Sambal Stingray

Sambal Stingray

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TagTeamOfTwo/ Gerald Chai
TagTeamOfTwo/ Gerald Chai

The Canteen by Enjoy is situated at the ground floor of this damn Old school looking hotel, felt a little like I was transported back to the 70s after I entered the hotel and into this establishment.

Food was more than decent, it was actually damn good in fact.

1) Sambal Stingray
- was a rather small portion. But the sambal was great, tasted like plenty of onions was used. Stingray meat was tender and easily slides off the bone. A little Pricey, if u compare with those hawker centres/coffee shops.

2) Hokkien Mee
- Strong Wok hei, fresh prawns, shiok sambal.

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BBQ Sambal Stingray @$12 portion

The stingray here is damn solid. The sambal was damn shiok and taste really good.

Stingray was definitely fresh.

Will definitely return for this again

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Sambal stingray here is very good.

Generous about of onions and sambal.

Stingray is fresh and the meat was so smooth and easily scrap off the bone. And the top skin was grilled almost to a crisp.

They serve sambal stingray for lunch too!!!

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Stingray 4ever serves a Plethora of fresh seafood, from sotong to prawns to crabs to Lobsters etc etc.

But the main thing u will ever come here for, is for their stingray. The stingray can be cooked in their signature sambal or with Garlic Butter.

But I have always been a sucker for sambal Stingray, and that's what I went with.

The sambal portion is adequate, the meat was fresh and meat easily slides off the bone.

$18 portion damn alot, easily $20++ at other locations like the InfamOus Bedok85.

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$18 portion

The last burpple review for this place was 9 years ago. So for it to survive so long, means surely have standard la.

And for $18 portion, I think not bad the size, elsewhere like this maybe $23++. Somemore $18 is 2024 price, 9% GST price.

Served on a hotplate, so the sambal sauce still bubbling when served.

Sambal was quite good as well.

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The sambal stingray here is no longer as good as a decade ago.

Even Google reviews agree.

How do u become one of the most popular sambal stingray in Singapore, to a 2.5/5 review on Google.

The sambal here got a curry powder taste, which made it unique in a way.


Bedok 85 is also famous for their sambal stingray. Last time army book out day, the whole platoon will travel from sungei gedong camp all the way here for supper. This was sadly more than a decade ago.

Times have change, what used to be the best sambal stingray at bedok 85 is no longer.

Chomp Chomp BBQ stingray is now no.1

Maybe standards have drop for both, but Chomp chomp sambal stingray taste better now.

Sambal here still very good. The half where u scrap the meat off the bone was damn good.

The half without bone was sadly a tad drier.


Was having lunch at Taman Jurong Market, and was seated very near this BBQ seafood stall, and the aroma of their sambal, just enticed me to come over to order even though I just finished by lunch.

The sambal was damn delicious, the stingray was fresh and tender, meat slide of the bones so easily.

Must return again for their other seafood dishes.

Only open for lunch on weekends.

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Stingray here is fresh and the sambal is damn shiok.

Generous serving of Sambal.

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The sambal stingray was rather good. The sambal chilli was flavourful and truly the reason why everyone still comes back despite the price point.

Stingray was fresh. And the meats slides off when picked with my fork.

This is indeed the $18 large portion. I wonder what the small portion looks like.

Even the sambal portion damn little.



A video of this place on Social Media captured my attention, being such a sucker for Sambal Stingray, I had to come here to try it.

Le 樂 Restaurant seems like a place that only recently opened and is located at Tampines Ave 4, which is quite a bustling place late at night, with lots of food options.

1) Sambal Stingray @$15/$18
- Had the $18 portion, the Sambal overflow, Stingray was slightly marinated before cooking, Stingray was fresh. Really not bad.

2) Signature La La Soup @$15
- Generous amount of LaLa, soup was tasty and have that Chinese wine taste. LaLa was fresh, but the soup was just great man

3) Sambal Kangkong @$10(Small)
- Malaysia Style sambal kangkong, a little on the sweeter side of things. Tasted halal, becoz don't have that Pork Lard taste. And $10 for vegetable dish, a bit ex, $8 would have been a better price.


Medium @$30 !!!!!!

Price increased, machiam restaurant price already.

But why I still eat? Their sambal stingray still damn good la, no choice. Their sambal also damn spicy, flavourful & Shiok.

Still will come back, but not so often liao.

Taste the food. Don’t just swallow them

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