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A hidden vegetarian restaurant located just a short walk from Lakeside MRT Station, a very calm space as you enter and greet by the calm music.

Serving mostly Asian style of vegetarian food and they also have special items for every different days.

The nyonya rice only available on every Friday. Comes in a decorated presentation with naturally coloured rice in blue. Accompanied with hash brown, cracker, soup, cherry and cucumber. I would say it is a comfortable meal to go with.

Every meal here also served with a plain water and fruit.


This wasn't anywhere near as good as it was, it's not as ridiculously tender and juicy, probably not sous vide-d before anymore

It's still decent skewers, good flavour and esp because the exterior has a noticeable crunch

Intentionally provided this lousy literal translation cos their naming is absolutely meaningless, and very misleading(there's no beef at all)

The difference between this and the 4 in 1 toppings is the meat filling in the mo. The three meats are cubed meat(that's sour), meat sauce, and the meat filling. The sour meat is not up my alley, overall it's slurpy and decent but not particularly flavourful, you can't taste the individual elements either

Great meal at One Prawn Co. The price was reasonable considering how fresh the seafood was and they were well prepared. The staff were very friendly. However, I do wish that the place was less dim. Other than that all great!

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The ngoh Hiang platter was great because they let you try a bit of everything without having to fuss over what to order. The prawns were really juicy and fresh and I enjoyed myself very much.

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We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. The seafood was fresh and the texture was great. Would recommend!

worst jasmine milk tea i’ve tried… tasted like milk powder water, taste of tea was faint and barely existent. even itea / liho’s green milk tea tastes better. pearls tasted overcooked.

Ordered the prawn with shabu shabu pork slices and the soup was really rich and flavorful. Be sure to order the ngoh hiang platter to get to try the variety of ngoh hiang they have! A bit on the pricer side but the quality makes it worth!

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tasted similar to soon kueh with pepperish taste but filled with enoki mushrooms instead. would prefer if skin was slightly thinner but a yummy dumpling i’ll reorder!

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still one of the best mala xiang guo out there - always consistent, with a perfect balance of spice (辣) and numbing sensation (麻). (plus you won’t even realise it’s vegetarian) i also love how they have a wide variety of ingredients for you to pick from, from fresh vegetables to mock meats and a variety of mushrooms.

@greenonearthsg’s mlxg rendition is seriously one of our favourite. perfect to curb that mala craving when it hits. 🙌🏻 my usual mala ingredient includes: broccoli, instant noodles, lotus root, mushrooms & beancurd skin!

One of the more popular Chinese restaurants around the area, long snaking lines were quickly formed and after tasting the food, I can really see why.

All food dishes were really tasty and I would think their main selling point is the homely flavours. The savouriness of all dishes were very balanced and no flavours were too strong. You can tell all ingredients were really fresh!

Everyone's favourite was the Stir Fried Potato, Eggplant and peppers ($8), as the sauce had so much garlic and the ingredients were cooked so well. Best with rice!

The Sweet and Sour Pork ($14) was also very tasty, with a crispy batter and soft tender meat within. The sauce was very balanced. They gave quite a few pieces for the price paid too!

Lovely dishes! Will be back soon. Totally recommend for bigger groups to try more dishes. Do reserve in advance first though!

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