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The best thing about this set is the miso soup - fragrant, spicy, wonderful! The rest is ok, nothing to scream about. Don’t order the seaweed, it’s kind of chewy. Pretty good value overall.

($13.90) I felt that their mazesoba was quite cheap excluded GST (9%) & service charge (10%). But the serving portion was average (no more or less) and at least their pepper soup was quite pretty good and spicy to complement well with mazesoba. Minced Chicken was slightly spicy taste but at least I don't feel jelak after that. Mazesoba texture was quite thick but got still having chewy and dent texture.

Oh. My. God.

This was insane. So damn thick and fragrant, I hardly believe it's just coconut.

The body is incredible and it's nothing like any other coconut drink

Must try

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It's a very good family friendly version. Flavourful cream sauce with nice aroma of green curry. Pasta was cooked well and it wasn't too jelat. The ckn is minced

Worth a try if you're here

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Miso cream was weak, the mushrooms were cold. Patty was decent tho, it's a proper medium rare(you can request)

Overall decent, quite unexpected from a school restaurant and better than many out there

Not sweet but lacks body and it's slightly bitter from the average coffee

Oh my god. Gelatinous, absolutely flavour packed lamb shank stew between slightly crispy wraps.

This stunned

Huge portion and quite well executed. Thick sauce w lamb umami, it's as good as you can expect at this price

Worth a try if you're here

Student discount -10%

Excellent as well. The sauce is the jus from slow braised beef brisket. Utterly luscious. Their pasta itself is ok as well

Must try if you're in the area

Student price -10%

Honestly one of the best I've had. Damn

The cream sauce was full of umami and not jelak. The mushrooms were high quality too, probably porcini cos they were so meaty

Must try, I can't believe this is in NUS

Not very good, the meat is very lean and not charred at all