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With fantastic quality food and huge selections of craft beers, this is one place you can consider for a good time with friends and loved ones. We tried a variety of dishes, and here are my favourites:

The Fish Tacos with Mango Salsa ($15) came huge, with a large piece of fillet which was fried to perfection, and a huge load of salsa ingredients. The salsa really complemented the fried fillet well, making this dish actually refreshing.

The Har Cheong Gai ($13) is a must get! Extremely crispy batter with strong umami, the meat within was very tender and juicy as well. Pair them with their spicy sambal and you know this is perfect with their beer!

Their Squid Ink Fried Rice ($15) was also very good. With a significant amount of wok hei, the seafood flavours and tender squid really made this addictive. Totally can finish on my own!

Definitely coming back!

Lovely place that my family and I love to spend our weekend mornings after our stroll in Botanic Gardens. Thankful for polite and friendly staff there. Kudos to Janice and her team!

Mochi Croissant Egg Tarts

Swirl Rolls
Address 🛖 : 1550 Bedok North Ave 4, JTC Bedok Food City # 05-03 Singapore 🇸🇬 489950
Website 🕸️ : https://swishrolls.sg/

It’s a simple n tasty Don bowl! Salmon is fresh.

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Finally closer to home, Hello Arigato’s newest space at Bukit Timah was a great chill spot. Here for their sandos, I had to get their popular Tamago Sando and outlet-exclusive Wagyu Hamburg Gyu Sando to share.

Oddly, I wasn’t expecting a cold sandwich thus I was pretty surprised when I bit into their Tamago Sando ($14). However, once I got passed that, the cool Japanese Egg Mayo really delivered. As I personally enjoy a more well-seasoned sando, the tamgoyaki and jammy Ajitama Egg added that nice oomph. The medley of eggs was wonderfully sweet, creamy and luscious (just the right amount of mayonnaise for me) which served as a great contrast to the lightly toasted Japanese-style fluffy milk bread.

For those yearning for heartier fare, the Bukit Timah special Wagyu Hamburg Gyu Sando ($28) was the real deal. The juicy, moist hunk of a homemade Hamburg patty was flavourful and oh-so-tender on the inside (mildly beefy and not at all gamey). Love love the thinly battered exterior, I found the delicate crunch to be just right. Layered with caramelised sweet onion jam and American cheddar, the milk bread sando wasn’t too cloying either on a whole though certainly pricey for a casual brunch grub.

I had lunch with a friend here and was so impressed by their wagyu steak. I’m still thinking about how juicy and full of flavour it was from my first bite. I’m usually a tough critic on my steaks and hate when it tastes rubbery, but the steak I had here met my expectations and more — when seasoned with a little sea salt on the side, was SO savoury, smoked to perfection. I love a tender steak! Also, I liked that FBS was a 3min walk from botanics mrt, so it was very accessible. We had a series of dishes and on the whole was really satisfied with everything, the staff are nice and hospitable plus the food was served at just the right pace. For starters, we had the sourdough and it looks unassuming, but it was torched in front of our eyes, so the result of that was a crisp, perfectly buttered, just-enough portion to whet your appetite. This was served with the burrata, in little bite-sized pieces and was served with pesto, which was delicious. Cheesecake was homemade and of a firmer texture, balanced with yuzu (which I found quite zesty), and topped with tangy berries so that made for a rich, fuller flavour (but you’ll definitely want to share this dessert as it feels a bit much if just for 1 person). The star for me in all this was still the wagyu steak of course (I think this was the Denver for $68), which was so tender, as well as steak with fries ($32). The latter was still good but is firmer. Overall really enjoyed this cosy little steakhouse, nice for dates, both romantic or with good friends!

The draw of this nasi lemak has got to be the rice! It’s very fragrant and flavourful with the coconut and pandan aroma infused. The chicken is not as juicy as I like, but I like the flavour of the crunchy skin / batter. The meat is not too dry so it’s still ok. Otah was very soft and p legit, a little like those you get in a peranakan restaurant. It’s not the fishcake type. Was sad that the begedil wasn’t crisp. It tasted quite meh. Chilli not super spicy, was on the sweeter side.

Egg was freshly fried so it was still piping hot, yolks were pretty cooked as expected. Ikan bilis and peanuts were crunchy!

It’s not bad, I liked it! If only their chicken was juicier.

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Banana Butterscotch Pancake😍 Read my previous post for the full review!😇

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Went to Atlas Coffeehouse a few weeks ago and ordered a Summer Chicken Stew ($19.30), Wurst Rosti with a change to scrambled eggs ($28), Iced Matcha Latte ($7.50), Iced Latte ($6.40), and a Butterscotch Banana Pancake shown in the next post ($18.50)!😇

Overall ratings is a 9/10!!🥰 Really enjoyed the food and drinks here, where the chicken stew has an interesting citrus twist to it, and the matcha latte was sweet enough to my liking🤣 Service was pretty good too! Only downsides are that the sausage from the rosti is too salty and the prices are a little steep!😅

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Tomatoes topped with cheese and olive oil caviar. The started was unique refreshing and had robust taste. For me the sauce was the start in terms of flavour while the tomatoes topped with cheese makes it a refreshing and creamy dish