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There's some wok hei, the sauce was unique. It's a little bit annoying how everything here is almost good, but not quite. if it were abit better i would have recommended it

This was pretty good, the seafood were fresh and the gravy was reasonably thick as well as flavourful.

A very respectable hawker version, even if it's not like sembawang white beehoon

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the layers are so pretty!!! i rmb trying the hot version last year and loved it. so i was rlly excited when it came back🍓🍵

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The heat is palpable but not too bad initially, however it keeps growing and gets almost unbearable and difficult to eat later

The pork ribs were tough

No need to try, not for this price

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This stall has a lot more side dishes now. But there's no more free side dish with purchase of pots anymore, so sad

The mutton pot was not bad, the flavours were there. Mutton could have been a tad more tender but was alr v juicy and flavourful, sauce and veggies were good as well

Not bad, worth a try if you come here often(considering the price in a school food court, plus the portion feeds only 1)

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Run by a husband-and-wife duo since before 2010, it's said that they loved drinking, and thus decided to add XO (extra old) brandy into their dishes.
The stall sells a range of zi char dishes, but most come for their fish soup... though be prepared for their gruff, no nonsense, functional service (and don't be undecided).
The broth is rich and pearl opaque, with a depth of sweet savoury salty peppery spice boozy flavour, the undercurrent of XO brandy and Shaoxing rice wine being distinct. Pairs well with the long silky smooth rice vermicelli noodles with mild grainy sweet notes.
The crisp cabbage lends vegetal sweet flavour, while the large boneless fillets of toman / snakehead fish are chunky yet tender with sweet savoury peppery spice flavour. Shiok.
Fish Soup
Holland Village XO Fish Head Bee Hoon
@ 19A Dover Crescent #01-05
More details:

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Besides the XO fish head bee hoon, there are 2 must-try dishes — prawn paste chicken [a.k.a. har cheong gai] and prawn roll [a.k.a. hae cho] which we are head over heels in love with. ❤️

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Yay! Sweater weather is back with temperature dipping to between 21 deg C and 22 deg C.

I can finally don my woolly 🧶 sweater again!

At the same moment, I am craving badly for a bowl of sliced fish bee hoon.

We decided to head to this zi char place [previously located at Holland Drive] that I remember fondly back in my younger days where my folks used to bring me to — for their flavoursome XO fish meat bee hoon.

❤️ their rich, milky fish broth with a dash of brandy and copious amounts of fish chunks and wong bok [a.k.a. Chinese cabbage] in it.

It feels absolutely wholesome and nourishing! 😋

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They don't have any more proper braised butadon despite it being the name on displayed on the menu

The mentaiko sauce was abit fishy, but overall it's fine. The eringi is not glazed anymore and so is tasteless now

Price: $6
Chicken rice served with tofu, braised eggs, and soup.
Was really filling and flavourful as expected of a chicken rice bowl.
Nothing out of the ordinary.
Grade: B+

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