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We eat our way across the island for the ultimate party pleaser: pizza! Get a slice of this, from...
A staple in Italian cuisine and one of our favourite foods of all time, pizza is a guaranteed par...

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Don’t knock @picolino.sg Gnocchi in Bacon Cream ($22++) till you try it. It’s a simple yet decadent pasta dish that you can get a sweet 1-for-1 deal on thanks to #burpplebeyond. That’s right, two plates of great gnocchi for under twenty bucks apiece!⠀

These little Italian potato dumplings are cooked just right, as they are not gummy like overcooked ones tend to be, and they are soft with a pleasant chewiness. Of course, the sauce is what elevates these simple little potato balls, and oh boy did the bacon cream elevate this dish to Flavortown. It was rich, creamy and superbly salted, possessing the right amount of thickness to coat the back of a spoon, as well as the entirety of each gnocchi. The bacon bits were nicely crisped up, but there really needed to be more bacon in there to make an obvious impact on the dish. According to the menu description, there was supposed to be sun-dried tomatoes in there, but that was missing.⠀

Still, the luscious bacon cream, plus the gnocchis themselves, were more than enough to make the gnocchi worth a try with Burpple Beyond. Thanks for having us, @picolino.sg & @burpple!

$8, served with spaghetti aglio olio, potato wedges drizzled with homemade kaffir lime aioli, stir-fried broccoli, and achar

this was slightly underwhelming. pizza dough and crust were good but the flavours were not matching up.

Tagliatelle pasta, Marsala wine and Parmesan emulsion, Wagyu beef, shaved black truffle

pasta portion could be more, beef cubes were really tender and i enjoyed the cream sauce!

an assortment of seafood and veggies served w a lemon mayo dip. seafood include prawns, squid, whitebait and soft shell crab

It was a little hard to find the restaurant but it was worth it! The oysters were fresh, the steak was tender and juicy! The SALMON STEAK was the star of the show! I thought the grilled bananas and pineapples were unique and addictive! The service was good as well. Can't wait to be back again hehe

🍕 La Mattina Dopo (The Morning After Pizza): their signature pizzas are always perfect for sharing! This features tomato sauce 🍅, mozzarella, bacon 🥓 & mushrooms, with a soft egg 🍳 set in the centre!

🥑 Smashed Avocado Tartine with 63° Eggs ($20++): generously slathered on the garlic sourdough toast 🍞 is beetroot tzatziki 💗, smashed avocado, sun dried tomatoes & feta cheese! Topped with shaved Grana Padano 🧀 & served with mesclun salad 🥗 on the side, this boasts of earthy flavours.

As I made my way to the restaurant, I couldn't help but have some doubts. However, those doubts quickly vanished when I stepped inside! The restaurant's distant ambiance offered a wonderful escape from my everyday life, allowing me to fully savour the food. The cuisine was outstanding, perfectly complementing the ambiance. The dish that truly stood out was the blue cheese pizza! The subtle hint of truffle and the creamy sharpness of the blue cheese elevated the pizza, erasing any lingering greasiness on my palate. I wholeheartedly recommend it!

Located along the riverside of the idyllic Sungei Serangoon, Whisk & Paddle is one of our favourite spot for a nice relaxed afternoon.

The only problem is that we ain't the only ones as there is often a long wait for a table and an even longer wait for food 😭😭😭. It used to get unbearably hot in the al fresco areaa during the afternoon but thank goodness they have extended the air conditioning to most parts of the cafe.

One of favourite dishes here is the crabmeat linguine which features al dente linguine with a generous portion of crabmeat in a spicy tomato sauce topped with Italian parsley. We love the combination of the sweet yet slightly briny crabmeat with the tangy tomato sauce. The only problem is that you might end up reaching for the iced water if you bite on a chilli padi or two!


Chef-Owner Antonio Miscellaneo, from source ingredients, composition of the dishes in traditional Italian recipes.
 New dished that I tried are :
* Calamaretti Alla Griglia
* Mortadella Newpolitan and Broccolini Pizza
* Sfogliatella Riccia E Gelato Al Parmigiano Reggiano 24 Mesi
* Seadas
* Bombolini.

My favourite is La Focaccia di Recco Classica. It’s looks simple but taste really good. Thin crispy filled with gooey cheese. Make u keep coming back for the next pieces.
Also recommend to order The Pluma alla Griglia and Caciucco e fregola.

For the dessert I like most is the Sfogliatella Riccia E Gelato Al Parmigiano Reggiano 24 Mesi.
Sweet savoury combine together, with different texture.

📍 La Bottega Enoteca
346 Joo Chiat Road.
Singapore 427596

The most memorable surprise at @picolino.sg was just how divine all their duck dishes were. Their Duck Leg Risoni ($30++) features a whole confit duck leg perched on a mound of red wine risoni pasta. It’s a truly unique offering, and despite its shortcomings, it’s still worth at least a try.⠀

As mentioned before, the dick confit was divine, the meat was tremendously tender and the duck retained all of its juices, making every moist morsel incredibly enjoyable. The fowl was sufficiently salty, and the skin sported a dark sear on it, adding a nice charred aroma to the duck. Perhaps most impressive of all was how well Picolino managed to render out a large quantity of the duck fat from under the skin while still maintaining meat moisture.⠀

The red wine risoni on the other hand, was promising but didn’t quite live up to expectations. The flavour of the red wine sauce suggested that the red wine hadn’t been properly cooked off, as the boozy bitterness permeated the whole pasta dish instead of the fruity sweetness expected from a properly cooked red wine reduction. The risoni itself was decent, cooked slightly past al dente for a softer chew and drizzled with balsamic vinegar for a little acidity to the dish.⠀

If you find yourself at Picolino, don’t duck, embrace the fowl and enjoy its meaty marvels. Sweeten your meal even more by getting this two of this delish duck dish for the price of one, thanks to #burpplebeyond! Thank you for hosting us @picolino.sg, and thanks for the invite @burpple!

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