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From F’east
Comfort in a bowl during rainy day!
The prawn noodle soup is a soul-warming delight.
Rich, savoury broth, springy noodles, bean sprouts and succulent prawns harmonize in a flavorful embrace.
Simple yet satisfying, a class of its own!!


Coming to Clementi for so many times, I wasn’t aware of the existence of this food centre until my recent trip to a restaurant nearby.

So I told myself I have to drop by some time and I made it.

There’s only a few food stalls available here and Hock Thye Noodles has been selling here for many years.

A very old school wanton noodle prepared by an old man behind. Flavourful and chewy noodles, accompanied by char siew, veggie and a bowl of wanton soup.

The Sugar Roll (With Sugar) (SGD $2) features a light airy fluffy sponge cake layered with a swirl of creamy fresh milk cream, topped with a layer of fine granulated white sugar crystals that lends a slight crunch to texture. With no aftertaste, this has lovely cakey buttery milky sweet flavour.
The Ondeh Ondeh Roll (SGD $2.80) features a light fluffy soft sponge cake infused with pandan / screwpine leaf essence, rolled around grainy chewy rough grated coconut infused with gula melaka / palm sugar, and dusted with icing sugar. This carries lovely earthy floral nutty sweet flavour, so addictive and tasty.
Polar Puffs & Cakes Bistro
More details:

Westies, this is for you! If you are looking for some good Korean food, Hoho Korean Restaurant is a splendid choice. I loved everything, from their mains to their side dishes!

Their Seafood Soondubu Stew ($16) came in a big pot and I must say their stew is really one of the most flavourful ones I've had. It had such a rich deep seafood broth flavour and wasn't too spicy. The prawns and clams within were fresh too! A very comforting bowl of stew I don't mind having anytime.

Even their side dishes were good, especially their kimchi! It definitely does not taste commercial, but rather homemade. Loads of dried shrimp flavour within that gave it a good umami.

Feel like this is a hidden gem as it's located deep in sunset way!

One of Singapore's OG Taiwanese restaurants. They ended up in West Coast so I could never eat it. Let me say this: they do fried chicken very well and nothing else. This cutlet was juicy and tasty, although I've no idea what "kala" is. The noodle used is similar to that used in Taiwanese hotplates, which is never great, plus the seasoning was negligible.

One of Singapore's OG Taiwanese restaurants. They ended up in West Coast so I could never eat it. Let me say this: they do fried chicken very well and nothing else. This popcorn chicken had the right Taiwanese profile. The braised pork was decent. The tau kwa seemed to be going bad. And what's with one pathetic piece of sausage?

Pork was very tasty, needed more sauce. Maybe choose the curry rice over the Hamburg dish. Orh nee cake and drinks were yummy.

The tiger prawns 🦐🦐🦐 {Limited Time Treat} from this quick Japanese-style barbecue restaurant are decadently delicious, after grilled & doused in garlic butter 🧄🧈 dipping sauce. Such a heavenly combination! 🫶🏻

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From Soi 47 Thai Food
Crispy, flavorful deep-fried stuffed chicken wings from the neighborhood shop are a delight.
Paired with Thai sweet chili sauce, they offer an irresistible blend of savory and spicy goodness.
Highly recommended!


From Soi 47 Thai Food
Deliciously fresh and tender steamed fish, bathed in zesty Thai lime sauce.
Served bubbly hot, this local favorite bursts with flavors—garlic, chili, cilantro—creating an unforgettable culinary experience right from the neighborhood shop.
Not bad indeed.

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From Soi 47 Thai Food
The Thai green curry from the neighborhood shop is a delightful treat.
Generous in ingredients, it boasts rich flavors and fresh vegetables.
A perfect balance of spice and creaminess makes it truly satisfying.
Highly recommended!

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This isn't rlly basque burnt. Nothing is liquidy, except maybe the ganache.

If you must have sth, the Milo one is interesting because the Milo ganache is quite unique. Theres a little bit of milk caramelised as well and that's delicious