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I look forward to Microโ€™s seasonal toasts, which usually feature ricotta with a seasonal fruit. This time itโ€™s rock melon, one of my most disliked fruits, but I trusted Micro to deliver, and deliver they did. The usual crusty tangy sourdough and thick pillows of ricotta are topped with rock melon, candied pumpkin seeds, mint, and some sort of orange jam that go beautifully well together. Thereโ€™s no escaping the taste of the rock melon, but itโ€™s not so bad when combined with all the other flavours.

Actually prefer the nasi lemak here over the 2 other well known stalls :)


Lovely steakhouse located near Botanic Gardens MRT. Had the Denver and Deckle Wagyu steak together with Cream Kale and Chili Broccolini. Steak was cooked nicely and served with a tasty clove of garlic. Particularly enjoyed the cream kale as well.

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Was looking for a steakhouse near me and I chanced upon FBG. Had the denver and deckle steak there, where they were served with salt and charred garlic. The steaks were served medium rare and it was indeed medium rare (unlike other steakhouses I've been to)! We also ordered some sides to go with the steaks, being the creamed kale and the grilled broccolini. I would recommend the broccolini as it was served with a tangier sauce which helped balance out the "heavier" steaks. It's location is also very accessible, being a 5min walk from Botanic Gardens. Would highly recommend it for any date nights, or a hearty dinner out with friends and family!


Had this as a birthday celebration. These were ordered by grab delivery and items came on time, as well as well-packed. The salted caramel truffle tart was very chocolatey with a chocolate flavoured tart. The surprise element is finding the caramel filling in between the tart. Totally oozing chocolatey flavours. Might be overwhelming as a dessert after a full meal.

The milk chocolate honeycomb tart was a tad too sweet for some of us.

I enjoyed these though. ๐Ÿ˜‹๐Ÿ˜‹
Pricey at $9 per tart.

lewu does not disappoint! the sour mango complemented the slightly salty coconut milky rice, and this was a yummy end to the lunch (which was also rice but itโ€™s okay)

Saw quite a few good reviews for FBG at Botanics and went to try it out myself! Tried the Denver and Deckle Steaks and they did not disappoint! Really like the Deckle, it was a beautiful cut and quite tender. The Cream Kale and Brocollini were also nice sides to pair with the dish as well.

Nice steakhouse at Botanic Gardens. Had decker and Denver steaks and they were amazing! Cream kale and broccoli were made perfectly as well. Ended with cheesecake and it was great.

Not your typical honeydew sago for sure. The compressed honeydew cubes were a tad more translucent than the honeydew cubes that I usually have at home - absolutely fragrant and sweet. This was a erved with blueberries, strawberries and freeze dried raspberry flakes which were tangy and crunchy. It was a pleasant twist which elevated the traditional honeydew sago dessert. Absolutely love this fusion dessert!

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It is my second time here, I had the Mentaiko Pasta the first time round and the medium shredded duck this time.

The medium shredded duck was springy and seasoned nicely. Before I knew it, I devoured the dish. However, the Prairie beef was served cold. Could have been a 10/10 if it was warm.

Iโ€™ve got to say the almond croissant surprised me, it had a very nice buttery taste though perhaps could have been crispier.

If you love taro, go for the taro latte. Did not disappoint. Avocado smoothie was average but thick.

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