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Ending the first half of the year on a sweet note! — Hershey’s chocolatey soft-serve ice cream with chocolate fudge.

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It’s so sinful but sooooo good 👍🏻. This HK style french toast has an eggy, crispy outer layer yet so soft and fluffy within. Topped it with a scoop of ice cream and plenty of maple syrup to spoil yourself a little more. 🥰

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Have went past Bok's Kitchen by Hidden Chefs a couple of times, but finall trying it recently!

Here is what we ordered:
-Char Siew Rice Bowl ($11+): This was the signature item! Most customers' food review for this place always featured their char siew don! So we had to get it to try! This char siew don is not like any other char siew don! Firstly, it comes with a sous vide egg. The char siew came with charred edges with a pinkish shade. The rice is also not just white rice, it was flavoured rice that appears slight yellowish brown! We couldnt pinpoint what spice the rice was flavoured with, but it tastes abit of indian spices to us? LOL However, as a fan of non-fatty char siew, I would have preferred it it was less fatty!

-Fish and Chip ($16+): We got a fish and chip too as didnt want two filling rice bowl, and we werent in the mood for pasta that night. You can opt to top up $2 for sweet potato fries too!

Between the two mains we tried, the clear winner is the char siew rice bowl! Do give it a try if you are in the area!

216 Boon Lay Ave, #01-01, Singapore 640216

Very, very legit. You can tell the herbs used are very different from the ones here, it's not very sweet at all and super balanced. Beef was very tender, tendon was super soft. Noodles were great too, diff from most here as well

Excellent, must try

Salted fish was extremely weak. However otherwise everything was still perfectly cooked, super light and pleasantly chewy.

Highly enjoyable

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($3) finally tried second round for uji matcha bliss that they released halfway through before next month ended. So my sister did saw uji matcha cream sell at jurong point only and not for uji matcha french. So the donut was quite soft texture and garnish with sugar on top of the donut. Matcha Cream was quite smooth texture but taste like sweet (not much bitter taste), milky and creamy.

($2.50) my sister asked me to try it out for strawberry flavour instead because I wanted pon de ring for matcha flavour as it sold out for jurong point. It taste like meji strawberry milk tbh but then pon de ring was always chewy and crunchy donut that I have eaten ever.

Thought the price was not very value for money considering the portion and taste. Noodles smelled fragrant but flavour was very slight. Chicken was crispy but needed some sauce as it became quite 'dry' after awhile. Some shreds of veges completed the dish but also could use some dressing.