We thought this is something interesting to try where they have a congee base instead of a soup kind of hotpot. The congee base used in the hotpot is called wumizhou (毋米粥), a congee base without rice. The base itself is rather bland and the recommended 3-step ways to enjoy the congee hotpot is to start with the seafood then meats and lastly vegetables. The base is supposed to turn flavourful after adding all ingredients and absorbing all the natural flavours.

We ordered prawn paste ($7), clams ($5), marinated minced meat ($6), sliced beef karubi ($18), sliced kurobuta collar ($12), cheese tofu ($4), fishball with fish roe ($5), enoki mushroom ($3), broccoli ($4) and their signature prawn porridge ($8).

The prawn porridge comes with a bowl of porridge, four large prawns per person, chye poh and a pan of prawn head with oil. This was served last into the hotpot when we almost cleared the rest of the other ingredients. We were already full from eating and we had to stuff the porridge into our bellies, leaving us extremely full.

Although it was an interesting experience, we find that it was too bland for us to enjoy or perhaps we are used to the strong and flavourful soup as our base. This is a much healthier option that may attract a different type of audience. We paid a total of $110 for 3 pax which I feel we could have gone for something more flavourful for the price paid. Not to mention their beer was overpriced at $21 for 3 bottles (330ml).