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Recommended lists of Japanese food and restaurants in Kuala Lumpur
Burpple Guides, Japanese Best Japanese Restaurants in KL Developed through centuries of culture and years of practice, Japanese food is an art to be appreciated. How lucky we are then to be spoilt for choice here in Kuala Lumpur with some of the best names in the world within our reach. Get your chopsticks ready to feed on this list, with stellar options like handmade soba in a classy restaurant, suppertime skewers at a neighbourhood bar and internationally-acclaimed omakase!
Burpple Guides, Sushi, Japanese Mid Valley's Best: Japanese Joints When the long-winded mall directory fails your roaring hunger, don't give up on Mid Valley just yet. We sussed out the megamall's best Japanese joints so you don't have to race from one wing to another to satiate your cravings, be it the warm comfort of slippery ramen, delicious rice bowls or sushi in a flash!
Burpple Guides, Japanese Sri Hartamas' Best: Japanese Places Over the years, Sri Hartamas has grown to become a foothold for the Japanese community in KL. It's no wonder the neighbourhood's now evolved to be a haven for Japanese food! There are places for sizzling hot Japanese barbecue, delicately made sushi and piping hot soup noodles from Nagasaki, so hurry and 'sa-shimmy' up here!
Burpple Guides, Japanese Damansara Utama's Best: Japanese Eats Say 'konnichiwa' to Damansara Utama! From luscious matcha parfait and freshly made udon to a tantalising truffle egg dish, Japanese finds are scattered all over this neighbourhood. 'Don' miss out on the hidden gems in this guide!

Top 10 Places for Japanese

Top 10 places for Japanese
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Latest Reviews of food and restaurants for Japanese

Hamburg steak, fluffy egg, fries and roasted vegetable. Wasn't having any luck on what we ordered. Probably the worst I've ever had.

The patty doesn't taste very fresh and had an unpleasant smell. I had less than 20% of it and decided give up.

Fluffy egg on the other hand as per describe, just hope it was slightly season for better taste.

After seeing omurice on Youtube countless times, finally head to Omulab to try it out. The place was cozy and you can cut open your own erm... omuegg???
Anyway, the inside of the egg is still a bit runny and there bits of egg chunk within the egg. Price wise the Omurice range from RM 20~23. I ordered their Master Demiglace and it cost RM 20.50. Taste was very good. Definitely will come again to try other stuffs from their menu especially the burger patty add on. 😁😁😁

P.S. Do come early as seats are limited and there tend to be a queue during the weekend.

Apparently Kampachi is having higher price compare to those Japanese shop however I believe it worth for something. Sukiyaki with the choices of Australian Beef (RM87) or Australian Wagyu (RM245), served with sliced beef and vegetables in sukiyaki sauces. I'm quite convinced with the price as the beef is fresh. You can tell when you start eating that. Can say everything is good, including service speed and attitude of service crew. Will be back again soon.

Went YOLO and booked a super impromptu trip to Taipei during this meal. I blame it on the peach soju we sneaked into the restaurant. Can't wait to be back in Taipei but totally not looking forward to tomorrow's early morning flight 😪 #toritamamy #dindins #latergram