Hot Pot 🍲 / BBQ 🥩 / Mookata 🥓

Hot Pot 🍲 / BBQ 🥩 / Mookata 🥓

Featuring Tsukada Nojo (Plaza Singapura), Beauty in The Pot 美滋锅 (KINEX), HaiDiLao Hot Pot 海底捞火锅 (313@Somerset), Thien Kee Steamboat Restaurant (Golden Mile Tower), The Buffet (M Hotel Singapore), New Udon Thai Food, Beauty in The Pot 美滋锅 (Centrepoint), Guo Fu Hotpot 国府珍锅 (Guoco Tower), Don Dae Bak (Kreta Ayer), COCA Restaurant (Leisure Park Kallang)
Triffany Lim
Triffany Lim

Popular mookata place with multiple locations around SG. I had a platter for two that includes marinated chicken thigh, marinated pork collar, marinated pork belly, smoked duck, prawn, scallop, squid, fishball, crab stick, Chinese cabbage, xiao bai chye, sweet corn, enoki and egg. Ala-carte items start from $1.90/plate and we got an add-on for a garlic pork collar.

The meats are well marinated and delicious - look plain but are very flavourful! It goes very well with their Thai chilli sauce with a mix of sweet and spicy flavours. I love that they deshell the prawns, leaving just the head and tail. Prices are very reasonable (no GST & service charge) with a wide range of options to choose from. The set is value for money and the best option for first-timers and those who want variety.

Platter for Two 》$25
Garlic Pork Collar 》$2.20

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A rather good traditional Korean bbq restaurant that uses 100% charcoal. I went for the buffet which came with a free flow of banchan, lettuce and egg. The buffet options are limited to meat dishes only with choices such as marinated beef, beef brisket (limited to 150g/pax), marinated chicken in soy sauce, marinated chicken in chilli sauce and marinated/non-marinated pork belly and pork collar. They are also quite strict with the 90 mins buffet policy to make space for other patrons.

The meat came in thick-cut slices and was well marinated. My dining companions incl myself all preferred the marinated range of meat. It grills well over charcoal with a nice smoky flavour. They also change the grill plate frequently (without asking) to ensure we get clean and non-charred plates to enjoy bbq our meat. I feel the buffet price is worth the quality of meat but if you are looking for premium quality then maybe you can consider going ala-carte.

We also ordered a kimchi pancake separately to share and I would totally recommend this to anyone who is considering getting one 👍

90 Mins Buffet 》$29.90 / Adult

Feima Stone Hotpot does hotpot in a unique way where onions, carrots, cuttlefish and meat are stir-fried in shacha sauce in the stone pot by the staff before adding the other ingredients and broth to boil. This method of cooking actually brings out the fragrance and enhances the flavours in the broth.

Add-ons are available in coloured plates from $3 (white), $5 (orange/red), $7 (yellow/green) and $9 (black). Choices of add-ons range from meat, seafood, vegetables and other hotpot staples such as prawn paste, tofu, Fuzhou fish ball, and dumplings. etc

I went with the medium hot pot that serves about 2 to 4 pax and includes 1 potion of meat (chicken/pork/beef/mutton) of your choice. I also tried ingredients that were imported from Taiwan such as the 發 tofu and mochi fish cake which were somewhat out of the norm in SG. I was stuffed at the end of the meal and the bill came up to $68.90 with braised pork rice and Taiwan beer 🍻

Medium Hot Pot 》$18.90
Braised Pork Rice 》$2.50

The concept of COCA Restaurant marries authentic Thai cuisine with traditional elements of Cantonese home-style cooking, creating distinctive flavours. The restaurant offers scrumptious house specialities such as fish glue, shrimp paste and handmade dumplings, along with fresh seasonal vegetables and meat offerings. Look out for the homemade COCA dipping sauce that is slightly sweet and infused with aromatic herbs which go really well with most items on the menu.

The all-you-can-eat premium seafood hotpot includes a glass of wine & free-flow selected beverages, complimentary additional soup option & selected premium broth, complimentary appetiser of the day, one-time order customisable MXG, unlimited seasonal lobster & seafood options and last but not least, free-flow selected dessert.

Premium Seafood Buffet 》$82/pax

Pig Stomach and Chicken Soup Base
Selected pork tripe and chicken boiled by slow heat. It is creamy white and rich in flavour.

Si Chuan Spicy Soup Base
Fried with vegetable oil, spicy flavour, delicious but not greasy. Selected Sichuan pepper, pepper and spices raw materials are served to make real Sichuan hot pot with a process of traditional watercress fermentation. It is featured by a bright red colour soup base with spicy and rich flavour.

Tomato Soup Base
A must-have when dining at HDL. Selected tomatoes that have enjoyed abundant sunshine are made into sauce. The sauce is then fried to make the tomato soup base. 

Bai-Yu Soup Base
This is made with a fine selection of chicken, pork and fish bones, this flavourful soup brings you the perfect balance of taste with the most ordinary ingredients.

