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Bryan Soh
Bryan Soh

Having some of my favourite such as He Zhong Carrot Cake ($4), Zhou Pin 粥品 ceuntry egg pork porridge ($3.50) & Amoy Chendol ($2) before they might be gone. Do try before the food centre closed for renovation

Ordered the Salted Egg Pork Rib ($6.50) + egg ($0.70) and it was delicious and filling. This explain the long line of queue waiting for seats

After more than a year, came to Canteen 11 for the economic rice. Even though price has increased due to inflation, it still attract lots of crowd.

Had 2 portion of 2 meat & 2 veg & 2 rice for 2 pax for $11.20.

Almost a year later away from NTU, got to try the minced meat noodle again. Though price has increase by $0.50 due to rising cost and inflation (now $3.00 & $3.80 for small & big portion), tastewise still the same.

Typical HDL dishes nothing to talk about but currently they have this tea time high tea free flow ingredients from 1-5pm mon-fri exclusively at this outlet

Dessert is ok like supermarket quality but can't complain that they introduce new items to attract customers.

After trying Sing HK during my internship time, decide to try it again for its delicious scramble egg. Ordered the pork belly noodle with scramble egg ($8.80). Really delicious and worth coming to try. Would not mind to try out other dishes in Lau Pa Sat

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Went right after they open to reserve for 2.30pm timing. Food wise uncooked food like meat is like what usually you would get in a normal hotpot buffet and not beauty in the pot standard but cooked food wise is probably more like beauty in the pot standard.

During lunch or tea time, is worth to get the premium set which has better product at a reasonable price. Dinner maybe not.

Overall, not bad but with hard to book reservation online, the queue system and chances not getting seats even if arrived, probably would be worth the trip if live nearby.

Wanted to try the Michelin 2023 award winning noodle ($3.50) but unfortunately char siew has run out so had the shredded chicken instead.

One unique i observed was that the noodle is sweet. Wanton wise is quite plump and flavourful.

Overall, it is a delicious meal and really like it.

Came here with my friend to have all these childhood food likesliced fish porridge ($4), carrot cake ($3), ngoh hiang ($10.50) & Chendol ($2).

All are really delicious and food I ate when I was still a teenager.

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Had this amazing handmade dim sum shop at industrial. Even though menu is limited, it is delicious in order to prefect its craft. Each item is $3 or less if I remember correctly so worth to go and try.

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Ordered this minced meat noodle ($6) that has a japanese twist with its pork belly.and having including egg.

Food is great but $6 is not worth for my liking

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Decided to order from this Roast Meat Stall after seeing it on google review.

Ordered the 1 portion meal ($8.50) which I think is enough for 2 people if add rice.

1 unique thing about this stall is they served ah char. The roast meat is the best i have tried. It doesn't have the burnt and salty taste. Roast duck is also good but char siew can be improved.

Overall, a good place for all the meats dish

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