All About Mian 面

All About Mian 面

Udon / Ramen / Pasta / Ban Mian

($7.80) I tried their ban mian (soup version) at kovan outlet previously. But I didn't tried you mian b4 so I order something different from usual one. So they give a lot of ingredients such as spinach lol. But the soup broth was slightly a bit salty and also the noodle texture was dent and soft.

(Shio) ($14.90+) I felt that it was quite comforting broth tbh but then their noodle was quite dent, thick and unique texture from what I usually eat from ramen stall. So I did squeeze some lemon inside broth but it's kinda weird to do that tbh. The cha shu was quite not that thick, average size but it's quite chewy and not that hard texture.

($13.90) I felt that their mazesoba was quite cheap excluded GST (9%) & service charge (10%). But the serving portion was average (no more or less) and at least their pepper soup was quite pretty good and spicy to complement well with mazesoba. Minced Chicken was slightly spicy taste but at least I don't feel jelak after that. Mazesoba texture was quite thick but got still having chewy and dent texture.

($5.30) I wanted to try burger at there but then I eat too much food on previous day. I just settled lunch on something comfort and light for me. Ban Mian was really quite chewy and not that hard. The soup really got flavour broth but the minced meat was chewy and got strong meat taste. But their egg was just broken off while they cook portable stove on hot temp :")

($4) It taste like japan clear and refreshing broth soup and also their dumpling skin was a bit of thickness tbh. My friend and I waited our food at least for 45 mins as only one person do payment and also making food at same time.

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(Dry - $4.80) hmmm it's not that sweet sauce but then mee hoon kuek stick tgt after serving lol :") Pork still got crunchy and chewy texture btw.

(Small - RM10) wanted to eat dim sum but too much ppl wait at downside (hotel lobby level). So in the end, we just walk along the path near ksl bc we wanted to grab quick bites for breakfast ah. We ordered small size for noodle. But I order soup whereas my sister order dry. I felt tat soup was quite old fashioned but then it was slightly salty. I already done the post for jb food but I left a couple of food post bc no receipt ah.

($5.50) (10% discount - $4.95 by using food dynasty) so its overall ok but the items was quite small in serving size according to my colleague observation lol. But the noodle was quite dent and chewy thru. The wanton got too much fat inside but the dumpling was quite too small.

(L Size - $5.50) I got L size lol bc I felt hungry ~ I felt that kolo mee don't much sauce :") probably I didn't add chili inside the noodle. But I felt noodle was quite a lot but not for ingredients :")

Signs A Taste of Vietnam Pho

Sliced Pork + Balls Pho ($12)

I decided to try this vietnam shop near somerest mrt since food bloggers post about this shop. But their pho soup base was quite strong taste tbh and also their ingredients was quite a lot as I order pork combination to try it out:")

Pork w Prawn (2 Rolls) ($7)

I kinda regretted how hard it was for carrot tbh but mint leaves was not that strong compared to the past when I try it another vietnam shop.

($5.30) using their membership card (10%) btw but then their you mee was slightly a bit hard to chew. good thing that their egg was soft boil and floating on top of the soup.

($11.90) I literally returned back for their signature dry noodle after 2 years ago? but then I felt that hakka sauce was not much and slightly oily tbh. I felt that noodles texture was quite nice and also dent enough.


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