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Hearty and spicy soup is perfect for rainy nights. Warming up with MKMK’s bubbling hot pot stew loaded with Mandi dumplings, rice cakes, fish cakes, spam luncheon, ham, sausage, glass noodles, instant noodles, cheese and much more! 🥘🥟🧀🌶️
Oh, the set also comes with fried chicken [8pcs in seaweed flavour], multi grain purple rice and drinks that’s great for sharing. 🫶🏻

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Min 3 pieces

Radish was quite juicy. Abit fibrous though

Seaweed was good

Meatballs were firm, they burst properly and the filling was juicy

Having just had oden from an izakaya, I would say the difference is perceptible, but honestly in terms of umami the difference is not that great and this is much much more value for money

Finally tried these pan-fried buns [a.k.a. sheng jian bao 生煎包] after reading rave reviews from social medias.

The enormous bun comes with a somewhat thicker skin and pan-fried bottom, bursting with amazingly flavourful broth and juicy meat filling.

One quick note 📝 is to consume the pan-fried buns & fried dumplings 🔜 as the chewy skin hardens quickly, nearly causing a chipped tooth when I bite on the thick doughy skin. 😨

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Not many Chinese are familiar w this dish, it's basically chopped up and stir fried prata. In fact I rarely even see this on the menu normally, so I'm glad I found it here

Their mutton is good as ever. It's abit unfortunate that their prata texture isn't the best for kothu prata, it's somewhat soggy when stir fried. However the combination of eggs and spices still made this quite enjoyable

It was quite soft and somewhat chewy but not very very mochi. A bit of cream cheese inside

Average overall

$15 for the sliced beef pho set which comes with a drink and a choice of single piece spring roll. They gave plenty of beef slices and the soup tasted light and sweet. My only complain is the pho was not as thin as I would have liked.

My partner ordered the grilled chicken fried vermicelli set $18

Regular sized
Would be nice if you stick to the standard sugar content/ level.
The mochi and mashed taro combo has an interesting texture but can get filling if you have too much.

Found this old school confectionery at Clementi, just a short walk away from train station.

You would find all the freshly baked pastries and cakes on display here. As I was searching for something I want to grab, I found this dark colour filling which turned up to be black sesame.

The flavour wasn’t too strong but pleasant hint as you eat. Fluffy texture as well.

Duck was reasonably tender, otherwise not too impressive

They tend to be stingy w their portions although the prices aren't too high

Idk why theres so much noodles, it's crazy. Maybe because I look like a somewhat big guy? They weren't particularly good, it lacks bite, sambal was acceptable

Fishballs and meatballs were both the good factory ones

Overall decent, nothing too special

The charsiew has the candy sweetness but not from the marinate, it's from the sauce so that's abit underwhelming

Siobak was fatty and crispy but there's a a weird slight aftertaste

Small portion for 5 bucks