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Recommended lists of Japanese food and restaurants in Kuala Lumpur
Best Japanese Restaurants in KL
Burpple Guides, Japanese Best Japanese Restaurants in KL Developed through centuries of culture and years of practice, Japanese food is an art to be appreciated. How lucky we are then to be spoilt for choice here in Kuala Lumpur with some of the best names in the world within our reach. Get your chopsticks ready to feed on this list, with stellar options like handmade soba in a classy restaurant, suppertime skewers at a neighbourhood bar and internationally-acclaimed omakase!
Mid Valley's Best: Japanese Joints
Burpple Guides, Sushi, Japanese Mid Valley's Best: Japanese Joints When the long-winded mall directory fails your roaring hunger, don't give up on Mid Valley just yet. We sussed out the megamall's best Japanese joints so you don't have to race from one wing to another to satiate your cravings, be it the warm comfort of slippery ramen, delicious rice bowls or sushi in a flash!
Sri Hartamas' Best: Japanese Places
Burpple Guides, Japanese Sri Hartamas' Best: Japanese Places Over the years, Sri Hartamas has grown to become a foothold for the Japanese community in KL. It's no wonder the neighbourhood's now evolved to be a haven for Japanese food! There are places for sizzling hot Japanese barbecue, delicately made sushi and piping hot soup noodles from Nagasaki, so hurry and 'sa-shimmy' up here!
Damansara Utama's Best: Japanese Eats
Burpple Guides, Japanese Damansara Utama's Best: Japanese Eats Say 'konnichiwa' to Damansara Utama! From luscious matcha parfait and freshly made udon to a tantalising truffle egg dish, Japanese finds are scattered all over this neighbourhood. 'Don' miss out on the hidden gems in this guide!

Top 10 Places for Japanese

Top 10 places for Japanese
Explore Ramen, Sushi, Teppanyaki in Japanese

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Latest Reviews of food and restaurants for Japanese
#sushizanmai #thestarlingmall A classic conveyor belt sushi restaurant that is both affordable, tasty and authentic.

I felt like they weren't so good after so many years but after they renovated, their food tastes awesome again(especially in relation to the price) 😊😊😊 #japanesefood #sushi #karaagedon #sukiyakidon #sushiholic #foodstagram #instafood #foodgasm #foodporn #foodieapp #burpple #burpplekl #pjeats #damansarauptown

Shiitake Mushrooms And Chicken Gizzard Yakitori

I love Yakitori, Japanese style skewers and chicken gizzards. The portion here are smaller compare to other Yakitori Bar but the chicken skewers was well seasoned with merely salt and pepper. RM5 for Mushrooms and RM6 gizzards.

かき氷 🍧 Japanese shaved ice is much needed to help us combat Kuala Lumpur's hot afternoons.

One of their signature, UJI Matcha aka 宇治抹茶 (MYR17)! Authentic green tea powdered ice that's soft and fluffy, hidden azuki beans as you drizzle Kinako milk over. Since there's only one warabimochi at the top, we decided to add MYR14 for a plate. It's so good we ended tabao-ing 3 boxes back, haha.

Address: 25, Jalan 20/13 Taman Paramount, Petaling Jaya, Kuala Lumpur 46300, Malaysia

For KL's First Tsukemen Specialist

Tokyo's Mitsuyado Seimen is now open in Malaysia's own Starling Mall so if you're a fan of Japanese food, the house of tsukemen should be next on your wishlist. The interior embodies the restaurant's attention to detail, sporting intricate art pieces inspired by Japan's nature — think bamboo forests and Zen gardens. Calming but not too quiet, the venue comes to mind for intimate gatherings and even dinner dates. Dip and slurp up noodles made daily — these boast firm, chewy textures with an aromatic wheat flavour. Recommended is the delicious house special Cheese Tsukemen (from RM29.90), which comes with a yuzu dipping soup. The creaminess of melted cheddar cheese melds well with the sweet, refreshing yuzu broth. If you're a stickler for tradition, have the Original Yuzu (from RM25.90) on its own. Pro tip: You can opt to have your noodles hot or cold — the authentic experience calls for cold noodles that provide a stark contrast against hot dipping soup.
Avg price per person: RM35

For A Car Service Centre Cafe

Located in a spacious lot within a Mazda service centre, Kohi Yatta is the Mazda owner's answer to a bearable wait. But even if you don't own a Mazda, there's still plenty reason to visit. Swing by for a long lunch with the family as you watch your kids play in the child-friendly area. The Japanese fusion food will keep all happy. Have the Soboro Rice (RM18), a simple but tasty rice dish topped with minced chicken and scrambled egg, or try the more elegant Barley Risotto (RM18) featuring mushrooms and salmon. For the kids, there are mini meals like Macaroni Minestrone (RM8), Mini Beef Hamburger (RM8) and even daily mixed mash for tinier tots. If savouries don't suffice, consider sharing a Grand Emperor (RM15). Kids and grownups alike will enjoy these oat pancakes with fruits and cream. The cafe also makes their own brewed teas, like a Black Tea + Passionfruit + Cucumber (RM12) — the perfect antidote for a hot day in this sun-filled spot.
Avg price per person: RM25

