Food Attack

Food Attack

Featuring The Disgruntled Chef (Dempsey), 4Fingers Crispy Chicken (ION Orchard), VXX Cooperative, Shin-Sapporo Ramen (Orchard Gateway), Mama Panda Kitchen (River Safari), Doi Chaang Coffee (Rochester Mall), 109 Teochew Yong Tau Foo, Kabe no Ana (Jurong Point), Dian Xiao Er (Jem), elements & co.
Vanessa Kou
Vanessa Kou

Bring in the celebratory mood with Butter Studio’s handmade cupcakes! Starting with, the fancy decorated cupcakes - Mermaid Fantasy, Magical Unicorn, and Over The Rainbow which were perfect for parties, delivered classic combos like strawberry white chocolate, red velvet, and vanilla buttermilk. On the other hand, served with a local twist, the Ondeh Ondeh, and Milo-tella were wonderfully distinct in flavours. The fragrant pandan cupcake with gula melaka drizzle and desiccated coconut flakes ranked a little higher for me than the crowd-pleasing milo buttercream frosted, Nutella-filled chocolate cupcake. However, the Red Velvet Toffee would be the one I reach out to with the home-cooked butterscotch center (sweet and caramel-y) and moist sponge - sweet yet not cloying. 

Overall, each was toothsome and decently fluffy.

Thank you Burpple for the invite and Butter Studio for feeding us!

The tarts are not to be missed as well. My first time having their tarts and I was so pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed the slightly crumbly shortcrust shells. The Lychee Pop Tart ($7.90) was a fun number with the little bubbles and I liked that the lychee flavour was pronounced yet not all that artificial. Similarly, the Summer Lemon Tart ($7.90) was a fruity pick with dollops of light coconut meringue. For something rich, my favourite was the Speculoos Cream Cheese Tart ($6.90). The spiced caramelised flavour of the cookie butter really hits the spot for me and the smooth cream cheese does balance it out a little. Lastly, the straight-up indulgent pastry was the Sea Salt Nutella Tart ($6.90) - luscious, nutty, and buttery. A must-order for lovers of the hazelnut spread.

And to sweeten the deal, #BurppleBeyond can save you $10 on selected cakes and ice creams. Pair the many bakes with scoops of creamy gelato ($5/ per scoop), think malty Milo, aromatic Pistachio (+$1, premium scoop), and light-tasting Vanilla.

Thank you Burpple for the invite and Butter Studio for feeding us!

A major throwback to the time I visited the charming Chū and Co for their wonderful bakes! More of a takeaway spot as there were limited seats in the area (from what I remember there were just random chairs around). So, I got the Bacon Leek Cream Scallion Oil ($6.50), Pesto & Comte Pistachio ($6.50) as well as Potato, Spam, Garlic Butter ($6) to go. 

Much love for sweet-savoury pairings, I really liked the Pesto & Comte Pistachio. My favourite of the lot, the pastry had a great lamination - think light, crisp, flaky, round croissant-like goodness after a quick pop in the toaster. The flavour from the pesto, comte, and pistachio combo was a solid ten too. Very nutty, superbly umami, and especially pleased with the herbaceous hint. I just enjoy the intensity of the mix. However, something to note, it did get pretty oily due to the pesto.

On the other hand, the Bacon Leek Cream Scallion Oil ($6.50) was more of a miss for me as the dough was a little dense and the flavour profile was tangier due to the cream. The amount of leeks, leek cream, and bacon to dough ratio was a tad off as well as I personally prefer more toppings in every bite. Hence, for the Potato, Spam, Garlic Butter ($6), the dough was also a little harder to chew but there were a good number of potato cubes and saltish spam covered in melted cheese to go around. A lovely and classic option to reach for when craving a carb-y snack. Overall, the prices are kinda steep but the offerings are rather unique and they come pretty sizeable.

Cake O'Clock with Cake Spade’s fluffy Lychee Rose Cake and fudgey Biscoff Cookie Midnight Brownie. 

