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I finally tried all 5 soups of the day. I rlly like this, the various veggies come tgt to make a very deep soup

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Decent portion, crispy pork is still good, char siew was very fatty today and quite delicious. The duck is alright but some parts were v tough

Standards have really dropped after the uncle is gone, this is a far cry from the very first char siew I had here, w it's glorious crust

However, this current standard is still decent, and if you're nearby it's still worth a try

Rlly quite subpar

The shaorou was very salty and quite tough, not crispy at all too. Char siew didn't have a very natural bounce, is somewhat tough as well. Noodles were alright, they don't have shuijiao the guy keeps on trying to tell me their shuijiao is smaller but that's not how it works, that's just wanton. The wantons were quite meaty. Noodle sauce was way too plain

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After one hour, it's still good, maybe abit soft that's all

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Quite crispy, and flaky at some parts as well. Very thin, and the dough itself is flavoured.

Pretty good stuff, it's close to sin Ming's version in style

The curry is slightly sour and quite decent. Sambal is very sweet

Overall a good choice if you stay nearby

The French beans were quite salty, it's entirely savoury.

Otah was soft and not particularly good

Rest were still delicious

The price is quite ridiculous. I just wanted rice tbh but they only sell at least 3bucks worth of sides.

So rice with about 120g of pork belly it's almost 5 bucks

Rice is still good tho

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Chili was very sharp

Ckn was quite tender and sauce was nicely oily. Ginger was good too

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The OGs came back for 1 day cos they needed people apparently. For once it was back at their original standard mostly, but they left soon afterwards

Each meat goes for 2bucks, including the pigskin which I'm annoyed by since it's got a lot of hair, and veg goes for 1.5?

Quite fluffy, the curry was particularly nice. Very warm and mild and yet there's enough aroma of spices. Potato was very soft and portion was exactly right too

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