For Trendy Japanese BBQ

Taking over the space of now defunct Brats, Shichirin does Japanese charcoal barbecue with an exotic edge. Apart from adding smoke vents, little has been done to change the decor — Brats' concrete walls and long wooden tables remain, making this a trendy BBQ establishment for group dinners with friends. Their menu of meats is not for the faint-hearted, featuring the interesting textures of Pork Womb (RM15), Pork Heart (RM15) and Kampung Chicken Organs (from RM15) among others. Since there is much to try, we'd recommend you skip the nothing-special beef selections unless you're thinking of forking out RM88 for Wagyu Loin. Instead, try the excellently marinated Pork Shoulder Loin (RM15) and the high-quality Iberico Jowl (RM25) that yields sweet, supple flesh. The handy charcoal grill burning at high heat makes cooking an easy and speedy affair, but still order the Assorted Mushroom (RM15) to snack on while the meats are cooking!
Avg price per person: RM45

Japanese Tea Time Treat

This quaint little tea salon located in the heart of Damansara Uptown vicinity is an amazing escape from the bustling traffic that you would experience the moment you enter their doors.. As the whole salon isn't big in terms of space but it's petite space gives you a strong Japanese aura and zen vibe that somehow calms you down and it's music is really calming as well. The menu is quite concise with detailed items ranging from their teas, coffees to beautiful little dessert and also savoury onigiri! Not to forget; they do have a set lunch including drinks for RM20.. Their interior set up do reminiscent of a Japanese sushi bar with its counter that is like an omakase about to happen but in this case it's the showcase on the art of brewing tea that takes the spotlight.. The tea that I tried today is Hoji Tea (RM10) and you are given 3 cups as they want you to fully appreciate the tea flavours and body without compromising on its quality. The Hoji Tea is carefully brewed by their staff and it's does have a strong yet fragrant toasty aroma,nuttiness and a hint of roasted brown rice on the palate with a medium body that compliments well the desserts or your savoury meal.. To pair with this medium bodied yet well balanced tea is the Daifuku strawberry (RM5) which is their best seller, they do have other types as well.. The daifuku is really delicious and not overly sweet as it has a smooth and chewy outer skin of Mochi that covers the strawberry like a second skin and in between that is the thin coating of azuki (red bean) paste that just lifts up the strawberry sourish nature with it's sweet yet smooth and fine paste.. Really delicious tea time treat!

Japanese BBQ

Since it took over Brat's space, Shichirin gained the wood and concrete beauty that otherwise would never be seen at BBQ restaurants. Appreciate the efficiency of their smoke vents, which kept the area airy and visibility high. On food, I enjoyed the Assorted Mushrooms (RM15) that's cooked to order in a foil filled with butter. But beyond that, the meats were hit-and-misses. The beef Karubi (short ribs, RM15) presented a texture tougher than most while the Tongue (RM18) wasn't especially melt-in-your-mouth as I expected. The Pork Shoulder Loin (RM15), however, hit the mark right where the beef couldn't. Flavour wise, everything is tasty! Perhaps it was just the particular cut of meat that failed us. Come for the abundance of parts - heart, tongue, womb, jowl and the like.

Cheese Tsukemen (RM29.90)

It was fun meeting a Mr.Nakamura who founded this Tokyo-based tsukemen joint, purely because he slurped up noodles with such joy that it's infectious. Started on my own Cheese Tsukemen, which I recommend whether or not you're a fan of cheese. Since the cheese is served on the side, start with dipping the noodles in that delicious Yuzu broth (which is basically the Original Yuzu Tsukemen) and if you decide it's too plain for your liking, lay on the cheese! The rich cheddar plays off against the yuzu's slightly sweet and citrusy flavours to achieve this surprising tasty balance. Though I did find that towards the end, the cheese ended up in clumps tainting the broth. On noodles, the cold ones were springy and firm while the cool temperature helped ease slurping. Some might want to have them hot, which thankfully, doesn't compromise on texture.

The 6th Avenue Cheesecake

The talk of the town cheesecake has a creamy lava texture in the centre that melt into your mouth. The caramelised outer texture does taste slightly denser. Would prefer if they serve it with crème fraîche instead of whipping cream. RM18 per plate.

Torii Damansara Heights has a newly launched sushi bar!

Really enjoyed the new dishes on their updated menu 🍣🍶 Thanks @toriimy team for such a lovely night & for spoiling us with this indulgent sundae 👅💗 #toriimy #weekendvibes #aboutlastnight #sweettreats