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The humble minced pork is one of the most common and yet grossly underrated ingredients in Chinese cuisine. Paired with other ingredients, it has a subtly sweet and rich flavour from the pork fat.

Roughly minced pork with pieces of salted fish is steamed in a metal plate. It reminds me of a hand smashed burger patty with a good firm bite but yet remains juicy. The salted fish adds to a savoury and umami laden touch to this dish. I am not too sure but I thought there was a touch fermented beancurd or prawn paste in the dish as well but that may be the salted fish at work!

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I found this branded chain decent, but tbh not much different from other popiahs.

Funny. Ann Chin popiah but fried. I guess this is called diversification. They have multiple flavours, including curry. It's okay but perhaps it's too late, auntie even gave discount, the rolls were stale and rubbery.

I don't wanna bash them anymore because I recall having decent meals here, but the number of times they've failed me is getting ridiculous. This new dish attracted me because it doesn't exist elsewhere. Then I found out why. Dumping basic pork belly in a random soup is not cool.

They use one kind of dumpling for everything. You can't do that and it pretty much didn't work here. Edible lah.

Very bad version. They clearly have one kind of dumpling and use it for everything. This dish did not come together.

Duck was reasonably tender, otherwise not too impressive

They tend to be stingy w their portions although the prices aren't too high

Idk why theres so much noodles, it's crazy. Maybe because I look like a somewhat big guy? They weren't particularly good, it lacks bite, sambal was acceptable

Fishballs and meatballs were both the good factory ones

Overall decent, nothing too special

The charsiew has the candy sweetness but not from the marinate, it's from the sauce so that's abit underwhelming

Siobak was fatty and crispy but there's a a weird slight aftertaste

Small portion for 5 bucks

Prawn Mee Store must try the prawn mee. You wont be disappointed with the umami burst that you expect from a Michellin Bib restraunt! Also their side dishes like the Ngoh Hiang is a must try as well to accompany and even enhance your flavourful experience!