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Serving wasn't very big, both were quite mild. Hummus was not too acidic.

On a side note glad to be back after 5+ years?

Thanks @burpple for the invite and Mavi restaurant for hosting!

K: pizza was thin crusted and J liked it alot yay! Usual price a bit pricey for the amount of ingredients on the pizza but with burpple its pretty worth it! Tastes just like how you’d expect a hawaiian pizza to taste like πŸ•


Apple Cranberry juice
J: diluted power berries


Lime Mango juice
K: could be sweeter


J: very cheesy and is quite worth for the price with burpple 6.5/10

The coffee place never disappoints. PPP is well known for their beans where they supply from Chye Seng Huat to other cafes as well. This cuppa is well balanced with good ratio of chocolate (not drinking milo) and coffee.

Seems to be my favourite because of the delectable seasoning that pairs perfectly with Japanese rice. There’s thin bones so gotta be careful with every bite. Great 1-for -1 Burpple deal!

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Came back with my son to eat this amazing looking Wagyu Don again. His eyes lited up at first bite. It was worth it! Pretty amazing with esp with 1-for-1 Burpple deal! Tasty, unique and a beauty to your eyes!


First time eating at a proper Turkish restaurant so not sure if the taste of the food is considered authentic. For those intending to use Burpple, take note that you shouldn't make a reservation on google - had a strange experience of being made to call on the spot to cancel the reservation before we were allowed to redeem the deal. Food was alright, nothing to shout about personally. Portion was ok, but for the quality/quantity probably wouldn't be worth it without the 1 for 1. Best dish of the day was ghe kunefe - be warned that it takes quite long to prepare (more like 20mins instead of the 10mins mentioned). Did expect it to be bigger for the price when I first saw it, but as it is quite cheesey on the inside, the portion is enough as it can get quite jelak even when sharing. Total bill was around $90.

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First time visiting, I enjoyed the smoothie bowls! Will be back!


Lovely steakhouse located near Botanic Gardens MRT. Had the Denver and Deckle Wagyu steak together with Cream Kale and Chili Broccolini. Steak was cooked nicely and served with a tasty clove of garlic. Particularly enjoyed the cream kale as well.

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Was looking for a steakhouse near me and I chanced upon FBG. Had the denver and deckle steak there, where they were served with salt and charred garlic. The steaks were served medium rare and it was indeed medium rare (unlike other steakhouses I've been to)! We also ordered some sides to go with the steaks, being the creamed kale and the grilled broccolini. I would recommend the broccolini as it was served with a tangier sauce which helped balance out the "heavier" steaks. It's location is also very accessible, being a 5min walk from Botanic Gardens. Would highly recommend it for any date nights, or a hearty dinner out with friends and family!


Love the special Burpple Beyond promo offered here. The smoothies are unique and captivating. Will come back for more!

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Interesting pancake flavours. You see the original, green tea and charcoal flavour ones here. Pancake flavours not distinct enough, possibly overpowered by the strong peanut taste. There are other fillings which I am keen to try out too e.g. Thai Milk Tea, but due to time constraint, I did not give that a try.
Definitely will give it a try the next time.
$5.60 for 4 pancakes