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For every Japanese cuisine enthusiast, a visit to Sakae Sushi is practically a culinary rite of passage! However, if you haven’t yet savoured the Gyuniku Curry Don ($17.10) at their Tradehub 21 outlet, it’s a delicious journey worth undertaking. This savoury dish features delectable Japanese curry, tender sliced beef, and perfectly steamed rice.


Pic creds: Darren Chng

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[Catered, Singapore 🇸🇬]

Buffet Breakfast
Stirred Fried Vermicelli
Steamed Rice Cake with Preserved Radish
Sotong Balls
Chicken Chipolata Sausage and Potato Sautéed in Herb
Steamed Siew Mai
Scrambled Egg
Barley with Gingko Nut in Soya Bean Milk
Coffee and Tea

How's Catering
Address 🛖 : 8A Admiralty Street, # 03-20/21/22 FoodXchange, Singapore 🇸🇬 757437
Website 🕸️ : https://www.howscatering.com.sg/

I got the ice cream cone at $1.50 via the app. Not much of a saving given as the plain cone is $1 and added sauce is $1. So only 50c discount but the app says I saved $1.40. Not sure where the rest of the discount is from. This ice cream is already very nice on its own but the added sauce is so little that i didn't felt that the addition cost is worth it. So ya, you can just go down and get your $1 cone without the use of the app.

I love this fish&chips deal more than the aglio olio deal.
The portion is better - the fish is thinly battered and the tarter sauce is nice.
The fries and lettuce salad was a good side.
The mushroom soup is also a good pairing for when the fish&chips gets too dry.
The corn was not really nice.

Two aglio olio and two fish&chips deal added up to under $28 which is a insane value. With the deal it’s worth coming to give it a try.

Got the chicken and mushroom aglio olio deal, with the deal - price point is very attractive!
It’s pretty decent! Soup is a good pairing too.
Portion is pretty small but still felt full

It’s cool that the place has sofa seats but it’s a little hot during the afternoon.

Definitely their most sinful flavour. But damn it’s super worth the calories. Absolutely overflowing with hazelnut chocolate with some crunchy wafer bits to give texture. Highly recommend if you’re off your diet 😆

Yummy custard that’s not too sweet! Limited edition flavour so try while it lasts!

Healthy ice cream suitable for old and young! It’s a less sweet and less jelak ver of the soya ice cream from ikea. Not as cheap tho haha

Satisfy your frozen yogurt cravings guilt-free at Beyond Fruit! Enjoy their delicious and healthy options, or unleash your creativity with DIY toppings. Treat yourself to a wholesome dessert today at their newest Chinatown Point outlet!

Regret. Hahaha. Both things sound good, but they don't go together. And as a lover of sweet soy milk, I should've gone above 50% sugar.