Malaysia, Truly Asia

Malaysia, Truly Asia

Let’s explore our neighbours, Malaysia! This list consists much of places outside Penang, Kuala Lumpur and Johor Bahru.
Khaw Han Chung
Khaw Han Chung

One of the small town in Johor that many people from Singapore would drop by to visit the Mount Ophir.

I was here to visit a local vegetable farm and introduced to this hidden Malay restaurant in the village, only the local and farmers know about it.

You can find this place on Google Maps under Best Kedai Makan in Kampung Melapang, Roti Channai.

Open from early morning for breakfast only. Here you really get to taste on some really authentic Malay village food such as fried rice and fried noodle.

They’re also popular for their roti canai here as well. A good place to experience the local life.

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Here I am at another new stall in this food centre, 我家巷口 Taiwan Alley serving some authentic Taiwanese foods.

The braised pork rice was decent as they melt as you eat. You get balance taste as you mixed the ingredients with the rice.

The braised pork came in soft texture so easy to eat.

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One of the ice cream chain in Malaysia that has been opened a few outlets across the cities.

Beside their ice cream, they also sell beautifully crafted cakes as well.

Went to their outlet in Penang and gotten myself this flavour made of raspberries with lychee and rose sorbet.

Refreshing and vegan.

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I definitely recommend getting this with group of people. Super smoky fragrance with their homemade sambal chilli.

The texture of the meat was soft and mixed well with the sambal chilli.

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Looking for some ice cream in Batu Pahat? Head over to Old Street Commercial Centre to find this cafe.

They have variety of ice cream flavours here and you also can enjoy other dessert and proper meal as well.

Traveling to Batu Pahat can’t complete without visiting the fishing village at Kampung Segenting, a popular tourist spot here.

And you shouldn’t leave this village without having some seafood here as well. There’s a few seafood restaurants and one of them is this Ship Village Seafood Restaurant, which the place resembles a ship head.

They served pretty extensive seafood menu here and you can’t go with any of it. Some of the dishes also available to cook in different preparation.

However I would say the taste wasn’t the best you can find in Malaysia, but still can get a decent meal here.

Concluding my trip to Batu Pahat with this popular Mee Rebus stall in town. This food stall is located inside Jim Coffee Shop, which is also the only stall in this coffee shop.

The gravy tasted sweet and creamy, accompanied with egg, potato and beancurd. Comforting meal to grab for lunch here.

Another popular food found at Batu Pahat, Soon Lai is where you get to try on the traditional taste of local kway chap.

Depending on the group size, you will get different portion of meats to go with the kway. Interestingly their herbal soup is wasn’t too sweet like those you get in Singapore.

But the sweetness still come from the meat.

One of the popular breakfast spot in Batu Pahat, serving their signature Roti Bakar with many other local cuisine, such as Nasi Lemak and Mee Siam.

There’s a few options of Roti Bakar with different fillings, like the otah, ham, chicken fross and butter kaya.

Each of them have its own unique taste and they hey are generally good with the taste and portion.

Looking for popular supper in Batu Pahat? Then you definitely must visit this popular spot at their old bus stand at night, with plenty of tables and chairs on the compound.

Many of the youths here would come at night to enjoy their supper and chat with friends. And among the food options here, 龍哥黯然销魂面 is one of the popular stalls.

Selling its signature Maggi Mee noodle with spicy sauce, which you would imagine smell the smoky spicy. It could get spicy as you eat but still not too overwhelming for me.

It also comes with a slice of egg and fishballs. Definitely a good experience to enjoy the street foods here.

If you ask the locals what’s are the popular snack in this town, 三春油条 is definitely on the top of the list.

Just as the shop opened at 6pm, you already see people start coming in to make their orders; which they will give you a number after taken down your orders.

You would see how popular this place is, as you see more and more people coming; and some even order more than 15 pieces. I do understand why the local love their you tiao so much. Crispy, soft and not so oily.

No dine in here, so all orders are takeaway.

Nam Wee Coffee Shop is located at the corner of busy streets at the town centre and there’s only one food stall inside, yet you still could see many people coming here.

They all coming here just for one thing, the min chang kueh that made by an old uncle. Everyone would wait patiently for their min chang kueh to be ready to dine in or takeaway.

The skin could be very thin but you would be surprised with the strong taste of it. The uncle mixed the pranta, butter, peanut and sugar together to create this crispy texture.

I definitely recommend you to drop by to try this local favourite snack.

Distance never stop me from hunting for good foods around the world.

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