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Used 1for1 seafood bucket deal and ordered 2 different sauces - Furikake Butter Cream Sauce (non spicy) and Korean Omo Omo (Sweet & Spicy). Most patrons here for the buffet bbq. Cos we not having bbq, we have the option to sit indoors (air conditioned). To our surprise, we can help ourselves to the cooked food and drinks counter of the buffet self service area.

1 portion stated as good for 2 pax but maybe we are small eaters haha. The staff helped us to open the non-spicy portion first and by the end, we (4pax) were all so full already. The furikake bits were yummy. The sauce is abit on the lemony sauce.

End up dapao the other portion home. Staff very kindly helped us to pack in a cooler bag and also offered honey lemon drink.

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This is South Indian like u will not find anywhere else except in some super legendary grandma’s kitchen . Banana Curry and Yam Curry ? Exotic but but omg both were great . Their tomatoe & coconut chutneys were super as well . Elevated Brekkie and healthy too .

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The ingredients are blanched and tossed in a wok with your choice of sauce before it is packed and delivered right to your doorstep. The restaurant will also provide a disposable table cover, gloves, and aprons, so that you can enjoy a seafood feast without worrying of creating a mess at home.

The Kelong Happy Bucket comes in three sizes; small (2 pax, $129), medium (3-4 pax, $199) and large (5-6 pax, $269), and it contains ingredients such as Sri Lankan crab, crayfish, grey prawns, black mussels, lala, corn, enoki mushroom, fish slices, king oyster, Korean clams, gong gong, pork sausage, potatoes, and buns. All the kinds of seafood and more that you love in a seafood boil can be found in this bucket, which makes it a great gathering meal and be the topic of the conversations. After you have chosen the bucket size, you can then choose one of three sauces that are available from the Furikake Butter Sauce to Spicy Kelong and Koream Omo Omo. I picked the Spicy Kelong which is made up of a spicy tamarind and Vietnamese mint mixture which has a tangy-spicy kick that complements the sweetness of the seafood.
✨ Offshore Bar & Grill
📍 50 Tanah Merah Ferry Road, Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal, Unit 01-02, Singapore 498833
🌐 https://offshorebargrill.oddle.me/en_SG/
🍴 [Media Delivery]


Here at Offshore Bar & Grill, you can make yourself a well-deserved escape to the that long-awaited hyped kelong life with delicious barbecue, overflowing beers and absolute seaside bliss. Truly a sumptuous feast for a shiok day outside, choose from a selection of seasonal live seafood like whole lobster, fish and mud crab for your table. Why be happy when you can be extra happy?
Photo by Burppler jq | myfoodframes

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I usually don’t order idlis because as a non Indian who didn’t grow up eating idlis for breakfast , I find it bland n tasteless. But these idlis with their inhouse blend of podi seasoning really revolutionised my concept of what the humble idli can achieve . Every week they add in a special secret ingredient into their podi mix n ask diners for a taste test , which I failed miserably at identifying . The chutneys were delicious ( tomatoe , eggplant & coconut ) . The food here is “clean” tasting , quality ingredients like home made cooking done lovingly by ur grandmama . Totally opposite from the heavy ,oily ,overly spiced up Indian food u encounter in typical Indian restaurants. I loved everything we ordered.

My office is nearby so this is my go to place when i wana hv healthy lunch. The price is ranging from $11-$14 depending the type of protein added. Choice of chicken, duck and beef. Their olive rice and pasta are yummy too

$13.8. I love this place so much, I was glad to hear that they do islandwide delivery! As there is a minimum order of $40, I ordered this for my whole family (they all picked their favorites - soba, olive rice, and quinoa respectively). Unlike a lot of other food, the taste quality didn’t drop when on delivery as opposed to eating at the place itself. More expensive but no regrets treating ourselves to something both healthy and tasty for once :”)

Take your dog for a walk in Botanic Gardens and pop by this quaint restaurant beside Nassim Gate. There's loads of sunshine and space in the al fresco area, as well as water bowls (upon request) for the pups! For a foolproof brunch, enjoy the Classic Set ($22) with eggs, chicken sausage, crispy bacon, grilled tomato, hash brown, kale, country bread and a drink. For local flavours, get their creamy Curry Chicken with Rice ($15). On sides, share the fragrant Truffle Parmesan Fries ($10) served hot and buried under a heap of grated cheese.
Photo by Burppler Carrie Carrie

$10.8 for the cheapest option with meat (aka mine). Hands down favorite salad place for many years even though the prices have gone up. I got the cajun chicken which was well-marinated and all the other ingredients were fresh and delicious too 😋

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I ordered the salad bowl which was a romaine-mesclun mix with 5 toppings and 1 dressing. For the toppings I added feta cheese (premium topping equivalent to 2 normal toppings), baby potato, sweet corn and broccoli and the dressing was citrus dressing. I also added grilled cajun chicken and chargrilled king oyster mushroom for $2.20 and $3.30 respectively. The bowl came up to $14.10 and then I added $2.50 for the coffee (Americano with a dash of milk).

The bowl looked so delightfully appetizing, with all the different proteins arranged in an eye-appealing colorful manner on the plate. I loved the cajun chicken, it was juicy and tender and slightly spicy. The chargrilled mushroom was coated in a thick sweet sauce that went really well with the veggies. And the feta cheese really helped enhance the flavor of the dish with its salty kick. I drizzled a little citrus dressing on the veggies which hadn't quite caught the seasonings of the chicken and mushroom, and it was light, tangy and palate-cleansing.

A very satisfying, flavorful, fuss-free lunch with good coffee. I definitely will be back!!