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Famous charsiew and siew yoke.

Comes with dark sweet sauce. I usually prefer Siew yoke, but think the Siew yoke here is too fatty. The lotus soup and old cucumber soup is passable. Rating 3/5. #burpple #instafood #foodinsingapore #foodinsing #roastpork #taiseng

Prawn Noodles With Pork Ribs

Soup was not as rich and flavourful, would be better if it was less oily. Pork ribs were tender but portion of both prawns and pork ribs were small. Still, was thankful for a comfortingly hot bowl of prawn noodles on a rainy day

Prawn Noodle and homemade Ngoh Hiang.

A bowl of medium sized freshwater prawns will set you back about $5.50 while the ngoh hiang is appx $10. They have pork ribs, pig's tails etc too. Place was bustling with activities when we reached around 12:30pm, just in time for lunch.

I went for bee hoon which is slightly thicker than those thin version others are offering. Personally felt the soup was underwhelming and slightly oily but then there are those who might prefer this. Thoughtful gesture on their part as they have handmade paper bowls for one to throw away prawn shells.

Hit: frog leg porridge/butter sotong.

Miss: sambal potato leaves/stingray.
An oddly satisfying meal nonetheless, all thanks to my favorite company. πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜˜πŸ’•

Mao Shan Wang [$19/Kg]


Top grade Mao Shan Wang from Pahang, Malaysia.
Sweet that comes with a little bitterness, definitely worth a try!
Official opening is on 3rd July and durian ice cream will be available that day as well !
Thank you @wheretoeatsg and @ministry_of_durian for having us and thank you @uricacxy for extending the invite 😘

Red Prawn ($12/kg)

Season of the King of Fruits is here!! And a new store @ministry_of_durian has just opened providing Durian Lovers another place to drop by or call for delivery. With grand opening on 3 July 2016, they will launch dessert such as Mao Shan Wang (MSW) ice cream too. But till then we shall gorge on the durians.

It's my first time trying Red Prawn and I can see why some prefer this over MSW. Slightly pinkish flesh that's slightly creamy but has a bittersweet taste!

Spring Onions And Ginger Frog Leg (3 For $16)

One can never get enough of this humble, totally nameless eating house, unless you looked at the signage that is way above, and unlit. Their frogs are nice and huge, firm muscle and utterly tender. The sauce, is nice and thick without being too salty, great for with the plain smooth porridge that you just have to order. They have great BBQ dishes too, such as stingrays and squids. So be sure to come at odd hours or early, for it gets pretty hard to find a parking slot or table when it's peak hours.

In The East

Ft. Tom Yum risotto & laksa lasagna. Was attracted to the 1 for 1 weekday lunch deal but was greatly disappointed by the taste. The tom yum risotto lacked of the distinct hot and sour flavour , and it tasted more similar to laksa . Mediocre laksa lasagne is a much better choice compared to the prior one

Worth Every Bite. Worth Every Cent.

2 combination meat with rice cost $7. Almost twice the price compared to the other roast meat stalls. Some might say it is not worth it. But this plate promises quality of the char siew and even the rice. The chilli and plum sauce goes very well with the meat too. If you haven't try it before, do make a trip down to the main outlet at macpherson to taste it for yourself!

One Of The Best Textured Waffles

Wimbly Lu's Third Outpost along Upper Paya Lebar Road.

Maple syrup waffle with chocolate truffle ice-cream [$6.50]

Check out full review at Wimbly’s Third Outpost : Three Years in a Balloon -

Magnificent Char Siew!

Blackened, beautiful CHAR SIEW courtesy of Kay Lee - honestly befitting "Char" namesake! There is no gimmicky sweet sauce used pretentiously to hide bad pork here. The Roasted Duck has more to learn from its black brother - go for char siew portions alone, no regrets!