Sambal Stingray

Sambal Stingray

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TagTeamOfTwo/ Gerald Chai
TagTeamOfTwo/ Gerald Chai

Michelin level food galore at this new hawker centre. The first hawker centre in Punggol. What a long wait to finally have our own hawker centre here at Punggol.

And one of the stores here is a zhi char store called "The Usual Place", this store is in collaboration with Jiao Cai Seafood, which was recently awarded Michelin Plate this year.

Came here just after 7.30pm on its 2nd day of opening, so many Punggolians like me still lining up to try the food here.

Decided to have zhi char here as I saw lots of tables having their hotplate sambal stingray. Waiting time was 45mins.

No matter what, definitely have to eat this. When it arrived at our table, the aroma of the sambal and onions was almost cough-inducing, but it smells so nice.

The stingray was fresh, soft and tender. Skin has a slight crisps to it. The sambal was of a generous amount, and tasted very good.

Another easy 5/5 for me.

Finally a sambal stingray here in Punggol.

Banana leaf BBQ Seafood is located at the Kopitiam nearest to Gantral Mall.

Have been eating this since my secondary school days, back in the early 2000s.

Seafood here has generally been very fresh and the sambal here is also quite good.

Sambal stingray is definitely one of their best and also my favourite dish here. Fresh and portion is quite big when u compare their price with other BBQ seafood place.

Generous amount of sambal. And very cheap also.

Sambal stingray+ kangkong+ 1 rice : $16.60

The uncle and auntie at this store are also very friendly. Must eat when u are around clementi mrt station.


The last thing u expect at a teppanyaki place, is a sambal stingray. But the guys at Righteous Teppan did this quite well. The sambal was overflow, I finished the entire stingray and there was still excess. They even gave u blachan just in case u not enough sambal.

Sambal was fairly spicy with a good kick to the taste buds. Stingray was adequately fresh, it was not stale, but I definitely had fresher. The previous time I ordered through grabfood from here was quite fresh.

With lots of variety on the menu, I will definitely return for the other items with my wife.

Drinks are quite expensive here, $2.90 for a can of soft drink.

Overall 4/5


Rong guang BBQ has been around in SG for quite some time. I will frequently pass by their now-defunct Ulu pandan outlet during in the late noughties. I da pao from there a few times then.

And I recalled their seafood bbq was quite good. Later on, they even open a stall at makansutra gluttons Bay, so their standard must be quite good la.

And the most popular dish here, is the sambal stingray itself. Generous amount of sambal, which was spicy and flavourful.

Stingray was fresh, meat was soft. Some of the corners were slightly crisps.

Generous amount of onions.

Damn shiok eating this, spicy enough to induce sweat from forehead and cheeks. 🔥

I would definitely bring my wife here to eat this next time.


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Happen to passby around 9pm and have not had dinner yet.

Charen thai was conveniently open so decided to give it a try.

Sambal was quite good. Stingray texture was a little sticky. Preferred it to be silky smooth.

The crackers a little soggy.

Was attracted by the nice photo of the sambal stingray. Thus decided to give it a try.

The sambal is quite good, spicy, sweet and flavourful. The stingray though, was a little overcooked.

It is as good as it looks.

The stingray meat was soft. The skin was grilled until it was a little crispy.

The sambal was just very awesome, it's spiciness was dead on.

The uncle very nice and friendly, came to our table to clear up for us, save us the trouble to bring it over to the shelves.


Read many online recommendations for this.

@$12, this portion really big

Stingray also fresh.

The sambal got a hint of curry powder. Sambal very potent, super spicy and very generous with the amount. Finish eating the Stingray already, still have so much sambal leftover.

The onions also overflow.

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Portion is big for $12.

Stingray soft and fresh. Some parts of the skin is slightly crisp.

Sambal is sweet and spicy. Very generous amount, so no need worry sambal not enough.

Will return for more

Have been having this for about 15-18 years.

Still my favourite sambal stingray.

Whenever I come visit my parents, I will always eat this or da pao it back to punggol.

Their sambal is sweet and spicy. Damn shiok.

Tasty sambal for the stingray.

But the stingray was kinda dry for those thicker chunks of meat(because I ordered large)

Otherwise, this is a must order, I will suggest ordering small size to enjoy it to its fullest.

The sauce tasted too sweet for my liking.

Stingray was relatively fresh.

Taste the food. Don’t just swallow them

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