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The piping hot hokkien mee was simmered really well together with the fresh seafood, paired with the chilli which gave the perfect shiokness.

honestly i enjoyed both despite the reviews! the crust of both were rlly buttery. just that i wished the butter was inside the bolo bun😂

This unique dish was fantastic, so delicious.
Features large boneless fillets of barramundi fish, coated in the house shrimp paste, then deep-fried. It's crispy outside and tender flaky inside, with a gentle savoury sweet flavour.
Plated with crisp shallots and juicy pomelo chunks, which lend vegetal fruity sweet sour flavour.
The dish is generously served with a bright gravy, infused with pomelo and mango juice and red chili, lending a sharp fruity sweet sour spice kick. Among our favourite dishes here.
Zing By Xi Yan
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La Mian with Shredded Pork and Preserved Mustard in Signature Pork Bone Soup

Great ambience, lovely staff. Went there 2 weeks ago, the bee hoon was very flavorful, some of the best I've ever had. Also ordered the buddha jump over the wall and ginger duck while I was there. Ingrediants used were of high quality and they were very generous with the portions. 10/10 experoence.

A sophisticated restaurant serving Fujian/Min cuisine, situated on a street known for its variety of Chinese restaurants. Had a lovely meal with the family on a Friday night.

The standout dishes for us were the popiah, crab glutinous rice and fujian-style noodles. The popiah comes with a generous selection of ingredients which you can then self-roll in a silky wrap, which was a lot of fun! The mud crab was especially fresh and paired deliciously with the homemade glutinous rice. The noodles was lavished with "wokhey" and was well-fried.

Overall, a restaurant that offers a cuisine different from the usual Singaporean Chinese fare we have and is perfect for a family meal.

veg and prawn filling. tasted v fresh! but i found the skin too sticky and thick

not that great honestly there’s barely any meat :( it’s mostly bones

Overall the food is good, especially the service ! 10/10 and they were super responsive to our needs ! Check them out !