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sweet, some wok hey, and even fresh shrimps with a nice snap when eaten.

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Amazing truffle mushroom pizza. First time trying a white pizza and wasn’t disappointed. Pricy ++ but beachside ambience nice. Sticky toffee pudding is also amazing, you’ll roll outta there

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I don't usually have duck rice because I usually find duck meat tough and gamey. It also seems to take way more effort to debone the duck.

This has changed recently though when I chanced upon several stalls which serve really good braised duck.

There is always a queue at Cheok Kee (or Zuo Ji) at the East Coast Lagoon FC because they take the time to debone the duck for each order.

I like that the meat is tender and juicy without being gamey. The braising sauce though is a little too sweet and salty for my liking. Though it goes well with the garlicky and vinegary chilli sauce.

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Han Jia serves a good braised 肥肠 . There is none of the gamey and porky taste you usually associate with the innards and I love the tender and fatty texture of it with a nice bite due to the connective tissues. The braising sauce is a little on the salty side but good over rice.

This is a dish you either love or hate and I obviously am one of the former. Han Jia is a great place to visit if you are in the mood for all things porky. There is only one drawback - - - the service can really crawl even though there's quite a few of them at the stall!

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Han Jia also serves a decent bak kut teh. The meat is tender and falls off the bone easily. The soup stock is a little less robust for my liking but you can taste the pepper and spices in the broth which has clean and mild flavours.

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A glance at Han Jia's signboard will tell you why you shouldn't tell your doctor you have been here recently. Han Jia is essentially a cholesterol paradise and sells everything from pig trotters, bak kut teh to kway chap.

Nearly every diner carries a tray away with teh kar and its not hard to see why. For approx. $10, you get a good sized pig trotter whose meat is fall off the bone soft and tender. The meat is below a melt in your mouth layer of fats and skin which is just sinfully good. The braising sauce is a little salty to be honest but perfect when drizzled over the rice.

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Heard that the lagoon food centre reopened last year and I finally went down for a visit.

Super super packed on a saturday evening with many tables still being blocked out.

Ordered black carrot cake fr Lagoon Famous Carrot Cake #01-40 and it was good!! came w prawns too. not too sweet and the carrot cake was pretty soft prices start from $4. However if you wish to order a mix of black white, then it would cost min $6.

Next, we ordered the cereal prawn ($20) and sambal stingray($12) from Xin Long Xing Seafood BBQ #01-06. prawns were hugeee and there’s six of them. totally enjoyed the cereal, it wasn’t too sweet and I actually mixed it w my carrot cake. Sambal stingray on the other hand was too spicy for me to handle. but the stingray itself was quite good!!!

Overall, a lot of options to choose from and i’m definitely going back to try out the rest!!!

Always a classic spot to have authentic Singaporean style seafood. The yam ring scallop was a bit meh, but the black pepper, chili crab, and baby squids were great!

Glad that I was able to have this açai bowl ($14) at ECP, besides the Macs, Coffeebean and Briyani options. Was well made though portion was not large.

I think the carbonara is a relatively new item on the menu, reminded me of chicken alfredo which I didn’t mind. Truffle fries w kewpie mayo and a creamy carbonara - this was the ultimate comfort food combi 🤩

This was rly good! It was a combination of gruyere, cheddar, mozzarella and provolone between two slices of lightly toasted sourdough bread - the texture was just right! Dipping it in the slightly sweet tomato soup made it even better 👌🏼

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Oops smelled so good that I wolfed it down before remembering to take a pic. We ordered the $5 version and it was yummy!! Their hokkien is the wet type and the stock is flavourful and sweet.

I can't believe this is a no pork no lard place!