Singapore Foods Hunter

Singapore Foods Hunter

We always ask ourselves, what to eat next for breakfast, lunch and dinner; or even supper. So follow this list to begin your journey exploring the foods around Singapore and make your decision.
Khaw Han Chung
Khaw Han Chung

SUN with Moon has been serving their signature kamameshi since 2005 at Wheelock Place. And recently they finally opened a new outlet all the way to the west side of Singapore at JEM.

A new casual Japanese dining experience here offering similar menu. And of course you still can find their famous Japanese kettle rice here also.

The lunch set has a few options to choose from, which includes the one I have here. Comes with beef yakiniku and unagi slices.

If you are familiar with the way of eating it, then you would know that you need to leave it steam for while before you open and start mixing everything inside. It could get pretty hot at the beginning.

The lunch set allows you to choose one side dish, soup and drink.

While most people prefer another yong tau foo stall at this food centre with long queue, there’s also this stall that sell the same thing as well.

Jia Jia Yong Tau Foo is also serving decent yong tau foo with lots of items to choose from. Fried items are separated if you choose the soup version.

The soup is tasty and I “upgrade” my meal with a bowl of Zhajiangmian.

Even though they have been listed on Michelin Guide’s Bib Gourmand for many years, the shop is surprisingly so quiet on weekday night time for dinner.

I was the only customer when arrived, only a handful of people coming in to dine in or takeaway.

Their signature chicken briyani available in small, regular or large size. Served with a piece of egg on the top.

The chicken meat is hidden inside the briyani rice, tender and flavourful. Unlike many briyani places, here they don’t serve it with curry but a bowl of yogurt instead.

I actually wanted to have this long ago but unfortunately the grandma that manages the stall h already retired.

Thankfully her son taken over the stall and continue to carry her kway chap legacy.

Unlike many usual kway chap stall, here you can pick the different ingredients such as the small intestine, beancurd, braised egg and fish cake.

But you can ask for mix one like mine, that comes with everything.

The portion of kway chap also can choose either email or big. Mine is big one.

You may have came across some articles that featured this hidden western restaurant right in the middle of an industrial area.

This place was such an old school feel of interior that brings you back to the nostalgic period. The restaurant was so hidden that you need map to navigate your way here.

They not only located in the industrial area, but also situated on the 7th floor of an industrial building, Once you managed to find the place, you still need to take this very old lift up to reach the restaurant at the top.

They open for lunch and dinner, making it much quieter at night; considering the location and all the working people around already went back home.

I was the only diner when I reached here around 6+ in the evening. The staff would lead you to your preferred seating table and order via QR scanning.

They have this all day set meal that includes unlimited flow of water, coffee and tea. You also entitled to a bowl of soup and basket of ginger bread.

It is definitely a great spot to enjoy your dinner. But unfortunately, the food wasn’t impressive enough.

I ordered the grilled pork chop that was a bit hard to chew. And the accompanied side veggies were cold and bland. Thankfully the mashed potato still able to help with the appetite.

Considering its location and I almost spent 10 minutes to walk here from the nearest Mattar MRT Station. You may come here for the environment once, but I doubt I would make the effort to return here again.

This coffee shop used to have a few outlets, before they left with only one now in Far East Plaza.

The shop is located all the way at the back row of shops here, which there wasn’t many people when I came on weekday early morning. But you would find many regular customers dropping by to grab their cup of coffee.

I needed some proper breakfast meal, so gotten this in set with a choice of coffee or tea.

The usual mee siam tastes that you would anticipate.

The coffee has a very nice aromatic taste.

I remember when I first know about them, they just started from their first shop along Rangoon Road. Now they have expanded to another 2 outlets in other places.

Came to their Rangoon Road outlet on Sunday late afternoon and still find most of the tables are occupied.

The one reason that made me want to come here is because this unique bagel with our local otah.

Totally no regrets getting it. It was so tasty and spicy enough. They used mackerel otah, stuffed together with scrambled eggs.

Complete your meal with the set that comes with a side and drink,

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Coming to Clementi for so many times, I wasn’t aware of the existence of this food centre until my recent trip to a restaurant nearby.

So I told myself I have to drop by some time and I made it.

There’s only a few food stalls available here and Hock Thye Noodles has been selling here for many years.

A very old school wanton noodle prepared by an old man behind. Flavourful and chewy noodles, accompanied by char siew, veggie and a bowl of wanton soup.

Continue my visit to some of the places featured on Michelin Guide’s Bib Gourmand, and this Yuan Yang Spinach Soup stall at Geylang Bahru has been on the list since last year 2023; and continued for this year.

Totally a bowl of comfort in the evening for dinner. The signature bowl comes with prawn, yong tao foo, meat ball and egg. Basically can complete combination of other options into one bowl.

The spinach soup was so tasty with the fresh spinach. You can complete your soup with either noodle or rice.

It said to be the most authentic Eng’s Char Siew Wantan Mee with close family link to the past.

They have moved from their original place to Joo Chiat Road now, and greet welcoming by the staff when I arrive on weekday evening.

Great texture and of course their special chili sauce is still the main attractive taste to enjoy with the noodles. Comes with pieces of wantan, char siew and veggie.

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I think my last visit to Pepper Lunch was already many years ago. So today decided to drop by their AMK outlet to grab my lunch with their latest offering, the cheesy omelette.

The rice is covered with stack of cheesy omelette, then pour the tomato sauce while the plate still piping hot. Mix everything and enjoy.

I have always wanted to try this when I know they reopened at Bugis, and finally found my chance this time.

Went for their signature portion that comes with fried fish, 3 different meats such as pork belly, char siew & meatball and 1 whole braised egg. It really full of ingredients in one bowl.

The lor itself is flavourful but I was hoping to have more of it.

Distance never stop me from hunting for good foods around the world.

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