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Had the ngoh hiang platter and tobiko ball prawn noodles and enjoyed both dishes. Soup broth was really rich and flavourful and was served with fresh prawns. Especially liked the fried beancurd from the platter which paired well with the chili sauce. Simple but done well! On the pricier end for a bowl of prawn noodles but portions were generous and ingredients seemed quite premium. Worth a visit!

Recommend the traditional Ngoh Hiang as sides with the delicious prawn mee!

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not only was the broth flavourful, the noodles were very good too! be sure to try their side dishes as it is really nice too!

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Ordered the soup version of the Supreme Prawn Noodles and I was shocked by how much meat there was in the broth. The broth is rich and flavorful while the meat portions were generous, consisting of clams, pork ribs, prawn balls, fresh prawns and shabu shabu. We have also ordered 豆干 and 猪肉五香 to go with the prawn noodles. The 猪肉五香was crispy and goes well with the sweet sauce provided. Walked away from this place with a really full and satisfied stomach. Definitely one of the best prawn noodles I tried in Singapore. Will definitely visit again!! 10/10

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Ordered the dried version of the Braised Pork Rib & Prawn Noodle and would definitely give it a 10/10 rating. Broth was piping hot when served and the broth is flavourful and well-seasoned. A protein rich meal with generous portions of fresh prawns and pork ribs, which were succulent and tasty. Definitely one of the best prawn noodles I tried in Singapore, and the prawns served are fresh and chewy. Also ordered the 豆干 and the 猪肉五香 as sides to go with the prawn noodles. I like how chestnuts are added into the Ngo Hiang, which gives an additional crunch to the dish. 10/10 and would come back again!!

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Very flavourful broth and generous portion of noodles. Loved the ngoh hiong platter, crispiness and spices were on point. Would come back if in the area!

The star of the meal would have to be the broth as it is thick and flavorful. The prawn is also very fresh, but the pork ribs could have been softer. My recommendation would be to order the full prawns option. Ordered the ngoh hiang tasting platter and found that the best was the fried tofu as it complemented well with the chili provided.

One point for consideration is that the place does not have very good cooling system so it is better to visit when the weather is more cooling.

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Overall I enjoyed dining here, service was fast and portions were generous. I had the dry prawn noodles with prawn balls, the soup was very very rich and flavorful. The dry noodles were pretty notable as well, with the tasty sauce and additional pork lard, while sinful was very tasty! The Ngor Hiang was nice, not too oily and well fried.

However, one feedback was that while there were fans, the place can get quite warm in this weather which might affect the dining experience.

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If you are looking for broths that pack a punch, this is the place.

Super impressed by the depth of the broth! What a flavour bomb. I got the Supreme Prawn Noodles, and really enjoyed how the variety of ingredients complemented each other so well. Each mouthful was flavourful.

I also ordered Ngoh Hiang on the side (Prawn beansprout cake). Having that additional crunch paired with the delicious chilli served as a nice break from the noodles, and opened up my appetite before diving back into the flavoursome prawn noodles.

There may be a queue outside, but its definitely worth the wait!

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Soup is super flavorful :) really enjoyed myself with this meal

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Back in old days, people would come here for their famous beef horfun. Over the years, it seems like getting lesser and lesser supports; with many people saying their consistency has fallen.

Came on weekend lunch time, and surprisingly I’m the only customer in the shop; with all the seats are left empty.

The price also increased throughout the years, with the smallest plate priced at $8 now. I would say the portion is definitely smaller as compared to the past (based on those photos I found online).

Because I never been here before, so I couldn’t compare the taste with their past. But it is still taste wok hey enough for me. Their beef slices are tender and drenched in thick gravy. But I felt it taste a bit too salty for me.

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Snaking queues aside (expected with hype makan places) the food is worth the wait. The broth thats cooked over a long period was lovely - the pork belly giving it a slightly different taste that was sweet but not too jelat..loved the ngoh hiang! And this coming from someone who normally avoids it..

All in all - worth the visit, the staff is also well-drilled, working effectively and efficiently.

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