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This is very good picanha. Quite meaty, there's some inevitable chew but only a reasonable amount, and quite meaty

Props to the super sweet amazingly roasted garlic, that really added to the experience

Perfect medium rare too. No complaints at all for this picanha

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Well I'm not very sure what's the hype about this, it's soft and creamy and decent but is it really crazy memorable?

Idk why this is a starter, it's basically a main. The wagyu beef was basically melt in your mouth, as stewed beef should be, and it's flavourful overall too but there's cognac and that kind of dominates the overall flavour

Too oily and the flavour from the toppings wasn't enough

💕Beef tongue and Gribiche sandwich.
Still one of my fav from @lebonfunk , the crisp toast wrapped the generous of tender with bites of beef tongue slices
💕Paradise Jelly and foie gras toast
Also another fav item from , the foie gras literary melt in mouth served with milk bread toast.
💕Whole heritage chicken
Really good main, the chicken juicy, tender and flavourful.
💕Oxtail nuggets with guindillas
New discovery that will add to fav item, it’s really good. Outside crisp with inside soft and chewy inside.
💰$19/4 pcs
💕Parmesan and Tapioca fritters
Crispy tapioca fritters outside with cheese inside.
💰$8/2 pcs
💕Confit Artic Char
The fish was ok, soft and have rich flavour

📍Le Bon funk.
29 club street

This is a lot more normal. Meringue, yuzu ice, strawberry jam


They keep telling us to play and mix around but honestly the portions are so tiny I can't rlly fathom how one would do that. Plus idg what's supposed to happen when you mix. Also the wait for the dessert was 45mins, that really overwhelmed every other experience we had, if not for that the meal would have taken 1.5hrs tops. I was more impressed by Marcy, esp for the price

Earl grey pudding was weak compared to the intense sencha tuile which was stronger than almost everything else but since it was good, there's no complaints at all

Not bad

Served on sago, with onion foam

The duck flavour was strong and this was quite nice

The pork was fine, cauliflower puree was sweet like a candy, but the blueberry sauce had some crazy herbs that's ridiculously strong and weird tasting

Maitake wasnt flavourful, first time having it in a restaurant. the beef short ribs doesn't have a good texture, it's somewhat chewy and even tho it's what they're shooting for, I believe everyone likes melt in your mouth short ribs more. The beefiness is strong tho, they bring it out using miso

Carrot puree was surprisingly not as tame as you would expect, the sauce is very mild

Overall meh

Baked Garlic and sth chips to scoop up the rest of the piquillo sauce. They're alright

Pear is poached to mildly soft yet juicy with crunchy bite; sweetness from honey & with distinct white wine taste; with vanilla gelato & crunchy biscuit crumbs; came with fermented honey juice with pear & white wine taste; 1 of the better sweet ending dish worth a try..