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Jason Ng
Jason Ng

Among the many high end restaurants and bars located around the area, lies this inconspicuous zi char restaurant that was really pretty decent, while being relatively affordable!

Their Fish Meat Soup ($20 for medium) is one worth commenting on. The soup itself is light, not multidimensional but still decent. What's good is their fish chunks which were huge and fresh! Many pieces were given as well. Love how meaty and flaky the pieces were!

Their Yang Zhou Fried Rice ($15 for medium) came generous and I loved how fluffy the rice was. This has loads of wok hei and charred bits which flavoured the rice well.

The Claypot Bringal with Minced Pork ($18 for medium) was also another dish we liked. Loved how the dish had so much umami flavours and that the bringal was really soft! Best paired with rice.

Prawn Paste Chicken ($15 for medium) was unexpectedly good. Honestly, the colour of the fry was pale and we didn't expect it to be delicious. However, the outer crust was so crispy, and so full of umami flavours! The chicken was well marinated, as the seasoning penetrated the chicken well. Darn addictive!

The Poached Chinese Spinach ($21) is a good vegetable option, as it not only came with salted egg and century egg, it came with flowy poached eggs too 😍 Flavourful but not too salty, this is a good break from all the rich meat dishes.

I wouldn't say that the dishes were particularly mind-blowing, but they were definitely comforting. A zi char restaurant I will come back again for!

Recently found a hidden gem for good zi char??

I had a group dinner at West Lake recently, and it was located quite hidden among the older HDBs in Farrer Road. Known for their Kong Ba Pao, it was indeed one of the best renditions I've had. The pork belly slices were braised till they almost fell apart when I tried to pick them up, and they had so much flavour. Neither too salty nor too sweet, the sauce was rich with umami and just perfect for the bun. Talking about that, the bun was so soft and fluffy and especially sweet after chewing it for a while! Definitely a lovely dish to get for sharing. 1 is definitely not satisfying enough for me 😂

Their Chicken Fried Rice was surprisingly good as well. The rice were in individual grains but not oily, and it had good savoury flavours while the wok hei was subtle. The chicken pieces were tender too! Very lovely.

Their Fried Baby Squid was a joy to have as well, as each baby squid piece was tender and well coated with a light flavourful batter. Best with some beer!

Didn't manage to take a pic of their Beef Hor Fun, but that was satisfying as well, as not only the Hor Fun noodles were cooked perfectly due to its silky smooth texture, the beef slices were flavourful and tender as well. Don't expect great wok hei here, but their dishes were still well executed.

Can't wait to bring my family here! 😍

Recently tried @kyojosg's new summer lunch donburi and it was decent. I had the Chirashi Don ($16) and it came with fresh and plump chunks of sashimi. It had a good mix of salmon, tuna and hamachi, though we felt like the bowls were rather small, perhaps may not be enough for big eaters. You can complete your donburi with $6 set that comes with chawanmushi and miso soup.

They do have a hidden grilled side dish menu, and you can order it via telling the staff "Himitsu Butayaki". This is perhaps another Japanese restaurant to consider if you are in town!

Westies, this is for you! If you are looking for some good Korean food, Hoho Korean Restaurant is a splendid choice. I loved everything, from their mains to their side dishes!

Their Seafood Soondubu Stew ($16) came in a big pot and I must say their stew is really one of the most flavourful ones I've had. It had such a rich deep seafood broth flavour and wasn't too spicy. The prawns and clams within were fresh too! A very comforting bowl of stew I don't mind having anytime.

Even their side dishes were good, especially their kimchi! It definitely does not taste commercial, but rather homemade. Loads of dried shrimp flavour within that gave it a good umami.

Feel like this is a hidden gem as it's located deep in sunset way!

Heard alot about the Chinese food here at @myorestobar and had a chance to try a variety of their dishes 😍 I must say that overall, the food quality here is really good and definitely fit for family meals and gatherings! Here are my favourites:

The Kia Hiang Claypot Spring Chicken ($26) is their speciality and I can see why. The chicken itself was incredibly tender and all drenched in a sweet savoury sauce that had a deep herbal flavour as well. The cabbage is cooked till really soft as well. Really comforting dish I don't mind having again.

Garoupa Fillet in Claypot with Garlic and Ginger ($22/30/38) - this dish was kept very simple, yet incredibly well executed. The fish slices had a firm bite and were tender; they were lightly seasoned by the sauce which had simple garlic and ginger flavours. Once again another comforting dish.

Crispy Yam Bag with Scallops ($5.50 each) - yes they may be expensive but once again this is one dish executed well. Really crispy exterior with soft creamy yam paste and snappy scallop, the contrast in texture was well appreciated.

It can be quite pricey, but still, a solid place to bring your family for celebratory meals!

Finally tried Aburi Kaisen Don Keisuke, and I must say that the sauce for their don and mazesoba was fantastic, but their aburi sashimi were at most decent.

The Warayaki Aburi Kaisen Mazesoba ($16.90) was probably the dream of most dry noodle lovers. At a sizeable portion, the noodles were really al dente and the beautiful sweet savoury sauce had so much umami. Each strand of noodle was really coated well with the sauce. Honestly, just give me a bowl of their noodles and sauce and I will be a happy man. The Aburi sashimi pieces were actually quite forgettable unfortunately.

The premium don version ($22.90) was also well flavoured by the sauce, but perhaps it was slightly too salty. Once again the Aburi pieces were just decent, so I wouldn't think it was worth the premium upgrade. If you love your seafood soup, the lobster broth of the ochazuke set ($4) is well worth the top up as the soup was simply fantastic with the seafood flavours. Very rich, they go very well with the rice and sauce.

