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Love the baked snapper w sambal aioli. Fish was fresh & pair super well w the sauce. However portion abit small. Crabmeat capellini was creamy & had lots of crab meat. Angus burg was huge & juicy, came w lots of curly fries too.
Location was ulu, prolly need a car to get there

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Soft and fluffy, would’ve been better toasted 🍞

- Fried chicken thigh was thick and tender.
- Prawn paste flavour wasn’t overwhelmingly salty, pairing well with the fresh coleslaw and ketchup mayo.
- Brioche buns were buttery and fluffy soft, served with a generous portion of curly fries 🍟

- Duck leg was hard and dry at some parts but had a crispy skin.
- Butternut and mash potato added a velvety creaminess, came with the crisp crunchy kale too πŸ₯¬
- Berries were juicy and gave a pop of tangy sweetness.

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- Snapper loin had a firm flesh, completely covered with refreshing tomato salsa and sauce, that had hints of spices, though it was a bit too much for me.
- I loved the smooth pumpkin mash and kale which was so crispy, reminiscent of seaweed or kale chips!!

Custardy and slightly citrusy with chia seeds in every bite πŸ₯§

- Reminded me of those I had from Joe & Dough, matcha chocolate ganache was silky with earthy bittersweet notes I enjoyed 🍡
- Tart base was sturdy firm, but could be more buttery.

Crunchy and crispy, pairing well with the mentaiko mayo though I would prefer a stronger cod roe flavour πŸ₯”

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Ordered the steak in medium, slightly overcooked but still yummy πŸ’™

Sauce was a bomb and asparagus and potato was on the point

Played darts after and my friends all have a nice chat and enjoyed the place , recommended for a large gathering πŸ˜€