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Ordered pasta. 2nd time here. Great chillax place. Staff are friendly and welcoming!

Experience the regal taste of royal milk tea at Yan Xi Tang’s Yew Tee outlet, where you can relish premium blends infused with a touch of Qing Dynasty style. Additionally, explore an array of innovative bubble tea flavours that not only enthrall your palate but also align perfectly with your budget!

squid ink pasta was garlicy salty in a good way, prawn and clams were fresh. lamb shank was bigger portion than expected, it is tender but tough at some areas. ordered the $30 family platter for sides, it was well worth and good portion. truffle cheese fries were goated but wish they were served hot. chicken skin is crispy and fragrant but can get overwhelming, so you should share with someone..

other good points were that there was also live music and karaoke where u can pick the songs and sing. the place has a nice ambience and excellent service. 7.5/10

worth a try!!

Embark on a culinary journey at Paradise Now, nestled on the fourth floor of Safra Choa Chu Kang. Delight in a diverse menu featuring tantalizing dishes and beverages, including delightful vegetarian options. Indulge in the culinary delight of Truffle Mac & Cheese and discover the flavors of this hidden gem!

The batter has a kueh texture and the color of it is lighter than normal fish and chips. Taste funny. The batter is too thick. Customer service was bad too. Not very friendly. Server pull down her mask while preparing our waffle and ice cream. The smoked duck spaghetti is too sweet it is like they use tomato sauce to cook that’s all. Mac and cheese and the cheese baked rice is horrendous. Carrots were raw. Horrible. Perhaps your experience will be better than mine so who knows. Try if you want!

In stall, it's $3.90/scoop and +$0.80 for premium flavour.
We order 2 premium flavour w the 1-1 burpple beyond deal.
And the bill came up to $6.49 for it.
Turns out, as its burpple deal it's +$2 instead of +$0.80 for premium flavour.
And so $5.90 with another 10% service charge?
10% service charge for scooping ice cream and serving.
No serviettes or water.
Had to dine in bc burpple....

Another Bib Gourmand stall in Jurong West 505 market. This one sells Kueh Tutu, the ubiquitous snack my generation grew up with.

Comes in two sizes, small and large, I ordered the smaller version, 5 for $3.00. You can mix peanut and coconut fillings. Personally I think the large size kueh Tutu is too big.

The first thing you notice when you bite down in the kueh is the chewiness of the dough. This is different from others I have tried to date. Both the peanut and coconut fillings were equally nice in my opinion. One improvement I suggest is to get the quantity of filling more uniform as some kueh seem to have more and some less.

A very good snack especially if you are still feeling pecking after a meal or if you don’t feel like having a heavy meal.

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After trying their Blue Pea Nasi Lemak, I came back the next morning to try their Coffee, egg and toast set. I usually make toast and breakfast at home, so I have to admit I felt it was a bit pricey. BUT, I was very impressed by the whole meal, especially the nice generous amount of butter in the toast, and generous slices (4 squares). I thoroughly enjoyed the slices of cold creamy butter that melts nicely in every bite. Hope they continue to keep their recipes rich and delicious.

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New establishment in Limbang. While their Nasi Lemak is priced higher than the coffee shop, I enjoyed this dish much more in the following aspects: Fried chicken - nice crunchy and crispy batter, with a nice hint of cumin; sambal has a nice balance of sweetness and spiciness (maybe similar to Crave's), pairs nicely with cabbage and egg; Blue pea nasi is fragrant and not too moist; egg is nicely fried and drained from oil. Great to see the other customers enjoying their meals here (wanton mee, Chendol, curry chicken). Looking forward to their continuous service and success in Limbang.

CAMO, short for “camouflage”, is a army-theme cafe and bar that just opened on the ground floor of the brand-new SAFRA Choa Chu Kang. You can expect delicious cafe food during the day and cocktails at night.


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Earl grey was strong, carrot cake was nicely dense with quite a few nuts and dried fruits inside.

But they didn't work tgt at all, maybe that's why they were presented separately in the first place

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