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Sometimes the most expensive item on the menu may not be the best. This was definitely the case at Saketoshi as every #burppler at the #Eatup preferred their signature beef don.

Yes, like the premium seafood don, it suffered from the problem of wet mushy rice. The beef though was simply superb. It was tender, juicy and literally melt in the mouth.

I find myself hard pressed to think of another place which serves a steak bowl this good at the price. What's better is that it is also part of #BURPPLEBEYOND 1-for-1 deal!

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Luna Bermudez
Origin: Colombia
Variety: Geisha
Processing: Advanced Fermentation
Tasting Notes: Blueberry, Peach, Custard

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Delicious… generously loaded with blueberries, my favourite pastry from their bakes.

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Carlos Mendez
Origin: El Salvador
Variety: Pacamara
Processing: Double Fermentation Natural
Tasting Notes: Cranberry, Apple, Caramel

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The Iberico pork Cheek actually taste nicer with it being Aburi-ed. Like it just melted in my mouth.

The ramen noodle was el dente.

The spicy shio broth was damn good la, I prefer this to the miso soup. It was flavourful, and spiciness level was not too over-powering.

Steady dinner crowd, even after 8pm. Central gets rather quiet after 8pm. So for a restaurant to be rather full at such ulu timing, food gotta be good.

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Ramen served with Iberico Pork Cheek(Toroniku).

You get to choose what flavour ramen to have, they have:

1) Shio - Mild Salt
2) Miso - Soybean
3) Shoyu- Soya Sauce
4) Kara Miso - Spicy Soybean

Selected the Miso option.

Soup was damn good, we actually finished the entire bowl. My wife preferred this.

Noodles were el dente.

Pork Cheek was tender and tasted very good.

Steady dinner crowd, even after 8pm. Central gets rather quiet after 8pm. So for a restaurant to be rather full at such ulu timing, food gotta be good.

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Plenty of gelato flavours to choose from, u are naturally spoilt for choices.

Both flavours I chosen, the Maple Walnut and Sea salt caramel was very good. Very milky.

My negative comment of this place, is that the ice cream melts very fast.

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I think it will come as little surprise that like most of fellow #burpplers at the #Eatup, I settled on the most expensive donburi on Saketoshi's menu, their Ultimate Seafood Donburi.

I mean who can resist the promise of anago, pan-seared Hokkaido scallops with mentaiko mayo, foie gras, ikura, tobiko, onsen egg and scallions over Japanese white rice served beautifully in a donabe (or Japanese clay pot).

I like that the scallops were giant, fresh and tender and the anago sweet and flaky. The foie gras though was kinda disappointing as it was lumpy rather than rich and smooth.

The biggest letdown though was the rice. It was wet and mushy throughout and I actually checked with the service staff if it was cooked in the donabe (which is hard to manage in terms of temperature) but the service staff said that it wasn't.

I was kinda expecting better at this price-tag but it's worth a try with the #BurppleBeyond 1-for-1!


I have similar misgivings about Saketoshi's panko oysters. Like scallops, I believe they are best eaten fresh and raw.

I literally had to eat my words, seeing how much I enjoyed their deep fried breaded oysters. The oysters were plump and juicy, and the panko batter light and airy.

I must say I have been impressed thus far by the array of dishes Saketoshi has served up for the #Eatup thus far!


I am personally not a big fan of deep fried scallop because it usually ends up dehydrating the scallop and ruining its texture. I was therefore a little sceptical about Saketoshi's scallop ikura which features deep fried scallop topped with mayonnaise, tobiko and ikura.

To be honest, you cannot go wrong with the combination of subtly sweet scallop, creamy mayonnaise, and the briny ikura and tobiko. To their credit, the scallop remained moist though on the dry side.

At $24 for 2 relatively small scallops though, I found this dish a little too expensive to stomach 😅😅😅