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Jason Ng
Jason Ng

A very popular grilled fish restaurant in town, we finally made our way over to try their dishes and I can see why there is always a long line for their grilled fish!

We had the Akauo Hiraki ($20.50), which came in a generous portion. The fish was quite sizable and was really fresh. Very meaty and flaky, each bite was really rich and savoury. However, I must say, they may have seasoned the fish abit too much, as it got too salty towards the end. Really need to have loads of tea and rice with this!

The Mero Shioyaki ($21.90) was very interesting, as the meat of the fish was really soft yet surpringly sweet. Although a rather small piece of fish, it was full of flavour. If you have a sweeter palate, this is for you!

Will be back to try other variations of their grilled fish!

One of the more popular Chinese restaurants around the area, long snaking lines were quickly formed and after tasting the food, I can really see why.

All food dishes were really tasty and I would think their main selling point is the homely flavours. The savouriness of all dishes were very balanced and no flavours were too strong. You can tell all ingredients were really fresh!

Everyone's favourite was the Stir Fried Potato, Eggplant and peppers ($8), as the sauce had so much garlic and the ingredients were cooked so well. Best with rice!

The Sweet and Sour Pork ($14) was also very tasty, with a crispy batter and soft tender meat within. The sauce was very balanced. They gave quite a few pieces for the price paid too!

Lovely dishes! Will be back soon. Totally recommend for bigger groups to try more dishes. Do reserve in advance first though!

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[INVITED TASTING] Had a chance to try their weekday lunch menu and we were all impressed!

Side dishes are important in every Korean restaurant and the variety in Wang Dae Bak was amazing! All 6 side dishes given were well cooked well definitely appetising.

The Steamed Pork Belly Set ($21) was definitely the crowd's favourite, as the set had thick pork slices that were so tender and succulent. The fat renders almost immediately as it enters your mouth and don't really have to chew much! This is best paired with the rice given. The rice in the interesting bowl was really sweet and fluffy and I found myself eating it on its own!

The Bulgogi Combo Set ($17) came in a large portion and I love how the set consist of a kimchi stew and a generous portion of bbq beef slices. The beef slices were quite tender, not dry and definitely flavourful. The stew was comforting and not too sour. Definitely getting the best of both worlds with this set.

The Small 2pc pancake ($5) was another dish that I was impressed too. Crispy on the outside and soft on the inside, these small pancakes were very flavourful and addictive. Lovely pancake texture that I adore!

Definitely very impressed with their lunch sets. Can't wait to be back!

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Had a family dinner at this famous zi char restaurant to try some of their dishes and first thing you notice is that their portions are enormous. We believe their large portion can feed 8-10 people!

One of their signature got to be their Fermented Pork Belly ($30 for large portion). With a crispy crust, this succulent pieces were tender and packed with lots of umami coming from the fermented marination. Very addictive, these were delicious with their chilli sauce!

Their Crispy Chicken with Salted Egg ($30 for large portion) was also satisfying and all of them were generously coated with rich salted egg sauce that is perfect with rice! However, their chicken pieces come with small pieces of bone which was uninviting, maybe it's to show diners that they use fresh chicken 😂

Another specialty is their Seafood Mee Goreng ($20 for large portion) which was so flavourful from the chilli and tomato base and they came with quite generous portions of seafood. Their prawns were really plump and meaty, absolutely delicious.

Definitely a good place for family dinners!

Was looking for some good lunch fare and we chanced upon this popular izakaya!

Ikki Izakaya offers a variety of lunch sets and I got the tempura set ($15.90) which came with a variety of dishes. The number of tempura pieces isn't many, but at least the ingredients were fresh and quite well fried. The tempura batter was light and does not feel too oily. I liked the salad and fruits given, as they were refreshing and helped to ease the oiliness of the tempura pieces.

A choice to consider if you work nearby. Definitely wished that they gave more tempura pieces though!

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Finally here at iSteaks to try their beef steaks after hearing some good reviews!

I had the 350g Striploin ($30.50) which came with the right doneness of medium rare that I asked for. The steak had a good one inch thickness, sealing much of the meat juices within the steak. This may not be the juiciest steak nor a very flavourful one, but it was definitely affordable. Great to see that there is some good crust on the meat for the additional smokey flavour! Not bad of a steak.

I had 2 sides to go with the steak, garlic butter eggplant and good old French fries. Love the amount of garlic and the savoury butter which pairs well with the sweetness of the eggplant! The French fries were crispy and flavourful.

Although I wish for the steak to be juicier and more flavourful, its still a good place to satisfy your steak cravings without burning a large hole in your pocket!

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Although we ordered way too much, the quality and portions made us so satisfied!