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We thought this is something interesting to try where they have a congee base instead of a soup kind of hotpot. The congee base used in the hotpot is called wumizhou (毋米粥), a congee base without rice. The base itself is rather bland and the recommended 3-step ways to enjoy the congee hotpot is to start with the seafood then meats and lastly vegetables. The base is supposed to turn flavourful after adding all ingredients and absorbing all the natural flavours.

We ordered prawn paste ($7), clams ($5), marinated minced meat ($6), sliced beef karubi ($18), sliced kurobuta collar ($12), cheese tofu ($4), fishball with fish roe ($5), enoki mushroom ($3), broccoli ($4) and their signature prawn porridge ($8).

The prawn porridge comes with a bowl of porridge, four large prawns per person, chye poh and a pan of prawn head with oil. This was served last into the hotpot when we almost cleared the rest of the other ingredients. We were already full from eating and we had to stuff the porridge into our bellies, leaving us extremely full.

Although it was an interesting experience, we find that it was too bland for us to enjoy or perhaps we are used to the strong and flavourful soup as our base. This is a much healthier option that may attract a different type of audience. We paid a total of $110 for 3 pax which I feel we could have gone for something more flavourful for the price paid. Not to mention their beer was overpriced at $21 for 3 bottles (330ml).

This place is famous for its traditional steamboat and chicken rice. The standard set comes with cockles, eggs, fish balls, fish maw, pig liver, prawns, sea cucumber, sliced pork, sliced fish, squid, vegetables and clear chicken soup.

The soup was clear and bland at the start but it will get better after adding and cooking the seafood, meats and vegetables. Individual portions of ingredients are also available for ala-carte order. Don't forget to get their chicken rice to go along with the steamboat.

Long queues during peak meal hours. The standard platter comes with a selection of chicken, crabmeat, egg, fishball, hotdog, pork liver, pork slices, prawns, squid and a side of vegetables such as enoki mushrooms, cabbage, kang kong and tang hoon.

The pork slices here are tender and well marinated and paired well with the sweet and sour chilli which is thicker and darker in colour. Since the meat alone can be a little bland, dipping it in some sauce can add a tangy flavour. I also like how the prawns are deshelled, making it so much easier to eat. Beef is also available for ala-carte order.

Each set for two comes with marinated pork belly (100g), marinated chicken slice (100g), bacon (100g), beancurd skin, 2 pcs of sausage, crab stick, fish dumpling, prawn, cheese tofu, fishball, seafood tofu, chicken ball and a vegetable basket.

We felt that the portion was not sufficient for 2 pax and enough to feed one hungry belly. Thankfully they were running a 1 for 1 promo where we get double portions for the price of one which was enough to feed 2-3 pax. Not too sure if it was because they were running a promo that it was quite difficult to get a table during peak hours and the waiting time upon ordering took quite awhile too.

The meats were tender but could be better with the marination while the rest of the items were pretty normal steamboat ingredients. I preferred the mild spicy and tangy soup base for a refreshing taste or you can go with their clear soup if you prefer something clean and light.

We get to choose from more than 10 different types of soup base and they are served in small individual pots with choice of a desired broth. I chose their chicken with wild mushroom soup ($10.90) for myself. They also serve up a wide selection of fresh ingredients/seafood which are sold ala-carte.

My must order items would be their crispy fried beancurd skin and Teochew style fish paste.

They are also running a promotion on extended lunch time indulgence with 30% off before 2:30pm and 40% off between 2:31pm - 4:15pm

The best remedy to relieve your growling tummy is to have a comforting hotpot especially during this time of the year with the cold weather and cooler temperatures.

Chosen Broth:
Double boiled treasure (bottom)
Royal chrysanthemum chicken broth (left)
Hua diao phoenix (right)

Hua diao phoenix is a hearty and creamy concotion of double boiled treasures chicken broth infused with chinese hua diao wine, herbs and spices that leaves a lingering sweetness.

Royal chrysanthemum chicken broth is a seasonal special that uses a range of chinese herbs and ingredients such as yu zhu (solomon’s seal), red dates, goji berries and dried chrysanthemum. This nourishing broth has subtle sweetness and scented with hints of floral aroma which will infuse into meat and vegetables to give a sweet-savoury aftertaste.

Double boiled treasure is a upgraded version of their usual chicken broth that uses chinese herbs like red dates and wolfberries and developed into a rich and robust flavoured chicken soup.

Not forgetting to try their famous homemade coca dipping sauce that contains coriander, thai sweet chili, fish sauce, sugar and a few other secret ingredients that turns into a sweet, spicy, rich and savoury sauce.

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This place is forever packed even on a weekday dinner so it’s better to call in to check/make a reservation before heading over. Took the herbal drunken chicken broth and I love it so much. It taste so much like the foiled wrapped herbal chicken broth with lots of herbs in there. One of the better places for premium hotpot with quality food and service while keeping their prices reasonable.

Two of their must-try item is their signature homemade fish tofu that simply melts in your mouth and fried beancurd skin which we were advised to dip it into the broth for only 3 seconds to retain it’s crispy texture.

I'm in a relationship with food. Why can't we just declare our never ending love and vows towards some food item? I'm sure that would not result in divorces.

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