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When thinking about desserts near Tanjong Pagar, @beansfactory.singapore's quality desserts come to my mind right away. Affordable and delicious, they are my go-to dessert whenever I'm around the area!

The Signature Grass Jelly ($7.90) comes with a variety of ingredients, and one of their best ingredients is their chewy dough (not sure what to call them 😂)! They were chewy and flavourful and the different coloured ones actually tasted different! I like how it isn't too sweet, even after adding in the milk and black sugar.

The Matcha Beancurd ($7.90) is another good bowl to get, and once again I loved the matcha dough! It had a good matcha fragrance. The sweet red bean was chunky and paired well with the silky beancurd.

Can't wait to be back to try their other variations!

Even though they have been listed on Michelin Guide’s Bib Gourmand for many years, the shop is surprisingly so quiet on weekday night time for dinner.

I was the only customer when arrived, only a handful of people coming in to dine in or takeaway.

Their signature chicken briyani available in small, regular or large size. Served with a piece of egg on the top.

The chicken meat is hidden inside the briyani rice, tender and flavourful. Unlike many briyani places, here they don’t serve it with curry but a bowl of yogurt instead.

I have been to @sarnies.sg consistently for a couple of years for their dinner fare and I must say that it's been consistently good all these while. One should not judge their cook just by their afternoon brunch fare, as the quality of their dinner items are just so much better.

Their Angus Beef Stew ($26) came in a big plate, with loads of braised beef cubes in a comforting savoury sauce and a huge dollop of mash. I love how tender the beef was, and it was rich with spices. Mash was creamy and buttery!

Next up, their Chicken Parmigiana ($24) is one sharing plate worth ordering. Just look at the amount of cheese on that huge chicken cutlet! It was fried to perfection while keeping the meat tender and juicy inside.

Their Grilled Seabass ($25) is decent. Although the skin wasn't crispy, the meat was still rich, fresh and sweet. Love the char on the brussel sprouts!

They have a promotion where 2 drinks gives you free truffle fries 😍 With that, good food and 1 for 1 dinner mains we got with #burpplebeyond, it's a place you have to go!

Had dinner at Shukuu Japanese Izakaya and Bar on a weekend night. The place is located along Stanley Street, an area packed with plenty of popular eateries.

The first dish I had was the Crab Gratin with Mentaiko, creatively served in a crab head. The potato was cooked perfectly—soft but not crumbling when eaten—with notable chunks of crab within, all topped with a generous amount of torched mentaiko. Another mentaiko dish that I thoroughly enjoyed was the Rosti Mentai, which featured a plentiful amount of torched mentaiko paired perfectly with shredded rosti potatoes that had crisp edges and a soft, steamy interior.

I also ordered several Kushiyaki, namely the Tontoro Black Pork Collar, Bacon with Asparagus, and my personal favorite, Tsukune Meatballs. The meatballs were superbly well glazed, and the meat was juicy and flavorful.

Last but definitely not least, for drinks, I decided to try the Sawanotsuru Aged Umeshu. It was sweet with hints of sourness and a pleasant plum aroma, and I will most certainly be getting an entire bottle to enjoy at home.

I highly recommend Shukuu Izakaya to anyone looking for a great night out with friends and family while enjoying good Japanese izakaya cuisine and drinks.

Order this Aromatic Chicken ($6.50) from this stall called Spicy Wife and understand why is it call that now.

The sambal is really spicy and the chicken is like Malay style with lots of herbs. Overall, is good but $6.50 is bit too much to handle on a daily basis

Buttery rich with a caramel flavour, enjoyed the roasted almond bits within which gave a fragrant nuttiness. [5.5/10]

Vanilla base mixed with honeycomb crumbs coated with white chocolate adding a crunch though sweetness was rather overpowering, very creamy and melted quickly. [5/10]

Didn’t exactly taste nutty nor like pistachio, we couldn’t pinpoint what it was, but it had a slightly strange grassy yet sweet earthiness that was almost artificial 🫣 [3/10]

i tried the sake of the week (dry), sapporo draft beer, nikka from the barrel, akebono umeshu white label, and kaki fry. the sake was flavourful but a bit strong for my liking so i think it will suit people with stronger tastebuds better... i should have asked for a lighter sake instead. the sapporo draft beer on the other hand, was lighter in taste and less gassy so i really liked it. the whiskey was also pretty nice but what stood out to me the most was the umeshu (and also the sake). the umeshu was sweet and smooth, making it palatable for those who are beginners in japanese alcohol. as someone who had tried alcohol in japan before, i really recommend trying the umeshu! the oysters were pretty nice too but i think their specialty is in alcohol so i think the standard of the food is still quite okay. all in all it is a really lovely environment to drink with work friends after work

It was my first time going to an Izakaya in Singapore and had a great experience there. The staff were very friendly and gave recommendations on what alcohol to get. Additionally, the ambience was great for chill drinks, especially for after work with colleagues. Love the Japanese music being played in the background while enjoying my drink with my friend!

I ordered 2 alcohol drinks; Yuzu Shochu as well as Yuzushu. The yuzu shochu was super refreshing, light alcohol content and sweet yuzu taste! As for the yuzushu, it was sweet with a stronger yuzu taste while also carrying a slightly sour taste due to the umeshu. Preferred the yuzu shochu over the yuzushu but both drinks are really refreshing and great for non heavy drinkers like myself! Also ordered Japanese breaded oysters to complement the drinks. At first they tasted like breaded fish but the fragrant oyster taste came out after savoring it longer. The sauce that went along with it was sweet too.

Overall it was a lovely experience and I would definitely go back in future.

I had some of their yakitoris to try, and they were delightful!! Satisfied with the whole experience there (: I recommended pairing the yakitoris with a sake to try. We had both sweet and dry sake, and I preferred the sweet one more.

Prices are nett here. I top up $2 for a ramen egg. The soup was quitr strong flavoured so may get jelat after awhile. It is abit too oily for me. The noodles was nice and cooked to al dente. The char siu pieces were thick and tender. It is also well marinated. The chicken was what stood out to me. I initially tot it was a plain chicken breast meat. But it was so soft and the meat was also slightly marinated. One of the best chicken breast meat i tasted. The service here is quite slow so I may come back when i feel like q-ing up.