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Prawn Mee Store must try the prawn mee. You wont be disappointed with the umami burst that you expect from a Michellin Bib restraunt! Also their side dishes like the Ngoh Hiang is a must try as well to accompany and even enhance your flavourful experience!

The piping hot hokkien mee was simmered really well together with the fresh seafood, paired with the chilli which gave the perfect shiokness.

There’s a few food centres around Mapherson and interestingly this is actually my first time visiting this one.

It was very packed in the morning when I came here, as most of the stalls here open for breakfast.

Jia Le Prawn Mee & Lor Mee is one of the popular noodle stall with queue. Looks very simple but full of taste, especially the soup. Spicy enough after you add in more chilli.

Comes with pieces of meat, prawn and fish cake.

Ordered the Tobiko prawn ball & prawns noodles for dinner and their ngoh hiang sharing platter for 2! The prawn broth was really rich and piping hot as it is served on a claypot. Very unique claypot concept as it keeps the broth warm throughout the entire time! Prawns are fresh and sweet too! The ngoh hiang platter is a good combination of the popular items like the sotong you tiao and crispy prawn cracker. I personally love the garlicky chilli dipping sauce! Highly recommended place for good prawn noodles!

Tried the Shabu Sliced Pork and Prawns noodles as well as the ngoh hiang platter. Portions were decent and the most outstanding feature was the sheer sweetness of the prawn broth! The soup in the claypot remained hot and tasted so flavourful (the soup in which the noodles were served was more savoury). The pork slices soaked up the soup well, the prawns' shells were nicely removed for convenient eating and the sambal was excellent. Ngoh hiang's chilli had a fairly strong garlic scent but was otherwise good. Overall, good service (kudos to the lone waiter doing all the hard work!) and good food.

mee hoon kueh is also springy and all the thinner side but still very enjoyable, if you’re gg to dabao, recommend gg for the soup versions so you get more soup and manis veg HAHA

finally tried penang hengheng after forever! the noodles are handmade and rlly so different from any other youmian we’ve ever tried. but the real star has to be their chili SO SO FRAGRANT we really loaded up on it

The best prawn noodles I've had thus far. I've never been a huge fan of the dish, but this was absolutely fantastic. The menu is quite pricey, but the flavourful broth makes it all worthwhile. Definitely worth a re-visit.

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Absolutely delicious and taste stayed true to traditional prawn noodles! Serving was very generous and the prawns & lalas were fresh! Definitely recommend for prawn noodles lovers!

I was here for the famous wanton mee and found this stall beside it that look appetising as well.

So I gotten this spicy prawn you mian. Do allow them some time to prepare your noodle, as they made it directly upon order. But you could wait there and see how they made the noodle from a big piece of flour.

The taste was surprisingly so good, after you mixed everything in the bowl with the chilli. The you mian texture definitely firmed enough to enjoy.

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