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Saw Mike chen's youtube video on 𝗪𝗮𝗻 𝗪𝗮𝗻 𝗠𝗼𝗼𝗸𝗮𝘁𝗮 , decided to go down and try it out 😋 Tried their meat platter , veggie , instant noodle , They also offer lots of variety of add-on like :crayfish , premium beef, shishamo , thai sausages, hokkaido scallop, fresh jumbo oyster 🤩😋 Their price is affordable and big portion ! LOVE THEIR MEAT PLATTER (7 kind of meat). They got 2 dipping sauce to eat with your mookata 🤩🤩😋Their boss is friendly and service is good. Definitely will recommend u guys to try their mookata! Eat until dam full 👍👍

📍𝗪𝗮𝗻 𝗪𝗮𝗻 𝗠𝗼𝗼𝗸𝗮𝘁𝗮
171 Macpherson Road , Singapore 348536

This Thai restaurant served wide range of Thai cuisine from main dishes, boat noodles and grill menu.

Of course if you not looking for something big, you can go for the individual portion here as well. Their Thai Basil Minced Pork Rice served in pretty decent portion of minced pork. A bit dry but is fine, and it still remain the spicy kick I want.

Highly recommended by a friend to try, the best mookata she ever had. Thai Hao Chi Mookata is just next to Springleaf MRT station exit. So convenient.

Thai Hao Chi mookata uses charcoal, one of the few in Singapore that does. Tables were big and spacious.

Ingredients were all fresh and I really enjoyed their marinated meats that were a burst of flavours, I enjoyed the chicken and pork more than the beef.

What's rather unique here is that they serve bak hwa, which was very good and is a must try when u come here.

Another must try side-dish when u are here, is the Thai style abalone.

Can get very crowded on weekends, so please make reservations prior to arriving.

Stir-fry lala bee hoon with an abundance of clams, white pepper and coriander. This was supposedly one of their popular items on the menu. The bee hoon soaks up the flavours of clam with peppery spice lingering between the gravy and bee hoon. Although the gravy is taste on its own, the taste of pepper overpowers the other flavours in this dish and the natural sweetness of clam was somehow missing somewhere 》$18

Value Set-D (4-5 pax) - $88
Could be me just me, but it’s the first time I see mookata serves bak kwa woh. The set comes with array of other meat such bacon, pork slices and marinated chicken slices. There’s seafood selection and vegetables platter for a wholesome meal. Lively place for drinking and makan with your friends and family
New Korat Mookata

If you are too spoilt for choice and are looking for an option that is good for groups and enough to satiate everyone together with all the satay and grilled prawns you are about to order, you can consider Hotpot stall at Lau Pa Sat. I know, I know, it’s weird… but for some reason, the vibes at Lau Pa Sat were pretty fitting for an outdoor hotpot sesh.
A platter of different meats — chicken, pork, and beef, vegetables and fish paste ingredients given as part of the hotpot set. An additional $5 was required for the tonkotsu broth which deserves a shoutout because it was not too creamy for hotpot and yet slightly sweet. The flavour of the pork broth was apparent but light on the palate as well. Apart from the hotpot sharing sets, they also have individual hotpot sets at less than $10, which is honestly a steal and looks both cute and fun to it. To outdo themselves they also have mookata! So rest assured you have more than one options to satisfy any cravings you might have. If all else fails, remember that you’re surrounded by alternative options here.


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Here’s one for all the MOOKATA fans out there! @lethai.sg might be the first to offer overloaded garlic mookata platter in SG. Grilling the chopped garlic elevates the flavour of ingredients and even the soup, perfect for garlic-lovers like me.😬

Here’s what we enjoyed for 4 pax…
👉Garlic Platter for 2 - SGD32
👉Twin Platter for 2 - SGD28
👉Mala Pork Collar - SGD2.50
👉Sirloin Beef Cubes - SGD6.50
👉Smoked Duck - SGD2.90
👉Crayfish - SGD5.90
👉Scallops - SGD3.90
👉Salmon Slices - SGD3.90
👉Oysters (6pcs) - SGD24

👉Grilled Giant Prawn - SGD9
(Available for orders over SGD50)

All in all, the ingredients served were fresh and their 2 types of homemade Thai-style dipping sauce were amazing when paired with any grilled meats/seafood! For a complete Le Thai Mookata experience, be sure to order some grilled giant prawns and fresh oysters to savour.😋

