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($3.90) I felt that their waffles was quite crispy on outer but mochi was quite chewy and not that hard or stretchy. Maple syrup just need to pour on the waffles after serving.

the pork loin could have been more tender and marinated. but what made it nice was the sweet and milky charcoal thick toast!
MILK TEA (+$3.30)
tasted like bbt…i dont hate it…just not what i expected

Broth was not too heavy on the porky taste, very creamy with a milky consistency!

Sauce was boasting a fragrant garlicky smokiness, more robust in flavour.

Chicken thigh was meaty and juicy, perfectly fried with a crispy skin and a squeeze of lemon helped to cut the grease 😋

- Mochi was stretchy and slightly chewy!
- Waffle was so crispy on the outside, the squares were thin and crunchy, exactly my preferred texture for waffles.
- Had a dark cocoa taste, pairing well with the slice of savoury cheese and sweet mochi, my personal fav here 🍫

Pleasant sweet fragrance, perfectly baked till golden brown ✨

- Kaya was creamy with a distinct pandan aroma but a tad sweet for me, overpowering the cheese a little.

- Mix of 2 bases with soy pudding and aiyu jelly which was QQ, my fav!
- I liked the pulut hitam which had a sticky chewy texture with a mild nuttiness that’s less sweet.
- Addictively chewy cubes of taro, yellow and purple sweet potato with a satisfying bite, made from natural ingredients.
- Mango was juicy with a tinge of sourness 🥭

- Grass jelly was refreshing without the herbal bitterness, soy pudding was silky smooth with hints of almond scent!
- Matcha jelly didn’t have much matcha flavour, but I appreciated the firm texture unlike the usual kind of soft gelatinous jelly.
- Red bean was plentiful and earthy.

- Enjoyed the lychee pops which bursted in the mouth with a fruity lychee sweetness 😋
- Osmanthus jelly had a light floral flavour with goji berries within.
- Same base with grass jelly and soy pudding.

- Scrambled egg was creamy, topped with capelin fish roe 🍳
- Pork could be more flavourful and moist.