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Earl Grey Lavender Ice Cream (S$4.70/ scoop)
In Handmade Ice-Cream Cone (S$1.20)
Love that the cone was freshly made upon order. Light and crisp.

Strawberry Uji Matcha Latte (S$5.90)
With addon topping of White Crystal Jelly Pearls (S$1.30)
Selected 50% sugar level as the strawberry purée was more on the sweet side.

Mangolicious Yakult Green Tea (S$6.50)
With addon topping of Black Tea Jelly (S$1)
Can’t select sugar level it is fixed.

No. 17 Tea
Address 🛖 : 20 Choa Chu Kang Drive, Singapore 🇸🇬 689 717

Good food, the shop has sorted out the issue of the deal. Thank you burpple for sorting this out. If you intend on visiting please make sure your discount is applied to total bill. Very good food at affordable prices. Do check them out

Staff here have very poor attitude. Only after i took the ingredients then they told me some soup base were not available. Burrple deal was also not clearly stated. Initially thought that 25 percent was applied to total bill. However turns out that i had to order two bowls and 25 percent was only applied to one bowl. I clarified with the staff only to be scolded. Bad experience with the staff here.

The only Chocolate Mint cake found in Lot one!!!

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Grilled fish with fries (Western's Grill)
There's sambal chilli at the side to pair with the fish, but fish was slightly dry at certain parts for my liking.

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Beef Rendang + Veg + Blue Pea Rice (@pagisorepadangsg) Pagi Sore Nasi Padang)
Surprised by how flavourful their beef Rendang was, which also came with a decent amount of spice, so I definitely enjoyed this!

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@foodjunctionsg recently reopened at Lot One with lots of known brands including @burgsbyprojectwarung, @fuxiangsignatures, @blancocourtbeefnoodles etc.

Cheeseburger (@burgsbyprojectwarung)
Well-known for their burgers, they offer pretty decent burgers at quite an affordable price! The beef patty altho a little too thin for my liking, was well-seasoned and slightly crispy!

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The portion was filling. The udon was well-cooked and comes with carrot, potatoes and onions. I feel the udon was pricey since there wasn't any meat.

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Putien Lor Mee ($6.90) ⭐️ 4/5 ⭐️
Heng hwa bee hoon ($6.90) ⭐️ 3.5/5 ⭐️
🍴Checked out the newly revamped Food Junction’s cheaper alternative for Putian cuisine.

The lor mee broth was enjoyably clean and creamy without being too thick, and with underlying seafood flavour. The thin bee hoon was lighter on the palette, and adequately soaked up the meat/seafood broth. Both had a decent serving of seafood (prawn, clams), vegetables, mushrooms, and peanuts.

While it can’t hold a candle to the one-Michelin restaurant (and it’s chili), it’s a decent, budget-friendly, and satisfying alternative.

📍Putien Heng Hwa, Level 4, @foodjunctionsg, @lotonesg, 21 Choa Chu Kang Ave 4, Singapore

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Using only the freshest ingredients, and traditional cooking methods since 1952, Fatburger is best known for its fresh-never-frozen beef, chicken and veggie burgers & sandwiches, hand-scooped, real ice cream milkshakes, homemade-from-scratch onion rings and build-your-own-burger experience! Order up their burgers which come in Double XXL ($19), Quad XXXL ($27), Swiss Mushroom ($16.40) and more!


We ordered 2 beef burgers and 2 chicken burgers (one crispy, one grilled), 2 FAT fries and one coke for $31.80, with 2 BB deals on Mains redeemed. It would have been quite pricey without the deals but the grilled chicken was really fresh and tender. My counterparts enjoyed their burgers too. You can see how large the meat is. We all agreed that the FAT fries was really good and would come back if we like to splurge a little more on more expensive fast food.


📍Penang Savour @ YewTee Point

Ambience: 7/10 ❤️❤️❤️🤍🤍
Flavor: 7/10 ❤️❤️❤️🤍🤍
Service: 10/10 ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Overall: 24/30 ❤️❤️❤️❤️🤍

On Thursday night, I visited Singapore’s Penang Savour at YewTee Point, which is located 1 minute walk away from Yew Tee MRT Station Exit A.

Upon my arrival at Penang Savour, I noticed that the size of the eatery was really small, with not many seats available for dining-in customers, especially during peak hours. As a result, we had to wait close to 15 minutes before a seat was available for us. Nevertheless, despite the small size of the eatery, I do see efforts placed into utilising the spaces they have to design their interiors to fit the theme of the eatery - such as the blue door at the storefront, the faux greeneries hanging near the ceiling, and the choice of wallpaper. However, what really impressed me was Penang Savour’s service, where the staff who was in-charge of queue management handed out menus to all the dining-in customers who were queuing up for a seat before the customers even headed into the eatery. The staff also allowed the customers to place an order with her while queuing up for a seat. I thought this was a pleasant surprise as it kept us - the customers in line, occupied while waiting for a seat. It also allowed the kitchen to prepare our food first in anticipation that we will be heading into the eatery for a meal soon - which saves us waiting time in the eatery after queuing up for so long. As a matter of fact, approximately 4 minute after we entered the eatery, most of our food had arrived - piping hot.

For that, I give Singapore’s Penang Savour a 7/10 for ambience and 10/10 for service.

I ordered (1) Crispy Noodle with Egg Gravy, (2) Hot Chinese Tea, and (3) Penang Chendol.

If you are simply craving for a well-executed traditional crispy noodle - with no additional gimmicks to the dish whatsoever, at just S$5.50, Penang Savour is the place to go to. The combination of the crunchy crispy noodle together with the traditional egg gravy is simply a match made in heaven. What's even better is that Penang Savour was extremely generous with their portion size, which makes the dish such a value for money. The S$1.20 Hot Chinese Tea also acts as a good palate cleanser.

On the negative side, I really didn’t like their S$2.80 Penang Chendol. It tasted extremely flat and bland as I couldn’t get the fragrant, sweetness, and taste from both the coconut milk and the gula melaka at all. I was also disappointed to not find any attap chee within the desert.

For that, I give Singapore’s Penang Savour a 7/10 for flavour.

Overall, Penang Savour at YewTee Point scored a 24/30 after combining the scores for Ambience, Flavor, and Service. To quickly conclude, if you are looking for a well-executed basic traditional noodle dish such as crispy noodle or ee mian that has a generous portion size, this is for sure a place to consider visiting. But I most definitely would not go out of the way for it as you can likely find a similar tasting dish in most better zi char stores in Singapore.

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