Best Places for BBQ & Grills in Singapore 2017

Best Places for BBQ & Grills in Singapore 2017

Ahhh... barbecue. When it comes to meats, we can't think of a tastier way to enjoy them than grilled, smoky and sporting an appetising char, which led us to this week's guide on the best grills and barbies in Singapore. Quite naturally, there are one too many spots for Korean barbecue and Thai mookata (it's a very tough fight!), but we've also spiced things up with places for authentic Japanese yakiniku, including a stellar place in Boat Quay, and a rustic eatery in Foch Road for atmospheric Vietnamese barbecue. Ready, set, grill!
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Tucked away on the third floor of Regent Singapore, Seoul Restaurant is one of Singapore's best kept secrets when it comes to authentic Korean dining, and a favourite among Korean expats. As it turns out, their charcoal-fired barbecue is laud-worthy too. While compact, the a la carte menu of meats is well thought through, with good selections for beef, pork and chicken, including premium options like wagyu-grade Kkot Galbisal (boneless beef short rib, from $34.90) and wagyu-grade Chadolbagi (thinly sliced rare beef brisket, from $17.90). We also like that they have lesser featured seafood options for the grill — Godeungeo-gui (mackerel, $16.90) and Jangeo-gui (eel marinated in soy sauce, $39.90). For best value though, the buffet ($34.90 weekday lunch, $39.90 weekday lunch, $59.90 dinner) is your best bet. While some premium meats are off the order chit, the selection is still very decent. Apart from meats, you can also order cooked dishes like toppoki (rice cakes) and a Burpple community favourite — kimchijeon (kimchi and squid pancake). The bonus? Burpple Tastemaker Fabian Poon reports that you'll leave the restaurant without the smell of barbecue sticking to you. A big win in our books!
Avg price: $50
Photo by Burpple Tastemaker Fabian Poon


If grilling meats stresses you out, then this Korean joint at Alexandra Central is perfect for you. While it is a barbecue concept, the staff are super attentive and place close attention to the grilling of the meats — Burppler Hwans Lim appreciated that they took the initiative to switch out the charcoal when it got too hot and the meats were cooking too quickly. In her words, "all we had to do was eat" — we like that. Consider getting Set B ($63, for two diners). While the description may not make it out to sound like much, Hwans was pleasantly surprised by the variety and portions — expect platters of pork belly, prime beef ribs, seasoned chicken, and kimchi or soybean paste stew. The meats are thickly sliced and of great quality, with the beef ribs and pork belly the clear winners. The winning point? The service is stellar and personable.
Avg price: $30
Photo by Burppler Hwans Lim


From the same guys behind the perpetually crowded I'm Kim Korean BBQ at School of the Arts is yet another student-friendly concept. Set within *SCAPE this time, I'm Kim Junior serves up a Korean BBQ + Army Stew Buffet ($14.80 weekday lunch, $23.80 weekend lunch; $23.80 weekday dinner, $24.80 weekend dinner) — perfect for a spot-on combination of grillin' and slurpin'! For the barbecue, the selection of meats, seafood and veggies laid out at the buffet counter will likely leave you spoilt for choice, the same way Burpple Tastemaker Cassie Ong felt. She highly recommends the spicy pork collar or, if you're not one for spice, their selections of marinated chicken. As for the army stew, throw in whatever you fancy, from ramyeon to toppoki (rice cakes) and luncheon meat. On top of this all, chicken wings, truffle fries and D-I-Y chicken dak galbi are free-flow. Your tummy AND wallet will both be grateful.
Avg price: $20
Photo by Burpple Tastemaker Cassie Ong


For barbecue buffet on a budget, consider this buzzy spot on Neil Road (nearest MRT: Outram Park station). Priced at $25, the buffet selection offers a really good selection of meats PLUS free-flow kimchi stew, making this a most value-for-money treat. While the choices for meats are not extensive, the quality is more than enough to satisfy. Expect the likes of pork belly, marinated pork, marinated chicken, prawns and well-marbled sliced beef — think juicy and melt-in-the-mouth slivers! Along with the meats come some really stellar banchan (side dishes), one of which is a fluffy, perfectly seasoned steamed egg. The simple creaminess offers a welcome break from all the grilled meats, refreshing the palate for round two, and three...
Avg price: $25
Photo by Burppler Hwans Lim


For Korean barbie with a yakitori-inspired twist, look to this cosy joint on Craig Road. Instead of sliced meats, Kko Chi Bar specialises in skewered meats, which you barbecue at the table over a charcoal fire. We like that the auto-rotating grill ensures the meats won't get overly charred on one side! There is a minimum amount of 10 skewers when you order off the a la carte menu, so for ease, we recommend that you take one of their sets instead. Set A ($45) is good for two to three diners, and offers a sizeable and varied selection of marinated meats and veggies. They also do chicken, pork, beef and lamb-specific sets (from $17 for 10 sticks), a less heavy alternative that may be more suited if you're popping by for after-work drinks and a bite. Beers start from $10; soju from $16.
Avg price: $25
Photo by Burppler Judy Choong


