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From Ji De Chi Dessert
Sweet delight near the bus terminal & train station!
1. Hot Yin-Yang Paste: A masterful blend of black sesame and white almond, rich and nutty, with a velvety texture that warmed our hearts.
2. Cold Strawberry Snowy Ice: A refreshing symphony of flavors and textures! Thinly shaved strawberry ice atop a delightful assembly of nata de coco, white mochi balls, honeydew cubes, and soft jelly cubes.
A sweet and tangy party in our mouths!

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Well, if I have to choose, I’ll pick this simple old-school butter 🧈 cake [using my favourite — SCS butter! 🤩] over any fanciful cakes at any point in time.

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Ordered BP2 and BP3 - bowls were really good! Yakitori was a little salty tho … also, BP3 may not be the best pairing with the Yakitori since it’s the same meat and roughly the same sauce 😅

McDonald’s had surely gotten our attention with the release of their latest limited time-only flavour of their soft-serve — folks whom have followed us for quite a while would have probably known how much we are a fan of the seasonal Purple Sweet Potato Waffle Cone that had made its appearance on the menu of McDonalds’ Singapore outlets at least twice in the past couple of years; probably one of our favourite limited time-only soft-serve releases of all time from the Golden Arches. It seems that McDonald’s had decided to bring the Purple Sweet Potato soft-serve back yet again after quite a hiatus, though its return this time round sees it coming in a slightly different format. While the previous runs of the Purple Sweet Potato Waffle Cone saw the soft-serve coming in a black waffle cone that is different from the cones that they serve with their standard Vanilla Cone, its current rendition does see it come with that same exact cone that accompanies their Vanilla Cone. With that said, the current run of the Purple Sweet Potato Cone has also seen a decrease of its pricing at $1.20 per cone instead of the $2.20 that it used to command when it came with the black waffle cone.

It may not be outrightly obvious to those whom are exposed to the Purple Sweet Potato Cone for the very first time, but those whom have had it in the previous runs with the black colour waffle cone might be able to tell the difference in the shade of purple that the current iteration of the Purple Sweet Potato Cone as compared to what had been previously served in the past — the current version comes in a lighter shade. As we went straight for the soft-serve, we could definitely feel that there was a difference in the overall quality in its current rendition as well — while the sweetness of the sweet potato is indeed the first thing that pulls through here, there was kinda a lack of depth in flavours when compared to the previous versions where the earthiness that made the flavour so notable seemed to have been lost. The finishing notes of the current iteration felt creamier and milky — similar to the Vanilla Cone with the flavours of the purple sweet potato dying out over time. We did recall a denser texture with soft-serve in the previous iteration of the Purple Sweet Potato Waffle Cone, but this one did feel a little lighter and airier; also closer to that of the Vanilla Cone. Overall, the current iteration of the Purple Sweet Potato Cone seem to have gone through some tweaks that made it feel it has lost the magic of what it was previously (which also felt more like a premium product) — really hope that they could look into recreating the Purple Sweet Potato soft-serve into what it used to be if they decide to bring this flavour back again some time in the future!

Indulge beyond Mazesoba at Keitaku Mazesoba with their equally divine ramen!

Grab a friend and savour the All Toppings Spicy Tonkotsu Ramen or the classic Charsiew Tonkotsu Ramen with Burpple Beyond's new 1-for-1: Ramen deal!

Had this Lao San Prawn Noodle ($4.90) and I would say it is not bad.

However, downside is the waiting time is long and their cooking time is quite slow.

Be prepared to wait for good food

Seaweed was not crispy anymore and waitress insisted that it was normal.

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Found this gelato shop when I’m at Bukit Panjang, and they actually open early in the morning over the weekends.

Bacio is actually mix of chocolate with chopped hazelnuts. So you get that this cteamy kind of nutty taste here.

The onigiri was served hot. The scallop was probably made of those flour but still quite gd. There is also egg and luncheon meat inside. The mentaiko sauce wasn't too jelat. I would buy this again.

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Ordered the chicken katsu curry rice ($5.90). Chicken was cook to order and portion was generous. Unfortunately, curry and miso soup was watery.

For a neighbour area and cheap price. I would say it is pretty good

This Hainanese Happiness Set (U.P. $68, 10% off in Dec) comprises:
☃️ Midnight Goma Snowman Brownie Delight: lokks so cute right! As a black sesame fan, this is my favourite! 🖤
☕️ Hainanese Coffee Dream: perfect for coffee lovers, savour the richness of Hainan Kopi Gao in the cream! 🤤
🥥 Hainanese-inspired Yibua Blissful Brownie: love the chewy mochi inside 🤍! topped with gula melaka grated coconut.
🪵 Pandan Kaya Swiss Roll Log Cake: mindblowingly good! Featuring @thehainanstory's fluffy roll cake with aromatic pandan kaya filling 💚, combined with @whiskdom's brownie bits, topped with pistachios & dried cranberries, this was such a treat! 😋