, than these tossed in black sauce and we didn’t find it spicy at all. Perhaps they forgot to add that on? I reckon I will stick to the original the next time.

The noodles are thin and QQ and at SRK Noodles, they make it a point to educate you why these are different from Hakka noodles. They were pretty yummy, with char siew, tossed in lard and lots of shallots to top it off. Portions here are generous so unless you are Super hungry, stick with the small bowl

Auntie Sue’s version is like a Siamese laksa. Fish based and full of flavour. I came here for my usual order of Lam Koay Teow but ended up eating half of a bowl of this from my friend’s order. So good!

Probably local coffee tastes better only in local kopitiam... .
Nasi lemak here was not bad though.
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