Emulating the hustle and bustle of Vietnamese streetside dining, this Vietnamese barbecue restaurant at Foch Road is the place to go on a weekend night if rustic dining is your style — you won't literally be seated by the streets, but the relative discomfort of dining at knee-height tables does require that you work for your food. Thank goodness then that it is delicious, and the bustling ambience transports you momentarily to a buzzy Vietnamese eatery. Order the BBQ Meat Platter ($39.90 for two persons, $69.90 for four), which comes with a well-marinated selection of meats and seafood — prawns, baby squid, pork belly, pork collar, and chicken, along with a platter of vegetables. You will cook the meats over a small charcoal barbecue fire at the table (told you you'll have to work for your food) — it takes awhile, so come here in good company. Their house-secret marinades are what really elevate the flavours of the meat, and the dipping sauces that come with are really tasty too. If you have space, consider adding on a generous slab of Dory Fillet ($11.90). Take Burppler Zi Heng Tay's advice and get a glass of Lemonade ($3.90) for a refreshing pairing.
Pro tip: Dress down and breezy.
Avg price: $25
Photo by Burppler Zi Heng Tay


Set within Concorde Hotel Singapore, this understated yakiniku restaurant is a hit amongst Japanese expats as well as local families, all of whom flock here for an authentic Japanese barbecue experience. Prices are on the higher side, but Burppler Yeung Kai Ho guarantees that the quality of the meats more than justifies it — make this a pay-day splurge, if you must! Burppler Lionel Ong likes that the meats are marinated very lightly yet so flavourful you can do away with salts and dips. The selection of beef here is stellar and you won't go wrong no matter which cuts you choose. Consider the Special Cube Belly Prime ($19.80) and Belly Tender Prime ($19.30). According to Burppler Neko Eats, they also offer Sets (averaging $40) — the cuts in the beef have great marbling, while the non-beef set sees a good variety including prawns, scallops and venison. Pro tip: Seats are limited, so call ahead to book.
Avg price: $60
Photo by Burppler Yeung Kai Ho


If you like yakiniku (Japanese barbecue) and beef, then file this aside for special nights out. Elegantly outfitted, this Boat Quay restaurant is perfect for dates as well as business meetings. Prices are definitely on the high side, so read on for our advice to stretch your dollar. Burppler Muriel A highly recommends the Kiriotoshi (value assorted meats, $29), which features an assortment of beef cuts including rib-eye and tenderloin. The meats come doused in a sweet sauce that added flavour without overpowering. Another dish worth ordering is either the Tan Sagari (lower tongue portion, $26) or the Tsurami (beef cheeks, $28), which sees slightly chewy strips with a nice bite — just be sure not to overcook it! Apart from the quality beef, the service here is commendable. The waitstaff are all smiley, polite and efficient, which is another reason we would return. Towards the end of the meal, the delicate cold broth of the Inaniwa Noodle with Ice ($6 for half, $10 for full portion) makes a lovely palate cleanser, so you can fully enjoy dessert. Both the Red Bean Ice Cream ($6) and Roasted Green Tea Ice Cream ($5) are great.
Pro tip: If you're thoroughly confused or spoilt for choice, the Omakase (from $98) is a good option.
Avg price: $80
Photo by Burppler Muriel A


Hardly half a year since we featured their first Kovan spot in July's Newly Opened guide, this coffeeshop mookata by Mediacorp actors Chew Chor Meng and Dennis Chew has expanded to a second location, this time in Bishan. Both outlets keep to the brand's no frills, heartland-dining vibe, making this one of our top choices for super laid-back Thai barbecue-steamboat. Also, they open till midnight on weekdays and till 2am on weekends — perfect for supper! Get the Standard Platter for 2 ($26), which comes with a good selection of meats including prawns, mussels, scallops, mussels, pork collar and belly and chicken thigh, along with veggies. There's also been a lot of praise from the Burpple community about their chilli sauces. Burppler wanderingmonkeyy shares that they offer two types, and that the spicier one goes best with the meats.

Pro tip: We heard they fill up really quickly at dinnertime, so go slightly before or after peak dining hours to avoid the queue.

Avg price: $25
Photo by Burppler wanderingmonkeyy


Located in Pasir Ris Central Hawker Centre, this coffeeshop stall is the place for yummy Halal-certified mookata. Prices for the meats are reasonable (from $2.30 for marinated chicken) but note that they require you hit a minimum amount of $25 for a la carte orders. It might be easier and better value to go with the Platter Combo ($25 for two persons, $40 for four), which includes a chicken soup base, assorted meats like marinated beef and chicken, as well as veggies. Take Burppler Alex Chua's advice to add on $2 to change the soup to a tom yum broth for extra oomph! Pro tip: They are currently closed, but will reopen on 18 December. Check their Facebook page for updates.
Avg price: $15
Photo by Burppler Alex Chua

If a mookata buffet alone doesn't cut it, this popular Golden Mile Complex joint one-ups this with unlimited amounts of gooey mozzarella and nacho cheese dip, AND free flow Thai milk tea. Sold? The buffet here is priced at $29.90 (additional $3 on weekends and eve of public holidays), and on top of standard marinated meats, the selection also includes fresh seafood like prawns, crayfish and flower crabs. Burppler Jayson Yeo shares that he wishes the meats were better seasoned, but we don't think that'll be a big issue if you intend on slathering them all in the cheese. He also had great things to say about the service staff, who made him feel like royalty with their offers to chop up the crabs and de-shell the shellfish for you.
Pro tip: This spot opens only from 3pm on weekdays and noon on weekends, but remain open till the wee hours of the morning.
Avg price: $30
Photo by Burppler Jayson Yeo


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