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hmmm I found that its too sweet taste for me even thought I did saw ppl bought for breakfast 🍭. Too much white chocolate sauce dipped on the pretzel. But they mixed pretzel with cookies powder 🤍🖤

not too bad for sweet & sour sauce for bread but good taste for my mum's choice

Under gozen set meal, dessert (ice cream) can be extra change (80 cents) such as yuzu, chocolate and vanilla 😅

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Loin Katsu (Pork) Gozen (L Size) ($25.50) (150g)

I didn't expected that their L Size could be shared with people for 3 Pax. But the outer skin's breadcrumbs on their Loin Katsu were quite crunchy and crispy when you bite on first tries. It usually makes people want more & more if their breadcrumbs on the outer skin are up to the standard. Their Loin Katsu (4/5) were quite not hard and chewy texture(just nice) include their fat attached on the Loin (I seldom saw that) but they overcooked the meat, then it turned hard and hard to chew.

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Radish ponzu dipping was waterish and moist (4.5/5) include yuzu sauce with radish shave but good for dipping fried food as it is sour and you don't feel oily aftertaste.

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It depends on the gozen set meal if you order special menu, they provide 3 different types of sauces like tartar sauce, radish ponzu dipping and tonkatsu sauce by default. Order normal menu, only radish ponzu dipping and tonkatsu sauce.

tonkatsu sauce mixed with black & White sesame (4.5/5) was quite thick and smooth texture with sour plum sauce but but good for dipping fried food as it is sour and you don't feel oily aftertaste.

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Twin Special Gozen ($50) overall: 4.5/5

- Pork Loin Katsu (M Size) (4/5)

Like the set that we ordered above and in the end my parent didn't eat much, and I was the one who managed to eat finish (by right I cannot eat too much oily food but occasionally to breakthrough the diet).

- Fried Shrimp x2 (3.5/5)

Hmmm the breadcrumbs were quite too much, and the prawn was quite thin in size but was fresh and crunchy.

- Crab Cream Croquette x2 (4/5)

It's good and crispy to the exten, but the cream was quite smooth and thick but good thing that they made the size in mini.

- Cheese Tenderloin ×1 (4/5)

My parents really like this, and my dad especially liked to eat cheese with pork even though his stomach didn't like dairy products too much. I didn’t get to try this. :")

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All the gozen set meal included Japanese rice, miso soup, sliced cabbage, chawanmushi (steamed egg) included corn, chicken, egg and etc, pickles x2 and dessert (ice cream - green tea by default, the rest of flavour such as yuzu, chocolate and vanilla extra change 80 cents)*

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Really nice and “sweet”. Refreshing presentation that let you enjoy the feeling of spring in Japan!


Toufu is silky smooth and it is tasty . the galbi is tender and grilled nicely

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Finally, realising my elegant dream of becoming a "Tai Tai" having high tea at some fancy hotel.🤭
Here with my friends enjoying the Sakura theme high tea from @conradsingapore which is available till 2nd May 2022.🥂
It was a beautiful experience with their great prompt service. Cheerful and friendly staff. Explains the high tea menu clearly. As for the food, hmm... it varies throughout the yumminess spectrum.🤔
We were greeted off with a sweet complimentary refeshing Sakura Blossom welcome drink. This drink is awesome, but too bad only served once.🥺
Next, came the cherry blossom afternoon tea snack rack plated with 4 Sweet items, 4 Savoury items and Homemade Scones.
The Sweet🐜
1. Sakura Cheesecake
2. Sakura Tart with Wild Strawberry Compote
3. Red Velvet Sakura Mousse with Raspberry Jam
4. Sakura Puff with Cherry Blossom Jelly

Not too sweet to the tastebud and quite pleasant. Nothing amazing and pretty standard in taste. Can't remember which is the tart, but wanna highlight that the tart base taste great and had a sturdy body.
The Savoury😍
1. Sakura Brioche Skagen(Classic Shrimp Toast with Tobiko)
2. Egg Sandwiches and Rose Buttermilk with Ikura and Dill - The best item from this high tea set. The savoury note hits hard and delicate to the mouth.
3. Sakura Cream Cheese with Smashed Avocado Toast, Smoked Salmon and Sundried Tomatoes - Nothing can go wrong with this.
4. Sakura Chicken on Tomato Bread(Boursin and Sakura Infused Chutney)
The Questionable🤔
Homemade Raisin Scone
Homemade Classic Scone
Homemade Strawberry Jam
Clotted Cream

Classic scone might break your teeth when biting and lacks buttery fragrance. Texture and taste is a great no-no. At least, their raisin scone had a softer texture. Don't waste time trying to cut the scone for table manner because it simply can't be cut.🤣 Just dip it into the cream and jam to enhance the taste and enjoy.
Either have a choice of free flow Brazilian coffee or a pot of Ronnefeldt tea. We choose the latter as there is a wide selection of tea for us to taste from. Some were really nice and some were okay to some have acquired taste.
Mon-Fri - $45++
Sat-Sun - $49++
🚩Lobby Lounge Conrad, Conrad Centennial Singapore, 2 Temasek Blvd, Singapore 038982
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Loved the bacon coated with maple syrup! Heatry breakfast and great service!! Very popar even on weekday! Deal sweetened with a burrple!