All About Western

All About Western

Featuring Astons Specialities (Bugis+), Swensen's (NEX), Fish & Chicks (Cineleisure), Jollibee (Lucky Plaza), Ma Maison Restaurant (Takashimaya), KFC (Plaza Singapura), Chef Hainanese Western Food (Tanglin Halt Food Centre), Roxy Square Food Court (Roxy Square), Holy Grill (Old Airport Road), KFC (Tiong Bahru Plaza)

($15.80) Finally tried their food for first time. But their pork cutlet got a bit dry aftertaste even though dipped with hainanse bbq sauce. I felt that their bbq sauce was a bit spicy kick but then got thick texture. hmmm I don't know whether I come back for their other mains ?

($6.80) I never tried their breakfast meal for kfc b4. But I didn't expected that it was so good and delicious meal. I ordered scrambled egg with mushroom. It served with hashbrown and hot tea w milk.

I might be seeing spud shack's rosti reviews onlime b4 but its probably out of my way to try their rosti in the past. Both rosti flavour we have ordered is their best selling.

My sister ordered Garlic Pepper Rosti ($7) w Chicken Spicy Sausage ($3.50) and she told me that it's not bad but I felt that their chicken spicy sausage was mild spicy taste.

Whereas I ordered Torched Mentaiko Rosti ($8.50) w Chicken Chipolata ($3.50) but the sauce was quite creamy, milky and a bit heavy and thick texture. Their rosti was quite crunchy and crispy on their outer skin. Got a bit harden on some certain part for potato. Chicken Chipolate was mixed herb based filling and got that unique aromatic taste.

($18.90) I didn't tried their rendang-licious pizza before and also their curry-licious melts with tomato dip. btw curry-licious melts was quite too good but dipped with tomato dip.

($18.90) I didn't tried their rendang-licious pizza before and also their curry-licious melts with tomato dip. btw rendang-licious pizza is not bad tbh but contained too much onion :")

($8) + ($3.50 for sausage) I felt that their pork chop was quite salty tbh but then I regretted to order sausage but its quite normal tbh (but then they got set meal?) I don't think that I will be coming back again?

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($8.50) HMMM THE SIZE WAS QUITE SMALL BUT I SAW PEOPLE ORDER THIS AND QUITE BIGGER THAN ME 🥹🤯. BUT THEY GIVE ME TWO PIECES INSTEAD OF ONE ??? But then the taste for fish was quite weird tbh. I felt that their standard dropped a lot since I went there last 2 year ?

Meal ($7) I finally tried their popular McGriddles burger with half pricing :) on last mon but then the sauce for McGriddles was quite sweet tbh but overall the serving size was quite ok.

($10.05) I didn't know what I should be ordering which burger at burger king lol. I just decided to get something not fried chicken lol. The mushroom sauce was quite too much hence the paper worn :") But the chicken still taste quite nice and savoury. I felt that their fries was slightly nice bc just fresh cooked but so still ok for me.

($8.50) Finally tried their western food at Lor 1 coffeehouse and walking over from HDB Hub to Lor 1 around 15 mins. Their signature western dish was generally steak series. High recommendation beside steak series was black pepper chicken chop and chicken cutlet if you don't eat beef. I really like black pepper marinated sauce a lot and got quite unique taste. Their deep fried mashed potato was something that I never saw it before for western stall

($26) in dry version but they used medium dried prawn to stir fry with spices. The prawn was well executed and complement with the sauce. The tau pok was slighty dry and a bit overcooked. The quail egg was a bit strong taste tbh. The linguine was not that hard or soft texture as mixed well with sauce also.

Turkish Breakfast ($22) Toasted pita bread dipped with Tzatziki (cucumber herb yogurt salad), two fried eggs with house salad. Tzatziki really quite good according to my sister. But hummus sauce was not much also to dip.


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