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Apologies for the photo

Bun was crunchy and airy but way too difficult to bite through.

Thin condensed milk layer was nice cos it's not too sweet

We ordered, went toilet, and by the time we are back it's a soggy mess. They said it's super crispy when it just comes out of the kitchen. Lol.

The eggy taste is on point, and their honey is very good, thick and tastes like caramel.

6 pieces. Skin was bad as before

There's a bit of crab roe taste not gonna lie but not nearly enough to impress, nor was the filling otherwise noteworthy.

It's okay-ish but their other stuff are better, like noodles and duck and original shengjianbao

Had tried the one at parkland hence decided to try the one here. Food & quality is about the same with some additional items. However for this outlet, there is no free flow drinks option which kind of suck.

Not bad at all

Pork was pretty generous and tender as well. Not too spicy. They have soy sauce base plus oil which was very flavourful when you mix everything together.

Do remove some of the oil or ask for less oil, else it's too much

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Prawn and original

Skin was too thick as usual, original filling was juicy and umami like last time. Prawn was abit fishy though, plus it's one prawn with less than half the meat filling so not recommended

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Skewers aren't great for your health nor your wallet but they sure are tasty! Had this popular 肉串 chain at 📍 beauty world, and was thoroughly satisfied by the salty, juicy meats. I particularly liked the pork on the thick red twigs (?) And the mushrooms!

Not a bad place to satisfy your cravings but slightly pricier than most skewer eateries!

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Egg was perfect.

Lamb chop was quite average if reasonably tender.

The double portion of coleslaw is pretty sad at night

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Pork was tender and well seasoned w the sweet and savoury soy sauce glaze. Easy to love dish

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Doesn't have much taste and is uniformly soft. For old people to enjoy I guess

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Not as good as their original. I didn't like the fermented rice taste, the mushroom was dry too. Furthermore they removed the original version

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Delicious, it's melt in your mouth basically. I tot my mum's was tender but this is another level. Worth a try even without promotion

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