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They were all overcooked but it's still not bad at all as the meat quality is decent. The way it's served makes it seem like your normal Japanese stall stir fry but the quality is what sets it apart, including the sauce and the rice. The seaweed soup was good too

Normally it's 10nett if you eat there, basically mookata style. Their concept is really weird cos they serve 100g wagyu at 30bucks but it's at a hawker centre, idk if they're gonna last long man. I mean the vibes at this hawker is better after they reno'ed it but I still can't imagine forking out 30bucks at a hawker

However their kimchi is terrible, it's probably made in house because the fermentation tastes like beer, it's so weird

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It's quite tender, the broth has a burn at the back of the throat but otherwise was quite light yet rather full in flavour.

However it's quite ridiculous that they run out of the premium ribs before 9am? They said they had to check if there's still premium ribs left when I ordered at 830

The waiting time can be quite insane also. At first they said need to wait for 30mins, luckily I got my food within 10+ mins. I mean it's literally scooping bkt out of the pot why should it take so long

Pictured 4nett

Ingredients were cooked well, cuttlefish was rather soft and like agar agar but harder. The pork liver had a blood taste tho, despite being so thin and I had stomachache on the same day. Their sauce was also lackluster, lacking in seasoning and spice

This was delicious too, simple but the ingredients were cooked well and had great texture

Everything was passable, the tender chicken that was well brined is better while the veg was abit bland. Their sambal is the rather sweet kind and has a strong kick, it's good stuff.

Rice portion is crazy though, it fed me for 2 meals. Ask for less rice for sure

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Egg still perfect, soup as well. The ikan bilis and the fried onions were both prepared in house and very very crispy

The fish and the meatballs were average though. Noodles are handmade and decent but not too impressive


Not as good as the white one. It's heated on the spot after the lunch crowd and u can barely taste the chili, it's not the same complex radish chili. Mainly sweet, get the white one and get it during the lunch rush when everything is freshly fried

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The ingredients doesn't seem to be as much as the soup, and it's pricier because it takes a lot more effort(need to boil the ingredients and then put it in a claypot and cook)

The average standard is still good, but the lean pork and liver were overdone this time. Nothing special, keep to their pig organ's soup

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Everything was cooked pretty well, esp the liver I rmb? Idk why my original post disappeared

The sliced lean pork was tender and the soup was good too, although it's not the original outlet's standard. Funnily enough it's the pork belly that's dry

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An average wet kind, the pork liver was cooked well. I really don't like the wet kind cos it's not shiok and doesn't coat the noodles well, very prone to drying out unless you consistently mix it. This one was mainly vinegary too

The soup was sweet and clean tho, with a good fishball taste

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The broth is quite unique, very peanutty but still texture isn't too thick. The vermicelli was nice

Their sambal is unique too, it's quite different from what I tot from when I had it in laksa, it's actually somewhat sticky and there isn't too much umami, more like spices. Hard to explain but it works, esp w the laksa which alr has umami in the broth

Finally got to try the char siew and it's in line w everything else, abit sweet and pleasant. However it's not too impressive, does its job here

The wantons are usually just 3 pcs? Cos I added 3 wantons and I got 6 in total. That's abit annoying for wanton noodles but I guess it's the same everywhere?

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