I would think this is a decent place to come if you're around the area!

If you are looking for a good quality Korean BBQ, I really think you no need to look further as our experience at @o.bba_bbq_jjajang_amoy @o.bba_sg was really fantastic 😍

The Best Set ($68) was very much good for 2, as it came with 2 huge slabs of wet aged pork belly and a soybean stew. The wet aged pork belly was just phenomenal, as our server cooked it perfectly; it was nicely charred and crispy on the outside, and the inside was just so tender and juicy. It had a very clean taste and was really as good if not better than the fresh pork belly I've had in Korea.

The Soybean Stew was comforting and came with loads of seafood ingredients and tofu. Not too salty and you get a rich umami taste too!

One item you need to get at Obba is their Flying Fish Roe with Rice ($14). It was so nicely flavoured with seafood umami coming from the roe and seaweed! Definitely a great carb to have together with your BBQ.

The side dishes here were also superior as compared to other places. The kimchi was very fresh and crunchy, they have tteokbokki as their sides that day (no need to order separately 😍) and the egg rolls were done very well!

From the food to the service, everything was just wonderful. Can't wait to come back to obba again!

Tried @thaipanrestaurant recently and overall had a pretty decent experience! This restaurant is known among VJC students as it used to open nearby and have fed quite a number of batches 😂 most dishes were hits and here are ones I would like to mention:

Thaipan Jade Tofu with Chicken Floss ($14.80) - this unassuming tofu dish turned out to be my favourite! Loved the crispy crust and the soft interior, coupled with the sweet savoury combination provided by the chicken floss and drizzled sauce. Actually pretty addictive!

Hong Kong Fried Noodle ($14.50 for large) - I don't usually like these kind of noodle dish as most places don't do it well but I am happy to report that this rendition is banging! ✨ Savoury flavours were strong and there was a touch of wok hei. Noodles were al dente and there were loads of ingredients within!

Butter Squid ($18) - now this is one of the famous dishes, but it didn't quite sit with me 🫠 the butter sauce was kinda clumpy and I was wondering if they overcooked the milk within. The squid was pretty fresh still though!

Nonetheless, most dishes were delicious and I would come back if I'm around the area.

Finally visited this recently famous ramen restaurant, @ramenya0103 that really makes you feel like you're in Japan! With just 8 seats in a tight space, expect long queues and waiting times. I queued for 1.5 hours at about 7.30pm on a weekday afternoon 🫠

I got the Tonkotsu Ramen Black ($12.80) which I felt was quite affordable with quite a few pieces of char siu. The main star of the show got to be the broth, as it was extremely thick (almost like a sauce) and it had so much umami flavours while not being too salty. We all agreed that we can definitely drink alot of the soup! Love that the garlic oil added extra umami as well. The noodles were alright, quite al dente. Char Siu was very tender and flavourful!

Definitely a great bowl of ramen, but really does not warrant the 1.5 hour wait. 30 minutes is the maximum I will wait for this!

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Now this is one hidden gem in town you need to go to! Despite being located just a stone throw away from orchard central, the prices, quality and portions were all really good 😍 Here were some of my favourites:

Deep Fried Chicken with Garlic ($8.50) - this is one of the best renditions I've had from a Thai restaurant. The batter was light and crispy, and the chicken inside stayed really moist and flavourful. This was extremely addictive 😍

Deep Fried Sliced Fish with Sweet and Sour Sauce ($16) - the fish slices were flaky and super crispy 😍 absolutely loved the sauce as it was tangy, making it not too surfeiting. A very good dish to order to share!

Olive Fried Rice ($8.50) - I loved how the rice was not clumpy and filled with savoury fermented olive flavour and some smokiness. The portion was pretty huge so you can order this to share!

All the dishes ordered were hits 🥹 I can't believe I only know of this place now! Definitely coming back to try other dishes 😍

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Found surprisingly decent ramen all the way at Changi City Point! All dishes served were all quite good!

The Black Garlic Tonkotsu Ramen Set ($16.90) came with slurp worthy bowl of rich broth ramen with a side dish and a drink. The black garlic broth was very rich with umami and savoury pork broth flavours and the noodles were rather al dente, just slightly too soft for my liking. The Cha Shu was alright, could be softer!

For side dishes, there were a few choices and we got the kaarage and gyoza. The Kaarage pieces were quite meaty, with a crispy exterior and rather juicy interior! The gyoza pieces were not bad as well, just that the meat filling had quite abit of ginger such that you can taste it quite strongly!

Decent ramen for a meal if you happen to be here!

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Everyone, @isshinmachi_sg is officially one of my go-to place for good noodles and Taiwanese food now 😍 We ordered a variety of dishes and many of them were BIG hits!

The Pork Wanton Noodles with Guan Miao Noodles ($13) was absolutely fantastic. The noodles were chewy, yet so easy to slurp 😍 really one of the best noodle textures I've had. The sauce was also not too salty and best paired with some chilli oil that you can ask from them! Wanton pieces were also very plump and meaty.

The Crispy Chicken Cutlet ($9.80) was one of the best renditions I've had in the Taiwanese restaurants I've been to in Singapore. Light and crispy crust, juicy yet tender meat, flavourful all the way through. Absolutely lovely.

Three Cups Squid ($16.90) came in a rather generous portion, with numerous fresh squid slices. The best part is actually the sauce here, as it had a beautiful combination of sweet and savoury flavours. Love how the ginger slices can be eaten too!

Hakka Style Golden Fried Chicken ($6.90) wasn't as good as the chicken cutlet, as it was slightly tough. Flavours were still strong!

Definitely coming back for their noodles and sides 😍


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