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A new bold flavour arrives next week to Texas Chicken - the Salted Egg! And with every purchase of the Salted Egg Bundle, you will receive a Texas Chickygotchi to relieve all your childhood memories of raising a digital pet.

Outlet exclusive PIE-OH-MY issa collab with Tarte by Cheryl Koh. Pecan pie was soooooo delicious and I like that they came in huge chunks coz each bite was nutty and chewy! But like any shake shack concrete, once the toppings have been wiped out, the vanilla custard left behind becomes too sweet to be eaten alone.

[Sembawang, Singapore 🇸🇬]

Crispy Chicken Burger with Smoky Sauce Special
S$9 for member
Crispy Chicken Burger with Smoky Sauce
Peach McFizz
Roasted Sesame & Seaweed McShaker Fries
Addon Snickers McFlurry (S$3)


($6.90) upgraded and atas fish burger as in my opinion. The fish fillet was filled with melted cheese plus they added cheese slice and its got cheesy aftertaste.

Crispy Mac ‘N Cheesy Wrap
Can’t taste the Macaroni

This was so tempting. And I loved it. Beef, katsu, katsu sauce, shredded cabbage.

Ending the first half of the year on a sweet note! — Hershey’s chocolatey soft-serve ice cream with chocolate fudge.

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(Clockwise from left) Alfredo Prawn, Chicken Sate, Classified Chicken, Romano Margherita. The two non-tomato pizzas are obviously my favourite. The satay was pronounced so I liked it too. Their stuffed crust was also good enough to eat on its own. Domino's drumlets are better than Pizza Hut's!

One year overdue hahaha but just wanna add to my earlier review that this can get jelak.

What will your #LastMealOnEarth be if the world is ending in a few hours’ time? For @mattleave, it’s a specific order at Jollibee, the 2 pcs Chickenjoy Meal with both sides being the rice and finished with the pineapple juice. I got the same combination (almost) except the pineapple juice as it was sold out and the meal was super satisfying.

For starters, it was my first time having the rice as a side, and eating it with the gravy is just the perfect complement. If the Chickenjoy is Batman, then the gravy will be Robin and rice will be Alfred, they all go hand-in-hand together. Most of you should have eaten Chickenjoy before so I do not need to explain much except that it is one of the best fast food fried chickens now.

This is a new series where people share with me on what would their last meal on earth be if the world is ending in a few hours’ time. Do drop in the comments section if you would like to share your desired last meal on earth and I might go do a food review of it. It will be helpful if you can share details such as 1) dish name and 2) where I can get it in Singapore.

It’s my first time having the Vivocity outlet exclusive Concrete, playfully named the Viva La Vivo. The addition of strawberry syrup, frozen strawberry bits, waffle cone bits & rainbow sprinkles add a little whimsy to the thick but plain vanilla custard. The thick frozen dairy treat tastes & has an ultra thick & creamy consistency that reminds me of how good Ben & Jerrys used to be fifteen years ago before they threw their standards off a cliff. I’ve slept on The Shack’s custards for far too long, and it’s about time to get woke.

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