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Recommended lists of Pizza in Singapore
Pizza, Burpple Guides Best Places for Pizza in Singapore 2017 A staple in Italian cuisine and one of our favourite foods of all time, pizza is a guaranteed party pleaser that'll be a hit among young and old. With ideas for an indulgent truffle pizza to share on date night, a XXL pie that'll feed ravenous tummies and DIY pizzas that'll have picky eaters swooning, this guide is your updated black book for pizza cravings.

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Top 10 places for Pizza

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Came here after my friend mentioned that it is having a promotion of $11.90++. Had to wait awhile for the beef bowl to be prepared, then buzzed and head to counter to see them set our beef bowls on fire.

Actually xiao disappointed that the flame was very very very momentarily. However, the beef bowl was topped w much sliced beef, which Is then, quite worth it for the price.

Taste wise, was expecting the beef to be more flavourful (cause kena torched mah, thought will have more taste) but it wasn’t really.. just tasted more of the alcohol that was poured to set the beef bowl on fire. The sauce on the side was flavourful enough to spice things up a lil. Overall, okay, will come again if its $11.90, but will not be willing to pay for its at $23.90.

$7.90 only!
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Fruity Pebbles, Rainbow Marshmallow, Rainbow Popsicle and Strawberry Pocky Sticks.

A sugar overloaded 'Picture-Worthy' bingsu.
Anyone with a sweet tooth? This is too sweet for my liking.

Priced at $11.90

This was a hosted eat-up courtesy of @burpple and @pizzamaru

Unagi Don (S$12.80)
Grilled unagi, teriyaki glaze, 63-degree onsen egg 🥚, garlic fried Japanese rice
Available on Tuesday lunchtime at @DonPlayPlaySg in @NUS_Singapore
Thought I would have not much appetite due to flu 😷, but the garlic fried rice was so yummy 😋 that I finished it easily.
Don Play Play
Website 🌐 :

Mango Puree, Vanilla Ice Cream, Dried Orange and Corn Flakes sitting in Milk Shaved Ice.

A light and refreshing bingsu. The shaved ice is not as fine as others but still acceptable. Not the best bingsu but it helps to cleanse your palate after all the 'heavy' food.

Priced at $11.90

This was a hosted eat-up courtesy of @burpple and @pizzamaru

This pizza 🍕 is made with patented green tea wellbeing pizza dough, fermented for over 48 hours with chlorella alongside a variety of natural grains such as flaxseed and barley. Filled with generous chunks of nectarous mangoes accompanied with shrimps, scallops on the freshly baked crispy bread base. The fruity seafood combination is perfectly matched by fiery hot spicy buldak, luscious spread of Mozarella Cheese 🧀 and Pilaf sauce.

Featuring here is the upgraded Gold Edge Crust with a combination of sweet potato 🍠 mousse and 2 types of cheese 🧀🧀 to form the perfect K-style trio. I loved this! Something different with a sweet and chewy texture that compliments well with the fruits, seafood and spicy sauce.

The add-on special edge crust option is applicable to premium and classic pizza. The options are Gold Edge (sweet potato mousse with 2 types of cheese), Bite (sweet potato mousse with string cheese in bite sizes) and Double The Cheese (best for cheese lovers).

Priced at $19.80 (Regular 9") / $23.80 (Large 12")
Add-on Crust +$3.20 (Regular 9") / +$5.50 (Large 12")

This was a hosted eat-up courtesy of @burpple and @pizzamaru

I usually love my matcha latte to be strong and thick but I'll give in to this light latte as it complements well with the heavy pizza and fried chicken. It wouldn't be good to be feeling full from a beverage. I liked how it comes with mochi balls 🍡 (toppoki for some other lattes) for the added chew.

Pried at $6.90

Other latte flavours includes Raspberry Choco Latte, Sweet Potato Latte, Red Velvet Latte and Taro Latte.

This was a hosted eat-up courtesy of @burpple and @pizzamaru

All things Choco, Oreo Powder, Choco Corn Flakes, Choco Rasp and Choco Ice Cream

The taste is something predictable with all things chocolate. The main flavour comes from Oreo powder which tends to get a little dry.

Priced at $9.90

This was a hosted eat-up courtesy of @burpple and @pizzamaru

Traditional meets the future - A deconstructed rendition of the classic bibimbap, now in the form of a “tower”. 

It is made up of chicken spam, fried kimchi, bell pepper, onion, cabbage, mushroom 🍄, egg 🥚, seaweed, potato 🥔 crisp, siracha sauce and parmesan cheese 🧀 Not a fan of bibimbap but this was flavourful. My favourite ingredient here would be the kimchi which reminds me of the kimchi fried rice I had in Korea.

Priced at $12.80

This was a hosted eat-up courtesy of @burpple and @pizzamaru

The chickens 🍗 are timely cooked at 11mins to provide a consistent succulent tender, juicy and tasty flesh under the crispy skin.

Supa Hot Dak Gangjeong comes with 2 levels of spiciness 🌶️🌶️ with extra chili at the side for people who wants the extra spice.

Onion Tartar is made with tangy tartar sauce and piquant onion slices. Bite it with the onions to get that all in one (crunchy, crispy, juicy & tangy) flavour and texture.

Priced at $16.80 (6 Pieces) / $29.80 (12 Pieces)

This was a hosted eat-up courtesy of @burpple and @pizzamaru

Prepared with fibre-rich and antioxidant packed Black Rice Dough, this pizza 🍕 is studded with almond flakes and icing sugar sprinkles. The chewy and fluffy crust of the pizza 🍕 boasts delectable chicken 🍗 leg bits, potatoes 🥔 cubes alongside roasted onions, tomato 🍅 and mushrooms 🍄 It comes with 600g worth of cheese, namely creamy double mozzarella cheese 🧀, string cheese 🧀 and cream cheese 🧀 mousse blending delicately with honey and BBQ sauce.

Warning ⚠️: 🧀🧀🧀 Overloaded!

Imagine 600g of cheese 🧀 hidden within the crust 😲 The cheese-filled crust is enough to keep you full so it's best to share this in a group and save more space for others. I'd prefer it to have more toppings and lesser cheese. Maybe this is perfect for hardcore cheese lovers 🤔

Priced at $26.80 (Regular 9")

This was a hosted eat-up courtesy of @burpple and @pizzamaru

Cheesy, sweet and savoury crispy chicken 🍗 served piping hot. My favourite flavour among the ones I've tasted.

Priced at $16.80 (6 Pieces) / $29.80 (12 Pieces)

This was a hosted eat-up courtesy of @burpple and @pizzamaru