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TMC's Dunlop outlet felt slightly cramp if you compare it to their Bussorah or Esplanade joints, but their cakes were still on point. Had the Putu Piring cake slice, which was generously sprinkled with coconut gratings and filled with luscious palm sugar syrup. Slightly diabetes-inducing but what a good way to end off the night.


Located along Lorong Kilat, Kim's Family Food is well known for their kbbq & extensive korean food options within the area!

Perfect for the rainy weather, their Sundubu Jiggae definitely hits the spot. This tofu stew comes with a base of kimchi stew, giving you that spicy tangy kick while it's broth is absorbed like the slices of silky tofu.

Pair it with their hot pipping bowl of pearl grain rice, this comforting bowl of soup is coming to order whenever I visit!

At first planned to have high tea which was printed on its website available 11.30am - 5pm during Saturday and Sunday online but was told only available 2.30pm - 5pm. I could overhear a staff who rudely answered as if I’m crazy asking for this.
Tables were unmade. Order through app at 12noon, side only served at 12.20pm with the fried rice finally served at 12.50pm. Service was terribly slow. The other tables wasn’t served except 2 tables which were only served kids meals. In between the meal was served Meaty Cutlet by mistake and had to get the staff to take it back.

Pasteis De Bacalhau (S$19.30++)
Portuguese savoury salted cod fish cakes

Keluak Fried Rice with Egg (S$14.20++)
Rice stir-fried with Keluak paste and prawns. Served with fried egg. Didn’t have the sambal belachan stated on the menu.

Eurasian Dessert Platter (S$21.60++)
Breudher cake - Dutch influenced butter cake made with Toddy
Putugal - Steamed rice cakes made with tapioca, shredded coconut, pisang rajah, butterfly pea flower and Pandan extract
Mini Sugee cake - made with butter, almonds and semolina flour, topped with marzipan, royal icing and toasted almonds

Accompanied with complimentary ice water and fish crackers.

Quentin’s Eurasian Restaurant
Address 🛖 : 139 Ceylon Road, level 1 Eurasian Community House, Singapore 🇸🇬 429 744
Open 🕰️ :
Tue - Sun : 11am - 9.30pm

Authentic tasting Thai food with affordable pricing. All the dishes we ordered were great! Portions are generally small though. Tom yum soup and steamed fish with lime, featured in the photo here, were just 2 of the dishes we ordered. No time to take pictures for the rest. Heeehee.

Open Farm Community x Mandai Wildlife Group
Inspired by Rothschild Giraffe🦒; one of the critically endangered animals
This sticky toffee pudding based on its fav food (orange, sweet potato and dates) along with sourdough ice-cream
10% of proceeds from the sale of this dessert will go towards supporting Mandai Wildlife Group’s conservation efforts in Singapore and Southeast Asia to support the endangered Rothschild Giraffe 🦒 as they help to promote the canopy’s foliage growth by reaching for leaves high above the ground
Come and save this majestic and gentle giant

Three Buns SG x Mandai Wildlife Group
Inspired by Asian Black Bear 🐻; one of the “vulnerable to extinction” animals
This plant-based burger is based on its fav food (carrot, coconut, guava and watermelon), along with TINDLE plant-based chicken patty and lettuce
10% of proceeds from the sale of this burger will go towards supporting Mandai Wildlife Group’s conservation efforts in Singapore and Southeast Asia to support the endangered Asian Black Bear 🐻 as they help our forests flourish through seed dispersal
Come and save our furry friend

Three Buns SG x Mandai Wildlife Group
Inspired by Asian Elephant 🐘; one of the critically endangered animals
This banana colada is based on its fav food (banana, coconut and sugarcane), along with rum, pineapple and lime juice
10% of proceeds from the sale of this banana colada will go towards supporting Mandai Wildlife Group’s conservation efforts in Singapore and Southeast Asia to save the critically endangered Asian Elephant 🐘 as they create clearings that allow sunlight to reach low-lying plants on the forest floor
Come and save this gentle giant of the wild kingdom

Love the subtle earthy sweetness of the Chestnut Sticky Bones ($33.90++/$60.90++ for half/full slab) 😋 The meats are brined for at least 12 hours, prior to being cooked low & slow 🔥. The meats are smoked for another 4-12 hours, being basted hourly to ensure that they stay juicy & moist!

If you can't take beef, go for their Stuffed Roast Chicken ($49.90+/1.8kg) 🐔 which is equally delightful. Nice aromatics & root vegetables stuffing! 👍🏻

Their Crackling Pork Roast ($73.90+/2kg) was SUPERB! 🤤 Love that crusty top & juicy meats, served with a homemade honey mustard dip.
The Christmas menu will be available from now till 2 Jan 2023! 😎 Time to indulge with your loved ones!

Beef lovers can opt for their Roast Beef Ribeye ($199.90+/2kg) 🥩, served in the perfect medium rare. I like how tender the meats were! Definitely great for sharing with loved ones at house parties! 🎉 Available for delivery & takeaway!

Beef lovers will fall in love with their Barbecue Beef Ribs ($189.90+/3kg) 🐄, fork-tender & juicy! Perfectly flavoured with their Hickory BBQ sauce! ❤️ This is my favourite meat here at Morganfields! 😋 Available for orders and takeaways!