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fragrant rice, grains seperated perfectly. garlic chilli had a spicy kick w a lil sourness; my fam honestly goes to tian tian mainly for the chilli. & that silky chicken lol i hate white chicken but i’d eat this. and paired with that sweet sauce wow yumz👌🏼👌🏼 i cant type properly because i can’t put into words how much i love this

Had the ngoh hiang platter and tobiko ball prawn noodles and enjoyed both dishes. Soup broth was really rich and flavourful and was served with fresh prawns. Especially liked the fried beancurd from the platter which paired well with the chili sauce. Simple but done well! On the pricier end for a bowl of prawn noodles but portions were generous and ingredients seemed quite premium. Worth a visit!

It comes with shimeiji mushrooms, chicken, cherry tomato and broccoli. The sauce was very nice but the pasta was hard. The chicken was very tender and flavourful. If the pasta is cooked more, it would have been perfect.

First time having this dish and it was good! The duck skin was crispy. The meat can be easily debone. There is no gamy taste and is well marinated. It comes with 2 sides -corn cob and coleslaw. I chose the mashed potato and it was very smooth. Value for money.

It has been a long time since I last ate Botak Jones! As a kid, I loved their fish and chips and double baked cheese potato! They have since reopened in Singapore with 4 outlets in Singapore!

Here are the items we tried on a recent visit!

Haddock Fish n chips: This haddock fish and chips is definitely worth it! It still tastes as good as how I recall it to be! This premium haddock version has a meatier texture and I love it!

Fish n chips (dory): If the haddock fish and chips are slightly pricey to you, go for the dory fish and chips! It is also good! You can choose between the Pacific Dory or White Basa!

Botak Burget Set: We opted for the well done beef patty! The flame-grilled beef patty was super juicy and flavourful!

Black pepper Chicken set: This chicken set came with chicken breast meat, so do note it is slightly drier. I love the mushroom sauce that coats the black pepper chicken breast meat though!

For the above set menu items, you can opt for two sides (some sides come with additional premium charges):

Chicken Gumbo Soup: Have heards lots about this soup so decided to give it a go! Reminds me of chinese chicken soup for some reason! Has sausage and chicken meat in it!

Mushroom Soup: This mushroom soup was very thick and creamy, with many sliced mushroom bites in it!
Double baked cheese potato: My all time favourite sides! It is #stilldamngood !

Spicy Cajun Fries: Crispy fries! What is not to love about this!

Not-spicy fries: Surprisingly, i preferred the not-spicy fries to the spicy cajun fries!

Coleslaw: If too much fried food and fries is too much for you to handle, get this!

Butter Rice: Of all the sides, this was our least favourite. It reminded me of nasi lemak rice for some reason.
For drinks, we tried the Citron Lemon Soda, Super Berries Soda and Lychee Soda! Super refreshing and thirst quenching! They were also not too sweet!

If your stomach still has space, end off the meal with NY cheesecake!

Food is acceptable, standard BKT nothing to shout about.

Service is pretty bad, staff don't know how about burpple and act blur.

Pretty straightforward rendition, slightly fluffy with a chewy texture that tears nicely with some effort.
Has a grainy bready savoury sweet flavour, slight hint of wheat on the aroma. Nicely warm.
Al-Azhar Restaurant
@ 11 Cheong Chin Nam Road
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Singapore has more than a fair share of famous hawker stalls. Emblazoned with a Michelin Star, multiple award decals etc. they appear on nearly every tourist’s must-visit lists and command a neverending queue. As good or very good as most of their dishes are, I do think it’s important to venture beyond and give other stalls a try. Exploring is a gamble but once in a while, you can unearth gems like I did with this one at Jalan Batu Hawker Centre back in November 2020.
I wouldn’t say it is fantastic but the noodles by this young hawker are definitely above average. Been quite a frequent customer since that first visit.
Besides the hawker’s great attitude and energy, I like his Dry Mee Sua and Dry Mee Tai Mak which come with minced pork, fishballs, crispy ikan bilis and crunchy cubes of fresh pork lard. I alternate between the two and these days, my standard order for them is “white” - that is, without sambal (prefer to get the kick of heat from throwing in sliced chilli padi) and with extra beansprouts and minced meat. As for black vinegar, well, it depends on my mood that day 😊

Pig Viscera Noodle 猪什麵 (S$5.50/ large)
Shelled prawn, tender pork slices, pig’s liver slices, pig’s small intestine, pig’s skin, pork ribs, pig’s tail served in flavourful broth.
Accompanied with Mee poh dry spicy topped with Kang Kong (water spinach), bean sprouts and crispy fried shallots
Addon S$1 for handmade meat balls
There’s condiments such as sliced chilli padi and chilli powder available at the counter.

You can’t go wrong when you know the chef used to work in Ding Tai Fung.

Another popular fried rice stall that has expanded to a few outlets, with their first one located at Beo Crescent.

The sambal fried rice definitely getting the wok hey taste I want, comes with pieces of big shrimps. The fried rice also cooked with lots of egg within.

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Rolled with whole wheat flour, then baked on a skillet.
While texture of the chapati is slightly fimer than elsewhere, flavour is delicately grainy savoury sweet.
Being thin, it's meant to be used for scooping up ingredients (instead of absorbing curries).
Al-Ameen Eating House / Ameen Makan House
@ 4 Cheong Chin Nam Road
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One of my all-time favourite handmade fishballs and meatballs are from Ru Ji Kitchen - their fishballs are soft and bouncy, while the meatballs are tender and super substantial. The default bowl doesn’t come with meatballs, but we always top up for them at 2 for $1. These have been my fam’s to-go for our many homemade steamboats for the longest time! Their noodles are not the very best, but we still enjoy it as a whole a lot with its clean tasting soup. Definitely recommend to have the noodles on the spot as they clump up pretty quickly if you do takeaways.

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