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📍: waa cow! (nus utown) @waa_cowsg
Mentaiko Poke Bowl ($11.66) 🍚🍣🍚
Made a rare trip down to NUS and decided to seize the chance to try the highly raved waa cow there! The mentaiko poke bowl was priced reasonably and came with generous portions that were very filling too 🤩 The bowl came with generous chunks of mentaiko salmon, cherry tomatos, edamame beans, wakame seaweed and a beautiful onsen egg. 🍅🍙🍳 The salmon was also super fresh! 🤤🤤🤤 We had our food on the giant field and soaked in the sunset vibes but 10/10 recommend bringing a mat HAHA
Taste: 4/5
Stonks: 4/5
Overall: 4/5 👍👍
Waa Cow frequently runs promos for its rice bowls so do check out their tele channel to find some good deals! They are also really famous for their Wagyu Beef 🐮🥩 and Chirashi 🐙🐟🐠🦐 bowls so do give those a try especially if you're around the area :D

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THE XIAO LONG BAO IS SO JUICY OMG 🤤🤤🤤. and its so tasty!! GET IT NOWWWWWW!!!!!! the homemade pancake is rlly rlly nice too!!

Having it while dining in, it's alright the cheese isn't too strong and there's a passable lychee taste

Quite average, the flavour is barely passable but the filling was mush, no meat. That's disappointing

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for those who are unfamiliar (like myself), it's like kou rou bao with salted veg, peanuts, sugar

I'm not a fan of the flavour profile but it's pretty legit. Only problem is the bun isn't the fluffiest so the bun to filling ratio was off. It's better if you remove half the bun and eat the rest like an open face sandwich, then the execution would be v good

Solid stall tho

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Dumplings were decent but the slightly hot chili oil was pretty good, quite unexpected. This is a popular option here and for good reason


This was really nice. The ckn drumstick was tender and well marinated. Really big portion too. Only problem is that the rice can get abit dry cos there's no sauce

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It's alright, there's some wok hei and it's not too oily for sth like this. The heavy use of soy sauce makes it reminiscent of some other fried noodles dish which I can't rlly pinpoint

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Like the taste of the pearls and the tea. A little sweet for me. Has a strange sour after taste, would not buy this again

A lot has changed since the previous reviews, many of the favourites are gone

This is from kimly and it was consistent. Extremely generous portions as you can tell, ckn was abit bland but everything else on the plate was reliable, esp the rice that tends to be hard at many caifan places

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