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Burpple Guides, Pizza Best Places for Pizza in Singapore 2017 A staple in Italian cuisine and one of our favourite foods of all time, pizza is a guaranteed party pleaser that'll be a hit among young and old. With ideas for an indulgent truffle pizza to share on date night, a XXL pie that'll feed ravenous tummies and DIY pizzas that'll have picky eaters swooning, this guide is your updated black book for pizza cravings.

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Top 10 places for Pizza

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Durian King Pizza

This pizza is more towards sweeter note, with a little saltiness on the chewy charcoal dough. It tastes more like a durian bun, in my opinion. The slice I had, has lesser durian fillings on top as you can see the charcoal dough in the middle of the pizza. Overall, is nice (S$5.90)!

Most favourite spaghetti in sg.

Linguine Al Cartoccio (crayfish, scallops, clams, squid and prawns linguine wrapped in parchment paper) $29. But if I'm not wrong they've 1 for 1 during lunch!

See reviews already we must try also..

And it is really nice, the dough is so chewy goes well together with durian paste topping. Still cannot figure out how cheese and durian can goes well together, but they are perfect together on this pizza. #durian #pizza #pezzopizza #sgfood #burpple #igsg

The Bomb & Lady Hyde

"Lady Hyde killed the hype". What sounds more amazing than a classic Hawaiian pizza with pork floss and bak kwa? But what sounds good doesn't necessarily taste good. How can anybody even destroy a good old Hawaiian pizza in such a way? Nuff said.

Hyde Chili Crab Pasta

Ordered this dish @ $22.90. Expected it to be pretty good after reading through several reviews here and also this dish was stated to be one of the top 10 fusion dishes by Seth Lui. However, not only was the portion super small (for the price), after a few mouths, it became overwhelmingly spicy as well.

Salumi Crostini $15.

Crispy bread with buffalo ricotta, crispy salumi and drizzle with balsamic vinegar.
It is crispy, sweet, creamy, with subtle acidity just make a perfect entree.
Full review is up on or kust follow the link on my profile page.
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