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Had tried the one at parkland hence decided to try the one here. Food & quality is about the same with some additional items. However for this outlet, there is no free flow drinks option which kind of suck.

Started in the 1960s by Ng Keng Chow, his humble pushcart became known as 'Tiong Bahru Carrot Cake', and retained the name even after they moved into the Clementi market in the 1980s.
Having patronised them for over 20 years, I remember Uncle Ng's iconic straw hat, and the 2 large pans he used... 1 to marinate the carrot cake cubes in chye poh / preserved radish, fish sauce, and vegetable oil. The other pan to stir fry, dual-wielding 2 ladles and using broad circular strokes, almost like he was swimming.
He handed over to son & daughter-in-law Ng Joong Yew and Jessy Lee in 2010, and they changed the stall name to its current, with grandson Brandon Ng coming on in 2019. Cooking style remains the same, using the 2 large pans.
Having eaten at more than 40 different carrot cake stalls across Singapore, this stall remains my ultimate favourite.
They cut the carrot cake cubes small, and are generous with the chye poh / preserved radish and eggs, resulting in a soft moist fluffy texture, while the edges are a little crispy.
I prefer the black version, laced with a generous helping of sweet dark soy sauce, a bold sweet savoury eggy salty smoky flavour. The white version, which looks almost similar, holds enticing savoury salty eggy sweet smoky flavour.
The chili lends a bit of spicy kick, so yummy. Eating here is a pilgrimage of sorts, requiring careful planning.
Carrot Cake / Chye Tow Kueh
Fried Carrot Cake
@ Clementi 448 Market & Food Centre, 448 Clementi Avenue 3 #01-45
More details:

Quite a big portion, befitting the price. Dipping sauce was alright

The pancake itself has a hard crunch, although the seafood wasn't generous enough

One of the better ones for sure. Pork was tender, soup was decent, and portion was nice. Not those super diluted ones where u just taste chili, the generous amounts of pork gave the broth depth

Nothing too out there, the anchovies are high in calories cos of the sweet glaze. Potatoe strips are coated in sth that's savoury, that's the most impressive one I guess

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Take note burpple beyond can only be used on the premium flavours. Yes it's the more expensive ones so it's more worth it but it also means your options are cut in half

Unfortunately this didn't fair as well. I mean it's still not too bad, but it's weird in that it's chocolate with honey, there's no honeycomb at all. The texture is also slightly worse than the grilled scamorza, but that's holding it to too high a standard.

Get something else, this doesn't taste like anything you're familiar with. There's a taste but at the same time it's not anything in particular

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Their cones have a good texture, it's thin and crispy.

Grilled scamorza is absolutely stunning. Their gelato has a nice sticky almost marshmallowy kind of texture. The grilled scamorza(an Italian cheese) comes through very strongly and is extremely legit. I asked them how they sourced such a great cheese and what a surprise, they make it in house! Talented crew

Must try, even tho it's abit ulu. The biggest gem here after classic cakes, if you love cheese

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Their custard is pretty unique actl, it's kinda goopy and slightly sticky-ish. Hard to describe but it's not bad. Worth a try if you're in the area

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Dude said it's recently out of the oven but it's cold. Like pretty damn cold. Texture was very very average too.

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As you can tell it's huge. More than feeds one. Crust was light and flaky, filling has more onions and potatoes than meat but overall, since it's solid and not a flour based gravy, it's pretty decent actually.

I hate pedestrian meat pies but this one was acceptable

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When was the last time you had Botak Jones? I tried this as a child and finally trying this again after they made a comeback several months ago.

Reopened after a trail of ups and downs, this affordable halal Western food came in huge portions!

We had a hearty nostalgic meal at Botak Jones. Don't go expecting superb quality and you won't be disappointed. Prices are reasonable given the large portions. GST now chargeable 💸


We tried...

✨ Whoopass Chilli Fries ($13)
✨ Cajun Chicken w Cajun fries ($8 onwards)
✨ Grilled Norwegian Salmon Fillet ($19.50)
✨ Mushroom Soup (+$1.50)
✨ Double Baked Cheese Potato (+$3)
✨ Stuffed Jalapeños ($10.50)

Full review on Instagram/Google (@myfoodframes) 📸

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