[Media Invite]

📍Le Thai Mookata
8 Burn Rd 01-12, S369977
🚇Near Tai Seng MRT Station
🕙4.30-10PM Daily
☎️9346 6349

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Went to Moo Moo Mookata last weekend and ordered their set for 2 with a few add ons! Total about $15-$20/pax depending on how much you order but food and chilli sauces was okay😇

Overall ratings 7/10! I prefer Siam Square/Golden Mile but this is pretty decent too😄

Yearly affair with Bros. Been visiting here yearly without fail for their meat buffet during weekdays cause no time limit and can eat till you shiok ah. Pricing is affordable too.
Drinks not included in buffet.
Normal - $19.80(Mon-Thur)/$22.80(Fri-Sun)
Their homemade marinated pork & chicken is our default must have order cause it really good, succulent and umami.
Premium - $29.80(Mon-Thur)/$32.80(Fri-Sun)
(Include beef, smoked duck & Seafood like slipper Lobster, flower crab)
Their homemade dipping sauce is nice too and make your food more appetising.😋
Soup base
- Pork Bone(Just Get this savoury soup)
- Tom Yum(Meh...)
Quench yourself too by getting their homebrew tower drink ($11)
- Thai Milk Tea
- Thai Green Milk Tea
- Lime Juice
- Lemongrass
- Water Chestnut
Do make reservations before going down.
P.S. Avoid Mala meat tho.
🚩Aroy Mak Mookata Thai BBQ Steamboat, Tai Seng, MacPherson Rd, 476-478, Singapore 368191
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Their Serious Eater Platter consists of Black Pepper Pork Collar, Garlic-overdosed Chicken Thigh, Smoked Duck, Baby Abalone, Tiger Prawns & many more.

Other than their well-marinated meats, you can feast on premium ala carte items like Baby Abalone, Marbled Striploin Beef, Thai Sausages, Shishamo, Hokkaido Scallops & Jumbo Fresh Oysters!🤤

All in all, we enjoyed ourselves and left with a satisfied tummy. If you’re working around the area, definitely give this a try!

Who knows you might be able to eat for FREE if you win my IG GIVEAWAY…😉

Follow me on @whatisdigesting NOW!

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Hidden within the unassuming Koufu HQ Coffeeshop at Woodlands, @chitaibaomookata is the ideal place to hit up if you’re a mookata fan!

@chitaibaomookata checks all my requirements for an IDEAL hawker/foodcourt mookata experience:
✅ Super clean, spacious and airy
✅ Affordable and worth your money
✅ Wide variety of offerings with well-marinated meat and good dipping sauces to pair with

They are currently running an Anniversary
Promotion till 31st August:
🥩🥬$28.80 for the Chi Meat Bao and Chi Cai Bao Platter (U.P. $41.90)
🦐🥬$38.80 for the Chi Seafood Bao and Chi Cai Bao platter (U.P. $56.90)
🥩🦐🥬$58.80 for all 3 platters (Meat + Seafood + Vegetables) (U.P. $91.80)

Hurry hit @chitaibaomookata up for a shiok mookata meal in a clean and comfortable environment!

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New Mookata Spot - @wanwanmookata at Macpherson Area!

I am glad to find another delicious eatery spot in the Macpherson area!

Featured here is the fun size package ($32.80) which is good for 1-2 pax! You get black pepper pork collar, garlic overdosed chicken thigh, tiger prawns, abalone, sausages, crabstick, meatballs, cheese tofu, quail eggs, enoki mushrooms, vegetables, tanghoon, tomyum mama noodles and an egg!

What is also special about this mookata place is that they also serve premium ingredients like the following items! These items can be ordered as ala carte items (min $25 order) or add-on to your bundle meal:
Hokkaido scallops
Jumbo Oysters
Thai sausages

I also super love the thai dipping sauces they gave! Both the red and chilli! Went very well with the grilled meats and seafood!

Our favourite way of eating the mookata is to grill the ingredients; boil the ingredients in the chicken soup; taste enough of the chicken soup; before turning the soup into tom yum noodle soup; and ending off with a wobbly egg!

Check them out at 171 Macpherson Road, Singapore 348536. Their operating hours are 5-11pm daily, as well as 11am-2pm on weekdays.

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