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Top up $1 for rice. The soup was quite pricey and all fish soup is even more expensive than the seafood soup. The prawns were fresh but you have to peel it. The soup was full of umami and really nice. There were also meatballs in the soup. The meatball had like a wokhey smell. Overall, the soup was really nice but expensive. May be can try at the hawker centre instead?

watercress pork rib ($12+)! i always have it with pumpkin rice ($2) which is so hard to find nowadays

I will definitely be there to try the other food!! The roasted charsiew and scrambled egg was one of the best dishes! Meat was tender and cut thickly with the creamy scrambled egg and the pork chop exceeded expectation because the meat is not tough and tender!!

Union Farm initially started off as a chicken farm in Toh Guan Road and began serving their signature paper-wrapped chicken in the 1960s. It eventually gave up chicken farming and concentrated on their fledging f&b business in the 1970s.

Owing to its ulu location, I never got to try their food at their kampung style eating house before it closed in 2017 after their landlord took back the land. They have since opened a hawker stall in Jurong which focuses on their signature paper-wrapped chicken.

Each piece of chicken is marinated for several days with their family recipe, painstakingly hand-wrapped and before they are deep-fried. The end result is a tender, juicy and subtly sweet piece of chicken leg lying in a pool of its sweet aromatic juices.

Despite the subtle flavours, I really enjoyed the chee pow kai. Yes, it's rather expensive because each bite size chunk of chicken leg causes nearly $3. It is also rather tedious because they only take advance (and limited) orders for their chicken and it is still rather out of the way in Jurong. That said, you can only imagine the effort taken to hand wrap each piece of chicken to seal the juices in without using a staple.

Chee pow kai is a dish you don't usually find readily available in Singapore these days so do show them some love and make an advance order if you plan to be in Jurong.

PSA When I spoke to the owner in April, he told me that he was closing the stall in early May due to health. He shared that he was going to take at least a month off to recover from surgery and is not sure if he's going to continue with the business. However, his landlord was going to keep the stall available for him. I have not heard anything since so do check if they are still in business before heading down and remember, advance orders are required!

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I added tau pok ($1) and cabbage ($1.50). They used pearl rice. The portion was also big and value for money. The lu rou was fragrant and not too salty. I would recommend to try this! The price is also very affordable.

My 3rd or 4th time here and the roasted meat doesn’t disappoint as always! Now they have CHARCOAL roasted duck which is well done soft and tender with crisp skin newly paired with sweet chinese plum sauce that you find at high end chinese restaurant ✨ but here at a more affordable price!

new item is their White surf clams in Tonkatsu Broth Bee Hoon enough for 2 pax($14.40) which is super worth it! A mountain worth of Lalas with a close resemblance to our local white seafood bee hoon style 💯

Must order their signature mix platter (300g)($35) as their cracking roasted meat and sweet char siew is a must get‼️

Wah damn good. But maybe it's just freshly fried.

It's a signature but it's underwhelming. The dryness of the noodles was difficult for the supposed star sauce to shine. Also, it only tasted spicy, and if that's the sauce, then sorry no.

Very wet and good amount of crabmeat. Plus it has the ee-fu flavour I love.

I have passed by this stall in Amoy Street Food Centre many times and finally got around to trying it recently. The Teochew Chilli Dry Beef Kway Teow ($6 for small) is delicious - the thinly sliced beef is soft and tender, and a generous portion of kway teow noodles is tossed in a spicy and tangy sauce. The salted vegetables and crushed peanuts add an extra oomph to the noodles. The beef soup that is served on the side is sweet and flavourful. Would love to try the medium version that comes with sliced beef, beef shank and beef balls next time!