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What a hidden gem of a satay here at East coast lagoon. This has to be 1 of my favourite satay of all time.

There are many many satay stalls at ECLFV, but this may be the only stall that is not halal.

The pork belly satay was tender,juicy, flavourful. Don't even need to dip into the satay sauce.

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Geylang 29 Charcoal Fried Hokkien Mee was rather good, prawns were fresh.

Decent Wok hei.

Geylang 29 East coast lagoon outlet and their 936 E Coast Rd outlet are related, thus the same name.

Not to be confused with Swee Guan, the more popular HKM that is still at geylang lorong 29 and was the original store, that geylang 29 branched out from.

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Lagoon Famous Carrot cake has been around at ECLFV for more than a decade already, its always been around since I can remember. And their carrot cake is a rather popular store here.

Their carrot cake Not bad, crispy around the edges.

A must have when u visit ECLFV

Was only brought to the attention about the Affogato at McCafe after coming across a post by @raineraineeataway some time back on her chance encounter on the item — while it was first announced some time back when McDonalds had first opened their outlet at Marina Cove in East Coast Park that the location will be offering outlet-exclusive items, the impression of this news has pretty much faded over the passing of time. Turns out, McDonald’s is still carrying the said outlet-exclusive items in the McCafe menu at their outlet at Marine Cove almost nearly a decade after its opening (this outlet opened their doors in 2016); one being the Affogato, and the other being the Belgian Waffle with Mixed Berries.

It is pretty easy to be quite dismissive about the Affogato here for a simple reason — this is essentially an assembly of McCafe’s Espresso with McDonald’s Vanilla Soft-Serve; something they can be said as rather predictable and to a certain degree not quite as authentic as what one would expect to get if dining at a true-blue Italian establishment. That being said, there are some differences if one decides to do a self-assembly of this item by ordering the individual elements and putting it altogether at other McDonald’s locations housing a McCafé. For one, the shot of espresso is being steeped into the paper cup before the Vanilla soft-serve is swirled into it; this also means that the Vanilla soft-serve is unlikely to have become too melted down when it is being served. The proportion of vanilla soft serve and coffee hits the sweet spot, striking a good balance of the bitter undertones of the coffee as well as the creaminess and sweetness of their standard vanilla soft-serve. While travelling into Marine Cove at East Coast Park just for the Affogato does sound a little crazy even for those whom are especially interested in the item, the price of $4.45 for the Affogato does make it rather accessible considering the price of Affogato in a typical cafe or in restaurants that serves it; definitely scratches the cravings for us for sure though!

Established in 1963, this brand serves up an unconventional cloudy broth that sits in the middle of the spectrum, with savoury salty peppery spice garlicky herbal earthy sweet flavour.
The pork ribs are fall-off-the-bone tender and soft, with meaty savoury sweet flavour. The crunchy preserved mustard greens / meigan cai / mei cai carry vegetal sour salty earthy spice flavour, pairing well with the fluffy soft steamed white rice with grainy sweet flavour.
While they could be more generous with the crisp fried dough fritters / you tiao, I liked the soft soy braised hard-boiled egg with eggy sweet flavour, and the spongy soft soy braised tau pok / dried tofu puff with grainy salty sweet herbal flavour.
A star here is their soy braised pork trotter, equal parts lean and fatty, coming easily off the bone. With chewy gelatinous wobbly texture and bold meaty salty herbal sweet savoury fatty flavour, this was incredibly satisfying.
Bak Kut Teh
Han Jia Bak Kut Teh Pork Leg
@ East Coast Lagoon Food Village, 1220 East Coast Parkway 01-42
More details:

Stingray 4ever serves a Plethora of fresh seafood, from sotong to prawns to crabs to Lobsters etc etc.

But the main thing u will ever come here for, is for their stingray. The stingray can be cooked in their signature sambal or with Garlic Butter.

But I have always been a sucker for sambal Stingray, and that's what I went with.

The sambal portion is adequate, the meat was fresh and meat easily slides off the bone.

$18 portion damn alot, easily $20++ at other locations like the InfamOus Bedok85.

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Stingray 4ever serves a Plethora of fresh seafood, from sotong to prawns to crabs to Lobsters etc etc.

The Sotong tasted fresh and the sambal was sweet & damn flavourful, a great sauce to go with white rice for sure.

Great dish for sharing

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Stingray 4ever serves a Plethora of fresh seafood, from sotong to prawns to crabs to Lobsters etc etc.

The Crayfish can be cooked in either their signature chilli sauce, or the equally awesome Garlic Butter Sauce.

Total of 4 Crayfish @ $42, price is by weight, rather expensive, but the crayfish was fresh and meaty. And it was grilled well, meat was not overcooked whatsoever.

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1 thing that East coast Lagoon does not lack, is its Satay stalls.

Along a stretch of Muslim stalls, u will easily walk pass over 5 stalls trying to psycho passer-bys to come buy satays from their stall.

My satays came from a a store named "Sixty Satay" . Satay not bad leh, cooked till the edges slightly charred, and the meat was fresh also man.

Each Satay @90cents and minimum order of 10.

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Burrata Gelato
strawberry & tomato jam, evoo

ricotta, pistachio

ossobuco, almonds, primitivo di puglia