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Super generous portion and sumptuously done! The herbs seasoning of the lamb meat masks the lamb taste and lamb meat was tender too. Worth every penny! Will come back again :)

The rich miso broth was savoury and made the meal really hearty. Salmon chunks were lightly breaded and fried hence it retained its shaped. There were mushrooms, glass noodle, tofu, and egg. Overall, tasty and savoury.

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Fresh squid stir-fried with garlic, sliced onion, brown shimeiji mushroom, sliced zucchini, cherry tomato and tteokbokki in champong-kalbi sauce.

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An impressive medley brimming with plump fish fillets, blue mussels and shrimps baked with lemongrass infused wild rice, spicy tomato sauce and gooey melted cheese.

Super tender juicy quarter chicken elegantly seasoned with a heavenly blend of spices, roasted to perfection and served with rich savory herb gravy.
Gravy was on the saltier side however the chicken was really done to perfection.

Although not the friendliest staff working at this Yong Tau Foo stall, the food quality here is indeed not bad! Chanced upon this stall with a constant queue and did not have any regrets.

I got noodles with 6 ingredients and paid about $4-5 and the portion was really big! The staff will ask if you would like them to fry the fried ingredients and doing so really did made those pieces taste much nicer, though much oiler.

I actually really liked the soup, as you can taste the flavours coming from the soy beans. All ingredients tasted great with their chilli sauce, which packed a savoury punch. Definitely a stall I wouldn't mind eating again if I'm around the area!

📍: Clementi
tried this raved place with their special 🔥burnt🔥 cones and it burnt a hole in my wallet too 😢😢 for their ice creams, they were smooth, but otherwise nothing much to shout about. the 85% dark chocolate was pretty dark and bitter which was gr8 for a chocolate lover like me. the pistachio was nice, but i would prefer it to be a bit nuttier bc i’m a more 重口味 kind of person. the burnt cones were…FRAGILE it kept breaking while i ate HAHA. didn’t rly have any special flavour also hahah so guys pls educate me on the hype abt this place hahah. sorry man i think it’s ovepriced 😩
OVERALL: 3.25/5

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Zooming in to some of my favourites — Balmoral bakery’s old school black forest cake gives me such nostalgia as I grew up eating their cakes & pastries in the Eighties.

And honestly, where can you get this classic cherries-filled chocolate sponge cake with whipped cream and chocolate shavings at 0.5 kilogram for S$20.00 today?

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Zooming in to some of my favourites — Iced cold brew hibiscus tea that’s tart, light and super refreshing! And I only realised there’s a whole range of benefits linked to it today.

What a good reason to pop by and enjoy a cup when I’m around this neighbourhood. ❤️

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This stall in Clement 448 Market and FC always has a long queue during peak hours. The reason is quite plain because they have one of the best wok heat for their Hor Fun. The smokiness comes across as soon as you are served.

I ordered their beef Hor Fun ($5) and asked to add green chilli. The rice noodles were well fried with soya sauce, each strand coated evenly, a joy with every bite. The beef was marinated with soya and oyster sauce before frying. They were very tender and owner was generous with the amount. I counted 9 pieces in total. The green chilli were piquant but didn’t pack enough heat. It did complete the taste of the noodles, savoury and sour.

Must come back to try the other items in their menu, seafood, sliced fish, or change the hor fun to rice or Mui Fun.

You might miss out on this stall as they sell a variety of bakes and pastries at the storefront, but what you should go for are their cutely shaped curry puffs ($1.40). The curry puff is best enjoyed when it is piping hot, straight out from the fryer, and the buttery crust is a blanket that wraps a generous portion of curried potato and chicken, with a sliced egg in it. The curried mixture is so moreish with a textural bite that you will keep going back for more. The spice level is manageable that will not be burning hot but more emphasis will be on the flavours.
✨ Fong’s Dee Special Chicken Curry Puff
📍 448 Clementi Avenue 3, Clementi 448 Food Centre, Unit 01-31, Singapore 120448
🍴 [Self-Funded]

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One such old school wanton mee stall is Boon Kee Wanton Mee, which commands a snacking queue especially during peak hours. The secret lies in their fluffy noodle that sits within a pool of dark sauce mixture that you must mix it well. The cardboard-style char siew is nothing to shout about except it gives a certain texture to the overall dish, while the deep fried wantons and soup wantons were normal tasting.
✨ Boon Kee Wanton Mee
📍 448 Clementi Avenue 3, Clementi 448 Food Centre, Unit 01-40, Singapore 120448
🍴 [Self-Funded]

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