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- Seaweed coated with panko bread crumbs held the filling well with crunchiness, albeit being oily.
- Each contained 2 thick wagyu patties which could be more seasoned on its own ๐Ÿฅฉ
- Covered with sliced cheddar and creamy special sauce which I felt could be a bit too much, but the grilled onions and sweet relish on top added a slight tartness to make it less surfeiting.

In search of a family-friendly spot with delicious and hearty meals? Kei Kaisendon at Great World City has you covered with their Burpple Beyond Set for 2.

Delight in two main dishes of your choice, four sticks of yakitori, two bowls of comforting clam miso soup, and two cups of refreshing green tea. For the mains, try their Kei Signature Kaisendonโ€”rice crowned with fresh sashimi and ikura.

What are you waiting for? Feast with your family for half the price today!

Honestly, was a bit disappointed. The scallops didnโ€™t taste fresh. And there wasnโ€™t enough sauce to flavour the rice (unless you count soy sauce)

This is for my CBD Corporate Slave who wants to have a good lunch for their TGIF!

My lunch usually costs below $10, but when Iโ€™m feeling like treating myself, I definitely head to WaaCow!

Iโ€™ve been visiting WaaCow! for a long time and Iโ€™m always in love with their mentaiko wagyu beef bowl. If you donโ€™t like mentaiko, they also have the original version. What I really love is the perfectly cooked rice, mixed with an onsen egg and topped with thick slices of Wagyu beef. I promise, every time I go, the beef is of premium quality and tastes really good with the egg-mixed rice.

A downside is that it gets really crowded, so go early! And itโ€™s not affordable for your usual lunch unless youโ€™re splurging.

๐Ÿคค: 4.5/5
๐Ÿ’ฐ: ~$20++/pax
๐Ÿ“ : @waacowsg

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The Garlic Miso Pasta with Bay Scallops ($20) features al-dente linguine and bay scallops sautรฉed in a house garlic miso paste and topped with chives and Furikake. This is creamy and flavourful, but I wish the portion and scallops are a little bigger:P Having said that, it is still very worth it with Burpple Beyondโ€™s 1-for-1 deal. Cleaned my plate!

Back at Omote for our chirashi fix! ๐Ÿ˜ Our favourite has to be Salmon Chirashi Booster for the thick and fresh salmon sashimi, topped with ikura on Omote's signature chirashi blend. For those with petite appetites, the regular-sized Omote Chirashi is just as satisfying.

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Aburi En's tonkotsu chashu ramen offers a rich, flavorful broth with tender pork slices.
The noodles are perfectly cooked, and the overall experience is satisfying.
A must-try for ramen enthusiasts visiting the mall's basement spot.

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Ordered BP2 and BP3 - bowls were really good! Yakitori was a little salty tho โ€ฆ also, BP3 may not be the best pairing with the Yakitori since itโ€™s the same meat and roughly the same sauce ๐Ÿ˜…

Went with multiple people - Do try their clam soup, it's really well cleaned and tasty. Refreshing enough for a warm day and comforting on a rainy day.

Come support them :) plenty of seating available.

This dish featured deep-fried seaweed tacos that were loaded and glistening with juices from the beef. We loved the idea of a seaweed taco because of the salty umami flavours that made it stand out from the usual. The tacos were crispy and crunchy (though it did get greasy a few bites in), and the wagyu beef was SO juicy. The cheddar, relish, onions, and secret sauce all came together like the fillings of a darn good burger!

Burrple Set@$32.90++(Before Gst)

1) Kei Signature Kaisendon
- The main reason we all come to kaisendon, is to eat their Chirashi. The sashimi were fresh and quantity is abundant. Looks good and a must have for value of your money.

2) Beef Don(discontinued)
- this was so-so. For it to be discontinued on as part of Burpple set is a good thing.

Set comes with
- Green Tea(Hot/Cold)
- Salad
- Yakitori x2 sticks
- Onsen Egg/Miso Soup

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Food was great, serving size was big and service was good. The one for one burpple deal was a cherry on top.