The Dakgalbi sharing portion came in a huge plate, probably enough to feed at least 3. There were loads of ingredients within, from tender chicken pieces, to chewy rice cakes to fresh assorted vegetables. Loved how the sauce has a good balance of sweet and savoury, definitely perfect to go with some rice.

We ordered bossam as well, and it was surprisingly good! The pieces of pork were very fatty and tender. Paired with ssam and some savoury radish slices, its really the perfect balance of fresh and fatty taste profiles.

The jajjangmyeon or black bean noodles came in an enormous plate as well, enough to feed at least 3. Although the noodles didn't have the chewy noodles I was looking for, the sauce had good flavour and was filled with seafood ingredients including squid and prawns.

Although we over ordered and had 2 bottles of makgeoli, the price came up to $42 per pax which isn't bad at all. Definitely worth it and a place to check out if you are nearby and craving for Korean food!

Located in a quiet corner of Tanjong Pagar, Urban Corner serves up no frills western food. The burpple beyond set comes with a chicken main with bratwurst, a fish main with prawn aglio olio, and 2 bowls of mushroom soup all for $22. The portions were huge and if you are looking for some no-frills western food, this is one place to consider.

The Chicken chop itself was tender and not overly salted. Bratwurst was juicy and tasted pretty standard. Fries were creamy on the inside and crispy outside.

The Fish Fillet itself was quite meaty and perhaps the only problem was that the batter was abit too hard. Prawn aglio olio was pretty standard and not bad.

Service was attentive. Definitely above than average food and is quite worth it with the burpple beyond set!


Back at one of my favourite restaurants for affordable grilled meats and their high quality still remains the same!

Their Lamb Rack ($36 for half slab, 1 for 1 with #burpplebeyond) is really one of the must get here. The lamb racks came smoky, with a wonderful aroma of roasted meat. Slicing through each piece is an easy task, as they were really juicy and tender. Flavours are wonderful as well, as it was well seasoned with salt and pepper, and the gaminess of the lamb isn't strong or not there at all.

The Australian Grass Fed Ribeye ($29 1 for 1 with #burpplebeyond) is pretty delicious too, as it came with a good thickness and with good flavours too. Beautifully seasoned, pretty tender and definitely meaty.

Iberico Spare Ribs ($29 1 for 1 with #burpplebeyond) were tender, succulent and smoky. Loved the marinade on top as well!

They not only do well with their meats, their sides were well executed too. The wedges on the side were crispy on the outside and very much creamy within. Really addictive!

A new establishment, Soon Huat Bak Kut Teh is one of the newest addition to the few food options around in the area. I was very pleasantly surprised to find Malaysian style bak kut teh here!

We tried a couple of dishes they have here:

Bak Kut Teh ($8) - we believe the soup is really the highlight here; it had pleasant herbal flavours coupled with a savoury meat broth that really makes you addicted to the soup! Love that it isn't too peppery too. The meat pieces were quite meaty and tender.

Sesame Oil Chicken ($10) - loved the savoury sauce which paired well with rice. They gave quite a few chicken pieces and they were flavourful and tender as well! However, we do think they can go heavier on the sesame oil.

Pig Stomach Soup ($8.50) - the soup is definitely more light tasting, but still has good umami flavours coming from the pork broth within. Not sure what they added in to make it white, but it definitely made the soup almost creamy! Pig stomach pieces were fresh.

Definitely will be back when I'm around the area!

Soon Huat (JB) Bak Kut Teh
29 Media Circle #01-01 S138565, Singapore, 138565

Finally came here after seeing all the hype about it. We tried a few dishes:

CCB Bun ($7.50) - using the Chinese soft buns as a base, this came with a pretty massive fried chicken cutlet with a spicy slaw. The chicken itself may not be very crispy, but it was definitely tender and flavourful. The slaw helps to cut the oiliness of the chicken so that you won't get tired of it easily.

Niu Yue Fried Rice ($20) - fried rice was just average, and the beef slices were just way too thin. Truffle flavours were subtle. We felt like this isn't really worth it.

Balsamic Vinegar Fries ($10) - crispy fluffy fries were addictive! Love the balsamic vinegar sauce around the fries as it has a moderate tartiness that makes keep going for them without being tired! Great dish to share.

Overall we felt like the dishes really don't deserve a long wait, as we heard that some even queue 1 hour for this. Perhaps a place to try once.

Feel like it's quite rare to find herbal bak kut teh and I'm glad to have found this chain!

Their weekday lunch set ($10.90) consists of a regular bak kut teh, 2 sides and a drink. Do note that rice is not included, but you can choose it as 1 of your side dish.

The soup itself is not bad, it has the herbal flavours and it is not too salty. The meats given were moderately tender and best paired with soya sauce and chilli! I'm surprised to find some pork liver and stomach as well, which were fresh.

Not bad of an option if you are around the area!

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Jason Ng

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