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Although I did find it a tad too sour, their Clear Seafood Tom Yum Soup (S$8) was still satisfying to me with a perfect amount of spice! Other recommended dishes include their thick Green Curry (S$8), finger-lickin’ good Honey Spare Ribs (S$10) and Omelette (S$6)! Also really enjoyed the sweet chilli sauce offered at the corner of each table that I repeatedly spooned onto my plate 😋 Will definitely return to try out some of their other Thai dishes!

Simple fried kuey teow from Father to Daughter but contains full of love ❤️ . We're really fortunate to have a taste of fried kuey teow. Sorry to my readers, fried kuey teow is not open to public. I'll definitely be one of the first to boost this fried kuey teow once it's open to the public 😋. Fret not! You can still try their Hokkien mee at Toa Payoh Hawker Center. .
Where to dine?
Huat Heng Fried Hokkien Mee (since year 1969)
Lor 5 Blk 75 Toa Payoh Hawker Center #01-29 Singapore

Located at a hawker centre in Toa Payoh Lorong 1 is this unassuming stall selling muffins that have odd-looking shapes - thus the name "Uggli Muffins". The stall owner, a bespectacled man in his 40s/50s, is really friendly and offers his customers a muffin for free (before they even place their order!) if it's their first time patronising his stall. I bought a total of 12 muffins from him, and managed to try the banana walnut flavour, oreo flavour, chocolate flavour, cranberry flavour and raisins & orange peel flavour. My favourite out of all has got to be the banana walnut one - its interior is perfectly moist and buttery. It leans more towards the sweet side, and maintains its sponginess with visible banana slices and a whole walnut in it. Some might not like that these muffins often have burnt edges at the top, but I'm totally fine with that - in fact I love nibbling on the crispy rim of these muffins tops! 🤤

Being very reasonably priced, each muffin only costs $1.10, buy 10 and you get 2 for free. That makes it $11 for a dozen of good ol' muffins - what a good deal! This is my first time trying these muffins and I can confidently say that I would definitely be back for more.

Creamier is one of my favourite place to get my waffles and ice-cream cravings fix! They offers a huge selection of ice-cream flavours and their waffles are usually served crispy and hot, drizzled with honey and chocolate sauce and topped with the ice-cream of your choice.

It's my first time trying out their Hazelnut Milk Chocolate and to my surprise, it tasted exactly like a blended version of kinder bueno and ferrero rocher! Their Sea Salt Gula Melaka never fails to disappoint me.

I went during their peak hours and it took them a while to serve my waffles, which was surprisingly cold and not crispy. Felt like it was made beforehand and was left out in room temperature before being served to me. Maybe it was just my unlucky day? Nevertheless I'm definitely coming back for their ice-cream 😋

Price: $3.50 (single scoop) / $6 (double scoop)
$13 (2 waffles + 2 scoops of ice-cream)

My prawn noodles comes with a generous amount of kang kong, beansprouts, fishcakes, three fat prawns and clams. The broth is very flavourful, sweet and thick. Definitely thicker than your traditional prawn noodles's broth.

You can choose between yellow mee, bee hoon or kway teow noodles and apparently they fried their own shallots so plus point to that!

A normal bowl of prawn noodles cost $3.50 but customers can also opt for prawn noodles with added clams ($6.50), crayfish ($12.50) and even one whole lobster ($28.50).

$6 version. Three prawns, tender meat, generous amount of vegetables and sotong flesh. With a little lime and house chilli sauce, the bee hoon is quite tasty.

This is the best Redang chicken you can find in Toa Payoh, nestled in the coffee shop under Blk 128. You can request to include different types of curry and sauce to your rice.

🍽 Ribeye steak black pepper sauce was perfectly done with Medium doneness.
🐟 Fish is soft with light batter.
Marinara 🍝 taste very good too with the garlic tomato sauce.
🍛 Chicken chop is nicely grilled.
All came with coleslaw and fries.
Total: $34

Tasty lightly salty, soft and tender noodles that bundles with the savoury sauce. To be share or self indulgence.

White and black version. Black is done with dark sweet soy sauce. White is simply without the dark sauce. Both are as yummy as it look.

Egg noodles and bee tai mak version. Classic taste with little chilli and ketchup base. Clear soup for the two bouncy fish balls.

One of my go-to dry YTFs. Very affordable - only $4.80 for 7 pieces + bee hoon. Love the fried ngoh hiang and the meat paste in certain pieces, although I was disappointed that they ran out of brinjal by the time I reached there at 7pm. The chilli sauce packs a punch too!