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A passable sweet version. The quail eggs were delicious tho, with its soft yolk

Broth has no character except a bit of ham taste. Cabbage was ok


One of the most mindblowing things I've had.

Super fatty and melt in your mouth intestines. No stench and the braise was strong. Explosive oily umami that wasn't too greasy

Must try

Simple bean sauce based stew, very tender and a lot of meat on each of them


There's a bit of stickiness in the soup from the trotters, and there's thickness innthe broth from barley. Umami from cordyceps, and sweetness from a boatload of corn

Trotters were quite tender. Soup was incredibly addictive, I finished the entire pot myself

Must try

This place has really gone to sh8t. Used to be great but now the meat is tough and the service is terrible.

It's sad that the broth is not tomato egg. It's some mysterious animal based master soup. Quite good, and not overly salty

The omelette thing was caramelised well and had good bite. Noodles were fine, it's got bite despite looking noob

The noodles are some new technology, cos you let it rest a few hours and it becomes this soft mush like stewed noodles.

Overall decent even tho it's not quite what you expect from the name

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The chili lacks crunch, it's abit soft alr. And the dish was abit oily. But largely the flavours were right, umami and aroma

Good version, worth a try. It's a rare dish to find, esp done decently

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This is a good version. The meat was lean and the sauce was thin, a lot of places have too starchy a sauce

The egg has a lot of bite. It almost doesn't taste like egg anymore, but it's still decent. The sauce is strongly seasoned enough for some body but it's lacking the tomato taste

Overall it's good enough

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