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Egg was perfect.

Lamb chop was quite average if reasonably tender.

The double portion of coleslaw is pretty sad at night

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Very legit, exactly how we have it at home, plus MSG. I recommend this

Surprisingly well executed actually. The meat was very tender and quite generous in portion.

The fish was slightly smelly, enough said. The sauce was still good though

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Stir fried sliced pork

It's way too tough and dry

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Thin springy noodles, decent place for Wanton Mee that I will come back again. Their fried Wantons are crispy good too.

Location: POON KEE Wanton Noodle, Yuhua Market & Hawker Centre, 347 Jurong East Ave 1, #01-200, Singapore 600347

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Honestly what did you expect is gonna happen if you put their sweet meat filling in their MSG laden soup? It's damn good ofc

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Surprisingly a very decent zichar style fried rice here. Worth a try if you frequent this hawker. Salted fish particularly was pleasantly pungent

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Not sure if the hotplate gives the char but it's pretty hot, making it annoying to eat. The hot oil splatters out and you have to rest it for awhile

It's crispy at the bottom though. Otherwise this is not too bad

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PSA Lamb shoulder is forever replaced by lamb chops

Flavourful but tough. Not recommended, small portion for the price too

Furthermore the portion of coleslaw is pathetic. Glazed carrots and broccoli is glazed with water lol. There's no glazing at all

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