Chai Tow Kway

Chai Tow Kway

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Gerald Chai
Gerald Chai

Still 1 of my favourite Chai Tow Kway around.

He zhong has been around for over 4 decades already, surely it wouldn't last so long if the food was good.

The eggs were crispy.

The carrot cake is self made daily, unlike some places that bought their carrot cake from supplier.

Generous amount of cai poh in every bite.

Served in layers of crispy goodness.

Only available in White. Don't be goondu and order black.


Surprisingly good.

The White carrot cake had a certain crisp to it.

The Black was sweet and flavourful.

Black is better.

Good Secondary dish to have if your lunch not filling.


Yong Xiang is quite popular here at BMFC, they are popular for cooking Png Kueh & Soon kueh, carrot cake style.

Since I am not really a fan of Png kueh, decided to just have the black carrot cake instead.

It was quite an excellent plate and since its not my first time here, I can safely say that it has always been consistently good.

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The waiting time is quite long here at lau goh.

I found that the black carrot cake was a tad too sweet. The white carrot cake had a slight crisp.

This is quite good though, waited another 30mins to dabao home for the wife

Take note: the shop assistant seems to be a little hard of hearing. So do proceed forward to the ordering counter to point out which item u wish to order.

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Quite nice. Can try if are ever here.

Strong wok hei and tasty caipo

Premium price though.

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Plenty of fantastic reviews, came here on a weekday morning 10.30am previously, but was told it would be over 90mins wait, decided not to wait then.

This time around, i came just before 7am on a sunday morning, ended up waiting Over 1 hour for this popular carrot cake.

Overflow with cai poh, 618 carrot cake is filled with minced prawns as well.

The egg was crispy. And this is the best carrot cake I have ever eaten.

It feels like a prawn omelette carrot cake.

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What is breakfast without CTK.

Decided to give this a try. The black carrot cake was quite good. I would suggest skipping the white carrot cake thou.

The white carrot cake is the better one here.

Cheap and good.

Long queue during breakfast.

Available in $2 portions

Only open in the morning. Will closed shop before lunch time.

The most popular carrot cake store in BMFC.

It's good and it's cheap.

Read many good reviews on this place, many couldn't decide which was better, black or white.

The queue was snaking long and they usually sold out by 9am(according to other reviews)

Their carrot cake is only available in $2/$3 portions, and no mix plates. $2 carrot cake, not many stores selling at this price already.

The black carrot cake is sweet and spicy(spicy only if u request for chilli).

More EGGier than normal carrot cake, the egg is slightly crispy.

Got blachan on the side, in case not spicy enough for u.

This shop has been around for a long time here at round market.

Portion is quite big.

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A coffee shop with a hidden gem of a western food here. But while waiting 40+mins for my western food, felt hungry la.

So decided to try the carrot cake next stall.

It's not a bad plate of carrot cake, can eat as appetiser for your western food.

Apparently a hidden gem here, read a few reviews that this was the better carrot cake in serangoon garden.

And those reviews were spot on, its really a delicious plate of carrot cake.

$3 only, must try here if u still hungry after lunch.


Taste the food. Don’t just swallow them

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