Diggin’ their pretty-in-pink 2-storey flagship cafe at the foot of Ann Siang Hill, I recall having their signature cheesecakes but this time I got the staff-recommended vanilla angelfood cake with lychee and rosewater cream which was perfect for an after-meal treat. Right up my alley, the slice was refreshing and light. The floral-y flavour of the rose wasn’t too in the face and balanced nicely with the sweetness of the fruit. The Biscoff Cookie Midnight Brownie, in contrast, was rich and chocolatey. Not dense or dry and none too sweet, it didn’t feel jelat in my opinion. There were bits of the caramel-y biscoff cookies studded in the bar too so that added some fun textures to the black cocoa brownie.

My newfound love that is Keen’s Baglery’s Truffle Chicken ($12). Holding surprisingly well for my hour-long journey home, the cheddar bagel buns were thick, firm, not overly dense, and weren’t dry at all. Juicy and tender, the oven-baked house-marinated chicken leg was uber flavourful as well - just look at how the marinate soaked into the bottom bun but no soggy mess here. What’s more, the add-on of scrambled eggs with mozzarella (+$4) came highly recommended, and rightfully so as the fluffy layer balanced out the savoury flavours and provided that richness with the mozzarella. The torched sliced cheddar was a fun addition. However, the house-made truffle mayo was the highlight for me. It was fragrant, earthy, and just simply umami.

A safe choice with SYIP’s Creamy Chicken Scrambled Egg Croissant ($16) - though I would skip the Iced Matcha Strawberry Latte as it tasted kinda artificial to me and was a tad powdery. Cut into fourths, the pastry was wonderfully crisp and uber buttery. The egg was the highlight with its luscious texture, the savoury house-made cream sauce was also pretty appetizing. Could use more chicken, baby spinach, and mushrooms in my opinion but decent cafe fare nonetheless.

Late to the party, I finally tried Hvala’s Dairy-free Mochi Waffles ($12.90). Made with oat milk, the batter was pretty light and none too sweet. Paired with a scoop of their matcha °1 gelato, the gluten-free waffle was also crisp, airy and subtly chewy. Sprinkled with crunchy bits of genmai (toasted rice), the ice cream was creamy, earthy, not overly milky and with a well-rounded matcha intensity.

To refresh the palate, the chilled bowl of Mul-Makguksu ($16) was perfect. The buckwheat noodles were smooth and slurpy. I like that the broth wasn’t too vinegary, the flavour being rather delicate. The meat was so incredibly thin, keeping the bowl very light yet the portion is substantial.

Their rendition of the classic tofu stew was also on point. The Soondubu-jjigae ($15) came with plenty of ingredients - plenty of clams and soft beancurd. The spice level was pretty tolerable too and the comforting stew came with a lovely savoury tang.

The Truffle Duxelles Yangsongi Gui ($5/ 4pc) was a wonderfully earthy side to share. Simple and umami, the stuffed button mushrooms was soft and morish. The truffle oil providing a gentle aroma. Pricey but worth a try.

Similar to the Tongmoksal Jumeokgogi (Signature Pork collar), the Ohgyeopsal ($27) (Pork belly with skin) had a great fat-to-meat ratio. It is slightly fattier but it wasn’t jelat and the pork flavour was subtle as well as pleasant. The lightly charred meat was expertly prepared by the staff so I could just chill and watch the grilling.

However, the condiments made all the difference too and I felt I was right back in Korea. The dips, the refreshing salad, the sliced cucumber, and the pickled vegetables but the best was their Meljorim (Jeju style sauce with fresh anchovies) which came with the order of BBQ meats. It really did amp up the flavours. Like a spiced fish curry, the lip-smacking mix was very complementary to the pork - adding some light heat and savouriness.

Just before my week-long trip to Seoul, I had to satisfy my Korean BBQ craving and I dare say Um Yong Baek’s dinner menu ranks as one of the top (out of those that I have tried). Daebak! 

With limited servings sold per day, the Tongmoksal Jumeokgogi ($28) (Signature Pork collar) had a satisfying tender-chew bite. The sized chunks didn’t taste overly porky at all and had a nice balance of fat to meat; overall a well-marbled cut. The protein didn’t feel greasy and generally was pretty lean.

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