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All 1+ per skewer for these 4 types, these few also have minimum order of 5 skewers each

Special beef had pickled chili, unfortunately it's not marinated w the chili so it's abit bland on its own, yet the chili is very spicy so it's not a good idea to eat them tgt as well

That and the normal beef were both decent, a little bit chewy but passable

Mutton was decent too, but some parts can be quite fatty

All of them werent too crispy except the pork, which was fantastically executed. Very umami, very juicy and very crispy, it's almost perfection

The pork is a must try, the rest aren't bad

Portion is pretty big, good for 3-4 to share. This is by far the most homely version I've had, it's very well executed and not heavy on seasoning.

Highly recommended if you miss a home cooked version


The service is fantastic. They even peel the prawns for you.

Dropped by the newest concept @toktokbeefsoup that is brought to you by Chef Terence of @southunionpark, @elevenstrands and @therestaurantmia!

Bowls of comforting Beef Soup that you can pair with either noodles or rice of choice. My pick is to go with Kway Tiao or Ban Mian!

Opening promotion: get a free side of truffle sweet potato fries with any purchase of a bowl of beef soup! For one month only!

We also gotten the smoked pork ($9) as well which had a distinct smoky taste (alittle like Bak Kwa). Chilli was a little strange with the pork tho.

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It was quite thick and flavourful! Love how the prawns were fresh and deshell super cleanly. We also gotten the smoked pork ($9) which had a distinct smoky taste (alittle like Bak Kwa). Chilli was a little strange with the pork tho.

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This smoked pork slices dish was pretty addictive and the chilli dip brought the dish up a notch!