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Chinese/Modern Chinese

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The  Food Compendium
The Food Compendium

There's tofu at the bottom so some reviews call it century egg tofu

Reasonably mild actually, with mostly garlic and not a lot of heat. Tofu was soft and portion for all the ingredients were very generous. Century egg was of good quality with almost runny yolk

The soup doesn't have any particular flavour, it's slightly sour and spicy. Beef was decent for this price and the portion was quite big, with vermicelli and a crunchy veg, cant rmb the name

Very strongly savoury five spice marination, the intestines are fried and crispy but abit hard, doesn't have that tender texture in the centre. Smell was mostly covered up by the marination but some pieces still have that smell

Veggies were good as usual, this was quite spicy despite me asking for less spicy alr. Unnaturally so actl, I think they added the liquid fire kind of chemicals

Overall it's decent

Tender dory that's very well cooked. It's quite numbing too. Not to mention how well the fish is marinated, plus the well cooked 莴笋 inside

Their food tends to be abit salty, which is perfect with rice but drink water after.

I've seen mixed reviews for this place. It seems like the 1 stars all occured at around the same time and seems like an act of sabotage or maybe just that period somehow they food is very bland? Wtv the case, I know what I tasted and it's definitely not bland by any means. Im not gg to vouch for the authenticity, but I definitely am going to vouch for the execution

One of the best Chinese food I've had anywhere, it's exactly what you expect of Chinese stir fried dishes at these places, very well seasoned, not overly oily either, it's a must try if you're nearby

家常味, there's another flavour to choose from

Again very well done, the kidney was tender and holds its shape. The veggies were crunchy too. Again less spicy is good enough, I've seen complaints about their heat for the normal versions

Incredibly savory, reasonable tender, and the spices were absolutely on point. Less spicy is really spicy enough

After 逍遥阁 is gone, I'm so happy that another equally impressive Chinese place(maybe even better? We will see) is established, and in fact takes the same spot

Ridiculously pricey but for good reason. It's quite perfect really, strong smokiness, tender juicy meat and the crisp on the skin was textbook.

The duck itself has no sweetness at all, all the sweetness comes from the accompanying sauce

If not for the price, it's a must try.

The garlic was very well seasoned and was quite good, eggplant was tender as well


No smell which is good but is damn frigging tasteless, the spices weren't strong nor did they penetrate at all

Their ckn wing is really good. Crispy and very tender and well marinated. One of the best of any kind of style I've had(yakitori and all)

Mutton was good, but pork fell short this time. Apparently pork is normally not good, I was just lucky previously. Pork isn't as crispy as mutton today(and I heard normally as well)

Very unfortunate, now I can't in good conscience recommend the pork anymore, despite singing praises about it before

I don't like this kind of fish at all but this ver is well cooked. The dark sauce isn't too garlicky, which is great for most. There is a lot of soft garlic pieces inside tho. Good execution overall

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