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We ordered 3 plates of meats and they were all so wonderfully marinated. Full of flavours and sooo tender. The free flow of side dishes makes the experience even better. The kimchi soup was well-received by all of us, though it could be a little hotter when served. Servers were responsive to change the BBQ hotplate after we finished a plate of meat. The BBQ experience was not smoky and we left the place feeling satisfied. It was quiet at 4pm when we reached.
Will be back!

KBBQ Prime Set, Duroc Pork Belly, Kimchi Soup with Pork Belly and Steamed Egg, these are some of signatures that I will order whenever I visit @wangdaebakkbbq The Korean juices are very good too.

Location: Wang Dae Bak Grill, 3 Lor Liput, #02-01, Singapore 277725

Yakiniku Like is a Japanese barbecue restaurant chain where you can have quality A5 Miyazaki Karubi Wagyu at affordable price. There are individual counters for solo diners and you can customize your meats with the various sauces.


The Spicy Seafood Tofu Soup ($14) from @ is spicy, flavourful and comforting. It comes with a generous portion of prawn, squid, clams and soft tofu, which go really well with rice. Love the variety of side dishes too - definitely one of my favourite Korean lunch places around CBD!

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Who else loves the sizzling sound of the meat? 馃き馃敟馃崠

Visited this 6 months old halal Japanese barbecue spot selling premium meat at affordable prices. Read till the end for FREE dishes! 馃捀

馃専 饾棬饾棪饾棗饾棓 饾棓饾椈饾棿饾槀饾榾 饾棪饾榿饾椏饾椂饾椊饾椆饾椉饾椂饾椈 (饾煭饾煱饾煬饾棿 饾棾饾椉饾椏 $饾煭饾煯)
This thick cut of flavourful beef is a must try! Enjoyed the buttery mouthfeel of this 馃惍馃悇

馃専 饾棓饾槀饾榾饾榿饾椏饾棶饾椆饾椂饾棶饾椈 饾棯饾棶饾棿饾槅饾槀 (饾煭饾煬饾煬饾棿 饾棾饾椉饾椏 $饾煭饾煵)
If you're looking for grain-fed beef, try the MB5 Australian Wagyu.

馃専 饾棓饾煴 饾棯饾棶饾棿饾槅饾槀 (饾煭饾煬饾煬饾棿 饾棾饾椉饾椏 $饾煯饾煯)
We got the chuck eye roll cut of this A5 Japanese Wagyu. Available only for a limited time!

馃専 饾棪饾棽饾棶饾槃饾棽饾棽饾棻 饾棛饾椏饾椂饾棽饾榾 ($饾煵)
So addictive! Couldn't help reaching for this as we waited for our grilled meats to cook 馃き

馃専 饾棗饾棽饾椆饾槀饾槄饾棽 饾棪饾棽饾榿 ($饾煱饾煬)
For those who are indecisive, try this set meal that feeds 2 pax. Inclusive of 200g karubi, 50g prime karubi, 50g gyutan, 200g sliced chicken, mushroom platter (consisting of king oyster, enoki and shiitake mushrooms), 2 onsen egg and rice.

Wouldn't miss out on the USDA Angus Striploin and prime karubi on my next visit! 馃い

If you're someone who prefers to pair your grilled meat with sauces, don't miss out on the homemade marinates too! Options include spicy yakiniku sauce (mildly spicy) and garlic teriyaki sauce.

Tag @ryoyakiniku on their socials and receive free 100g of karubi (boneless beef short rib) 馃憤
馃搷 Ryo Yakiniku
馃殗 Nearest Mrt: Tai Seng

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20 sticks for 20 free! Woohoo! But only wish they used fresher/better meat cuts. I remember it used to taste better. Also wished the broccoli wasn't so oily - felt like it was deep fried and not grilled.

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馃挵 / $13
The truffle was aromatic yet not too overpowering. I think I could eat this on its own but we ordered it to accompany our BBQ meats - which were amazing too.

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First time try Vietnamese fried rice. Quite good. Very generous too, a trait of this stall.

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Used 1for1 seafood bucket deal and ordered 2 different sauces - Furikake Butter Cream Sauce (non spicy) and Korean Omo Omo (Sweet & Spicy). Most patrons here for the buffet bbq. Cos we not having bbq, we have the option to sit indoors (air conditioned). To our surprise, we can help ourselves to the cooked food and drinks counter of the buffet self service area.

1 portion stated as good for 2 pax but maybe we are small eaters haha. The staff helped us to open the non-spicy portion first and by the end, we (4pax) were all so full already. The furikake bits were yummy. The sauce is abit on the lemony sauce.

End up dapao the other portion home. Staff very kindly helped us to pack in a cooler bag and also offered honey lemon drink.

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10/10 KBBQ experience! Have eaten here twice and really love the food here. The meat is so goood

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didn't have high expectations for this place but we were pleasantly surprised by the authenticity of the food! we ordered one duck noodle soup ($8.90+) (bun) & one pho bo (beef pho) ($8.90+). the noodles were simple but tasted just like the ones we had in vietnam. we also ordered a kampung chicken ($24.90+) that isn't included in the burpple beyond menu but that really impressed us! the chicken was well charred yet retained its juiciness and tenderness. highly recommend the chicken! the viet coffee was alright ($3.50+). would come back again even without the promo!


Being seated outdoors at @changkoreanbbq in Dempsey on cool nights is a really pleasant experience. You get to be away from the smoky smell, and your order of meats gets barbecued for you (which is perfect for lazy-to-cook people like me 馃槅). The friendly staff always presents whatever you鈥檝e picked to be verified first before whisking it away to be grilled and cut up. So upon return, each order of piping hot meat can be eaten right away.
We only had beef on this recent visit because all of us were craving red meat. While the Marinated Prime Rib Eye (Australian, 200G - $58++) was flavourful and a tad sweet in taste profile from its marination, the Fresh Cut Prime Short Rib (U.S. 300G - $69++) was au naturel juicy goodness.
I alternated between wrapping the barbecued beef in leaves with green chilli, raw garlic plus a dab of the sauces provided, and pairing each piece with the 鈥淢yul Naengmyun鈥 (#ChangKoreanBBQ does the tastiest version in my opinion). The piping hot meat and cold noodles (dressed in some vinegar and mustard) is a killer combination.
One thing we realised that evening was that the Banchan served during dinner differs a little from lunch. There were a few premium items such as marinated cockles, in the large spread. But when you request for another round, these won鈥檛 necessarily appear again. I guess, quite understandably, each table only gets a single helping of the pricier Banchan.