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Union Farm initially started off as a chicken farm in Toh Guan Road and began serving their signature paper-wrapped chicken in the 1960s. It eventually gave up chicken farming and concentrated on their fledging f&b business in the 1970s.

Owing to its ulu location, I never got to try their food at their kampung style eating house before it closed in 2017 after their landlord took back the land. They have since opened a hawker stall in Jurong which focuses on their signature paper-wrapped chicken.

Each piece of chicken is marinated for several days with their family recipe, painstakingly hand-wrapped and before they are deep-fried. The end result is a tender, juicy and subtly sweet piece of chicken leg lying in a pool of its sweet aromatic juices.

Despite the subtle flavours, I really enjoyed the chee pow kai. Yes, it's rather expensive because each bite size chunk of chicken leg causes nearly $3. It is also rather tedious because they only take advance (and limited) orders for their chicken and it is still rather out of the way in Jurong. That said, you can only imagine the effort taken to hand wrap each piece of chicken to seal the juices in without using a staple.

Chee pow kai is a dish you don't usually find readily available in Singapore these days so do show them some love and make an advance order if you plan to be in Jurong.

PSA When I spoke to the owner in April, he told me that he was closing the stall in early May due to health. He shared that he was going to take at least a month off to recover from surgery and is not sure if he's going to continue with the business. However, his landlord was going to keep the stall available for him. I have not heard anything since so do check if they are still in business before heading down and remember, advance orders are required!

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First time at Vision Exchange area! Didnt know that there were so many restaurnts here!

We tried the korean food at AHTTI Korean Restaurant!

Ordered the following food items:
-Seafood Soft Tofu Soup with Rice - $15++: This was stated as mildly spicy but it turned out to be quite spicy for us, even when we do take spice quite well! Came with egg tofu, clams and a crab. Was looking for prawns in this bowl of soup but sadly there was none
-Stir Fried Squid and Pork Belly with Rice - $15++: Very nicely marinated, and came with PLENTY of sauce (which made it abit slightly salty)

They are actually famous for their fried chicken! However, we found the portions of chicken too much to be shared amongst just 2 pax as a side. So come in a big group if you want to try their fried chicken!

Their menu is also slightly cheaper for lunch time!

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- Squid was huge and well-cooked, neither rubbery nor tough.
- Miso sauce was buttery and umami, elevating the dish together with hints of spiciness from the dollops of chilli paste 🤩

- Crab meat and prawns were very fresh with a distinct sweetness, pairing well with homemade cod roe mayo that’s not too salty, I enjoyed it!
- Squid ink pasta was cooked aglio olio style with aromatic garlic.

- Soufflé was super foamy light, melting in my mouth with a crusty cheesy exterior, my fav!
- Tomato rice was creamy, glued with cheese like baked rice 🍅

- Pork loin slices were tender moist with right thickness, well-marinated with shoyu giving a sweet savouriness.
- Loved the silky scrambled egg with hints of cheesy savouriness 🍳
- Japanese rice was flavourful, seasoned in special sauce!

- Cream was not too heavy.
- Appreciated the meaty and lean bacon with generous mushrooms.
- Prominent mushroom flavour though I’d prefer a stronger truffle fragrance.

- Pancakes were eggy and fluffy, contrasting well with the Hokkaido milk ice cream though a bit icy in the middle.

- Fully packed with shredded chicken though slightly dry and tasted one-dimensional after awhile, would prefer the pork.

- Noodles were springy and slippery slurpy 🍜
- Soup was layered with numbing spicy and sour umami Sichuan flavours with roasted soybeans and pickles for the extra tanginess!